15 things you don’t actually need to know.

I was tagged on my local social networking site (a fancy way for me to say facebook) to say 25 random things about me. I love talking about myself but I didn’t feel like posting it to social networking site, so thought it’d be a good excuse to do so on here.  I decided to cut it down to 15 random things about me because I like to ramble. Get ready. I know you’re excited for….

1. I’m (usually) horrible under pressure and have an awful memory. In fact, I had about 10 things already planned to write out here…and now I can’t remember any of them. It’s good I’ve kept a journal my whole life or I wouldn’t remember anything. And about being horrible under pressure? Whenever anything spills or breaks and it is in obvious need of a quick clean-up, I just stand there like a dumbfounded idiot. I completely freeze when I need to act quickly. If the world ever did turn into zombies and I needed to run from them, I wouldn’t. I’d just stand there. And get my brains eaten.

2. I say words wrong. I know how to say them in my head fine, but when it comes out it doesn’t sound right at all. My husband is constantly teasing me about this. I think the story he likes to tell the most happened just a couple of weeks ago. Husband and my brother were working on brother’s car. (These boys are bff’s.  This is equal parts endearing and annoying…I get made fun of TWICE as much.) I notice a can in the garage labeled “Graffiti Remover.” I know what graffiti remover is but I had a brain fart and couldn’t for the life of me figure out what the heck this can did. So I ask the question my husband will never let me live down. “What’s gravity remover?” The three fatal words I wish I could take back in life. I think everytime we’re around guests for the next 20 years he will repeat this story. Stupid graffiti remover.

3. I’m extremely attracted to everything I shouldn’t have, whether it be a person or a thing. In fact, my husband is the first dude I’ve ever really liked that I could actually have, and because of this it even took me a while to really like him. Explaining my lack of a real relationship until the ripe age of 19.

4. Speaking of husband. Husband and I had a date night tonight. Our waiter started off by asking us “What can I get for you two love-birds?” and later asked us if we were newlyweds. Yeah…Sometimes we’re pretty damn obvious.  We’re not even all that touchy so much as it is we turn into giggling,smiling teenagers around the other. There are times though that I can’t stand being that “Gag-me” kind of couple. A couple of nights ago we had a few guys over and the last thing I wanted to be was romantic or lovey. It just wouldn’t have been appropriate and actually would have felt really awkward for me. My senior year of highschool was spent mostly being the fifth wheel and it’s made me very aware of how comfortable (or uncomfortable) my relationship makes someone else. There’s a time and a place for everything, and the place for kissing all up on my husband is not in the presence of company.

5. I will do whatever it takes to relate to the words of a song. I also over-analyze every song I hear. For example. I am absolutely convinced that the words to “Alejandro” would have been the song for me two years ago, when I was going through a transition period in my life. It fits my  life exactly for what I was going through at the time. Except for two small details. 1. I’m not Mexican. and 2. Why are there three boys in this song? Really? You’ve got Alejandro and Roberto… Is Fernando even necessary!?  No. He’s not! Lady Gaga is such a whore.

6.  I’m kind of known as a friend-whore. As in–I get told I have too many friends. But I don’t think that’s possible. Having so many keeps me more open-minded, more entertained, and more loved.  So yes, I am sort of a friend-whore. What’s so bad about that?

7. I’ve finally learned how to stick up for myself and not take other people’s shit. Since high-school and even up until a couple years ago, I was very much a door-mat. I got stepped all over and I think the friends that picked me were ones who always had to be the star of the show & figured I could be  their faithful side-kick. I was good at that for a while. But when I came into my own and actually started receiving the attention they were used to getting, I simultaneously became the ‘Bad Friend.’ I actually believed this for a while and kept trying to make it right. It very slowly dawned on me that maybe these kind of ‘friends’ were bad for me and maybe I didn’t need to fix anything at all. I’ve finally completely realized….I’m not a bad friend and I don’t have to apologize for being a likable  person. And that feels good.

8.  Not much scares me. But there are a few things. Needles, mirrors when it’s dark, and unplanned pregnancy are probably in the top three.

9. As much as I am scared of pregnancy right now, I do want babies one day. I kind of sort of wish I could pop a half Asian baby out, because my goodness, those are the cutest little things I have ever seen. I told my best dude friend (who’s Vietnamese) that I was going to steal one of his sperm and make a kid. He shrugged. “Okay.”  Ha. Just for fun, decided to see what our kid would look like on an online baby making machine. Er…It..She’s….cute? Kind of? Husband says it reminds him of The Grudge. Maybe I’ll skip the sperm stealing and just stick to making babies with the dude I married. (when I’m like,50 or so) But she does have best friend’s eyes. Aw!

For now, my dogs can be my babies.

10.  I love to run outside. I always get this crazy look when I mention it to people, followed by “In this heat?!” A friend text messaged me yesterday asking me how I stay so motivated to run. I thought about this. I think it is partly will-power but I think it’s more that I just love to run. It’s my stress relief, zoning out to the music and sweating out all of frustrations. It keeps me sane and in shape.

11. I seem to be the most attracted to men who give me what me want…most of the time. Every once in a while I like a foot to be put down and to be told what’s up. If it’s important enough to the dude, I’ll respect him more for it in the end. No matter how long I fuss and bitch and moan about it. I didn’t realize for months after being together how hard-headed and argumentative my husband is. He insisted that we have some song I’d never ever heard of play for our first dance at our wedding. I resisted but he was so passionate about that damn song that I finally gave in. I’m glad I did. The song was beautiful and it meant so much to him that it meant a lot to me too. I posted the music video below and when husband heard the song playing he told me “Get up.” We started dancing to it in the middle of the living room. I love our cheesy love.

12. I sometimes seriously question altruism in people. Why do we like to see others hurting so bad? Why is bitchiness so enticing and entertaining? It really bothered me that the most popular blogs on both my old blog and now this one, had been the only two mean-spirited blogs I’d ever written.  A couple of days ago someone found my site by searching for “christinaslittleworldtwo flattery” and I wondered what that was. I had to search it to remember it was my one and only hateful blog on this site. I just cringed at the thought of someone searching my blog to see something disheartening, when usually I’m one of the nicer people I know. I loved the support I originally received and I still feel like some of my reasons for my mean-blog-writing were justified, but I just  got that stomach-turny-feeling. So I immediately deleted both of these blogs . I understand that reading/writing something at the expense of someone else can be fun and therapeutic and sometimes even justifiable. But you ain’t gonna find it here. Try Perez Hilton.

13. I think what I wear on my fingers/hands say a lot about me. On one hand, I have my wedding ring. That’s mature,grown up, in-love Christina. Switch to my other and you will find the following always on my wrist: a hair band (that I feel naked without, you never know when you’ll need your hair in a ponytail!), two of those little kid bracelets that turn into shapes (mine are princess ones!) when you take them off (I was in line to buy these next to two 10 year olds who were buying packages and packages of the same bracelets. The cashier gave me a “Seriously?!” look.) and my “I am Acc bracelet.” (even though I always got made fun of for this and don’t even attend the community college anymore.) I think they do a great job of wrapping up my younger more regressive side, don’t you?

14. I am always amazed when I’m reading a book that seems to read my mind. I’m reading one right now called “A Tale of Two Sisters” that I am absolutely engrossed in. I swear, the author is reading my mind and going through same thought processes I have. A couple of favorite quotes: “..I was always a person who found it easy to cut off–even from those close to me. If you reject me, I reject you more, was how I operated it and it wasn’t even conscious.” and “It’s common sense that if someone’s furious with you,you confide your bad luck, and this makes them nicer to you. I’d never really cared about the psychological why, I just found it a useful tool with which to manipulate people.  But I suppose resentment is born of jealousy , and if you provide information that shows you are not an untouchable golden girl, the jealousy crumbles into a harmless pink powder of smugness,pity,and guilt–with less attitude as a by-product.” Maybe she’s my mind-twin, or Maybe we’re all a lot more alike than I’ve ever realized.

15. I get told “You’re so cute!” a lot.  I think it actually means “Aw, what an adorable little oddball you are.” But I still take it as a compliment.

13 thoughts on “15 things you don’t actually need to know.

  1. priscilla says:

    Dude u totally cant have my boyfriends sperm lol im sorry butttt u can play w our kids someday …a coupl of yrs that is lol

  2. hey christie, yes! yes! yes! u r the cutest girl i have seen n it doesnt mean “Aw, what an adorable little oddball you are.” It just means u r actually the cutest girl…n we all have a butt head in us ,so no need to worry about any of your goof-ups…you are just normal… By the way can u please mail me on doctordiva.anu@gmail.com. I need to talk to u. no compulsions mail if u want to.

  3. bryant says:

    dude there must be somthin wrong with the parents for that lil baby becuz it does look like the grudge lol…why dont i just give u a pic of one of my baby cuzins lol

  4. You’re a serious bundle of joy! And the book you’re reading about a tale of two sisters.. Oh I so want to read that as well!

    Happy smiles!

  5. That baby’s actually kinda cute, but your dogs are cuter. 🙂 And whatever Robby’s eating looks freaking fantastic. I’m at work and I’m starving!

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