Best Hubby Award

I feel like I’ve written out a handful of blogs like this before, but they’re never the same. It’s because this dude just keeps surprising me more and more. I know this sounds super cheesy, but I’ll think I know absolutely everything about him and I’ll think I can’t possibly care for him anymore, and then he proves me wrong. We’ve been married almost a year now, (I don’t know how that happened, I feel like I got married two days ago. Maybe this is what ‘It’s all downhill from 21 means’. I’m getting old. Grumble.) and it’s just always getting better. I’ve heard that the first year of marriage is possibly the hardest, and if that’s true I can’t wait to see what comes next. We keep growing and learning about eachother, which means you get to read a really sickly-sweet blog. Yay!?!?

(I’m not actually giving him this award, but it was fun to make. See if you can find “Sex” ((like Waldo, but not.)) randomly thrown in there. It’s the one you can’t miss.)

Reasons I made him that pretty little award thing above:

-We both love horror films and he doesn’t mind when I scream and jump and cuddle a little closer to him 34920 throughout the movie.

-If I told him to build me a castle made of chocolate and gold, he probably would. But he’ll deny being whipped and once he reads this he’ll probably tell me to delete this one right now, because damnit Christina, no woman tells me what to do! It’s all a lie. He’d do anything for me. It’s cute that he puts up a fight though.

-He’s a fighter. This takes a while to get to know about him, but he’s pigheaded and does something once he has his mind set on it. It drives me CRAZY. Probably because I’m the same way. All of my/his friends know Robby and I for our constant bickering and fights.  We act more like brother and sister around guests than husband and wife. In a weird kind of way,It’s kind of sexy. (Note–I’m totally not into incest…)

-He puts up,socializes, and even loves every single one of my friends and family. It’s hard for Robby not to get along with somebody,especially when he knows how much they mean to me.

– When I’m about ready to throw a tantrum and break something out of frustration, he tells me everything will work out and sits down to try to figure out a solution. In other words, I am insane and he is not.

-In terms of jealousy, I think there’s a delicate balance between not caring enough and becoming too controlling. Husband has that perfect balance mastered. He’ll bring up whatever pissed him off for the next year and constantly threaten to go kick ass, but unless I actually wanted him to, he wouldn’t. He can laugh things off really easily, and this comes in handy when I have a naturally flirty personality. He trusts me and he’s confident; He knows how to make me feel secure and safe and loved without being a total jackass.

– When I call him things like “My little cuddle bug.” or “Shnookum Wookum Poo” he’ll always reply with “F@#@ you” but he has the biggest smile on his face. I’m convinced that deep down, he loves his little nicknames.

-We both make up what our dogs are saying and say it in a high-pitched baby tone of voice. Sometimes we even have conversations for them. I don’t think I could ever find a man to go along with this as enthusiastically as Robby does.

-He used to be the crazy one but has calmed down tremendously since I’ve met him. He’d much rather stay home and watch a movie with me than go out,but he obliges to my 21 year old crazy self more often than not. Also, He drives when I’ve had a little too much.

-There is no topic off limits with us. Sometimes I listen to our conversations and I just know the whole world would scowl with confusion and sometimes disgust if they heard. We have our own little language and codes and inside jokes that never cease to entertain. There are a couple of phrases we’ve made fun of and mimicked people saying for years now that will never get old. We are at times inappropriate, at other times giant gossipers, and sometimes just outright nasty. I love it.

-He is so damn good-looking.

-He is so calm. And patient. I am neither calm or patient, so it flabbergasts me.  Last night around 2 in the morning (mind you his alarm goes off at 6:30) I decided to test out my phone camcorder (it works!) You can barely hear (you can however hear a loud sound in the background, that would be me receiving a text message.) but you can tell he’s hiding under the covers and trying to go to sleep. You can also see that, even when he’s half asleep, he makes me extremely giddy and giggly.

7 thoughts on “Best Hubby Award

  1. Meg says:

    you’ve been posting blogs so frequently! I’m behind haha.

    THis wasn’t too mushy though no worries.
    ” In other words, I am insane and he is not.”


  2. Tessa says:

    “We both make up what our dogs are saying and say it in a high-pitched baby tone of voice. Sometimes we even have conversations for them. I don’t think I could ever find a man to go along with this as enthusiastically as Robby does.”


    Good blog! 🙂

    • I think it would hurt the race to move it to Monday. You need the Monday to recover and/or drive back home from the race, not to menoitn that the Indy 500 should NOT be moved to accomodate nascar. Besides the fact that the race is not the draw it once was, most nascar drivers couldn’t or wouldn’t compete in this race (other than Stewart, who has admitted that he wants to run in the 500 again once he can fit into the cars). After all, in nascar rubbin’ is racin’ . In the IRL, rubbing is wrecking.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I don’t break things out of frustration I instead ball up my fists and go wahhhhhhhh like a toddler. I know, I know…

    OMG, I do high pitched dog voice! It’s not just us…I went on a date with a guy who made up a little song when he dog would trot around. I was like – what a lameass – then I realized…I do that too.

    I hope Robby is so good that he buys you two tickets to Canada for visiting OC happy times!

    Love! You!

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