With a little help from my friends

It’s weeks like this that I’m pretty sure I would crawl into a hole if it wasn’t for all of the amazing people in my life. This week has been a little hectic. We’re down to three people staffed at Starbucks and all of us are about ready to kill eachother. My boss (being one of the three left) commented that he felt more like a parent than a boss the other day. (He sat me down, told me to go hug and makeup with my other coworker, that we loved eachother and that this was just silly. It was very maternal.) I see these two dudes probably more than I see my husband and being the only girl working at Starbucks right now, I’ve definitely taken over the stereotypical bitch female role. Somebody’s gotta do it. School’s also a pain in my butt right now; Financial aid is so much more confusing than I ever realized. But when you go to a school that costs more than 20k a year, it’s pretty necessary. My husband and I are scrambling to figure it all out before the 18th payment deadline, and I am a little more than freaking out. I joked around with him yesterday and told him if I couldn’t figure this out I was going to quit my job, get pregnant, and become a housewife. He laughed and said matter of factly “You wouldn’t do that. You don’t give up.” (disclaimer as not to offend people because I seem to be good at accidentally doing that: he meant it would be giving up in my case, as that is not my dream in life for right now. That doesn’t apply to everyone.) I know that about myself, but it’s always nice to have that calm reassurance. I stress myself out very easily and I think the only way to calm me down is to be surrounded by people who love and care about me. It amazes me how this week, when I’m more stressed than usual, I am surrounded with friends without even having to say a word. Thought I’d share some of this weeks blessings with you.

Tuesday night was Em’s birthday party.The night was full of singing, dancing, dancing on chairs, drinking, and laughing our asses off. I’ve made handfuls of great friends working at Starbucks,and though a lot don’t even work with me anymore, I’ve grown closer to many probably because they don’t work with me anymore. Emily,as well as a few others from this group, have actually become some of my closest friends. Em’s and our conversations range from dildos to religion to handcuffs back to politics. If you didn’t catch that, I can talk to her about pretty much anything. I’m wishing her a great 20th year but damnit, turn 21 already! Hee.

Wednesday I spent the morning calling Concordia trying to figure all of this financial crap out. I was hearing different things from different people and after wining to my husband on the phone I went for a long run to try and clear my head. I came back and had two missed calls from one of my closest friends and a voicemail that said “Where’s your house? I’m coming over.” I already had plans for the day but was more than happy to cancel them and direct her to my house. Turns out she was already in the neighborhood and had been driving around hoping for my house to magically appear. She walked in the door and announced another mutual friend was coming over, and by this time I’m in a much better mood. I love surprises and I loved how it was like they knew I needed this,without actually knowing anything at all. Friends are good for that. We started the day by eating Mexican food (Antonio’s is a’ight. I wouldn’t go back but they do have a pretty decent taco salad, which I stole from Kimber.) and then headed back to my place for some girl time and rum&cokes.

Ended last night with a best friend of mine, a white chocolate apricot scone (surprisingly orgasmic) and my nerdy but wonderful writing club meeting. I gave everyone copies of something new I’ve been working on, and though it’s nerve-wracking, I welcomed both the criticism and compliments.  I think in another life (I don’t believe in reincarnation, but hypothetically, roll with me here.) I was one of those artsy people who lived in coffee shops and wrote lots of novels, because I always feel so at home in this type of atmosphere. Tessa and I left inspired,happy,and even with plans to meet up with a sweet girl we had just met. Today I feel refreshed and ready to go and the line from that one Beatles song “I get by with a little help from my friends.” is running again and again through my mind.

14 thoughts on “With a little help from my friends

  1. mom says:

    P.S. Being a housewife and a mother ISN’T GIVING UP! It’s just the start to a whole new, exciting adventure in your life! There is no job that is more challenging or more rewarding than being a mother! And there is no greater love than one that a mother has for her children! It’s an incredible miracle of life- an awesome journey!

    You’ll discover this someday. =)

  2. Tessa says:

    Aw, your mom’s right, but I know what you mean. Concordia’s your dream…or writing is. Concordia’s just the journey you have to make to get there. I’m so excited for you and your book! Keep writing! Love you!

  3. Emily says:

    U got awesome pictures and i want them!! please dont delete them yet. i wanna print them out and scrapbook them. =)

  4. I just found out im pregnant and im scared as hell because i didnt plan for it.my parents will freak out.im in my last year of uni and looks like i’ll be walking away with a degree in one hand and a baby in the other. I have to forget about doing my masters immediately.im not ready to be a mum but i have to. So i get it. Do your life, don’t spend your life wondering how it could have been. Kids are a gift but nobody wants a coat in summer, do it at the right time. All the best.

    • Beste Andre9,Het afgelopen half jaar dat je in de rtimue zat hebben zeer mooie beelden in mij achtergelaten. We1t een indrukwekkend half jaar was het! Ik zal het missen.Ik wens je een veilige terugreis toe met je collega’s! Helaas kan ik je niet live volgens,maar de landing zal vast veelvuldig worden herhaald!Wellcome back to earth!!

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