Brotherly-love,Pool halls,Monkey bread. Etc.

  • This weekend was a good one.  In fact, it was pretty close to perfect. So. I’ve made y’all an outline of my lovely weekend. With bullet points and stuff!!!!!  I’m about to start school again. I figure I should get back into outline mode.

A. Family comes over to Christina’s house for the first time.

  • I finally get a picture of my dad and I. I’m going to get in so much trouble for putting it up. My daddy hates pictures. I don’t know how we’re related. I am a picture-a-holic (It’s a real and serious condition,you know.) This picture was too priceless not to share.
  • My brother,sister, and cousin attempt to destroy my house. I remember why I don’t want kids for the next 50 years.
  • My uncle accuses my husband and I of doing drugs. Or having the munchies, rather. We actually just really like chocolate chip cookies. It’s amazing we’re not fat.
  • My eight year old cousin LOVES my taco casserole meal and even asks to take some home with her. I beam with pride and fill up some tupperwear.For an 8 year old, she’s quite the critic and I was afraid she would hate it and say so. I’m getting better at this house-wife thing!
  • My four year old brother tells me I have a very nice house. I hear this from plenty of people, but for some reason it pleased me the most hearing it from him. Four year olds are pretty honest, you know. Plus, he’s my bro.

B. There’s a bar right by my house. It’s new. Time to try it out.

  • So we’re trying out this pool lounge bar thing called JT’s for the first time. Seems like fun. Husband invites a couple of our friends and I invite a handful or so as well. Groups mingle well. I love well mingling groups!
  • My friend Bry-Bry asks me to make a clone of my husband and to make him gay. Hee. I wish I could. Everybody deserves a Robby in their life. I have a sexy and sweet husband, I sure do.
  • We play pool. I’m pretty gosh darn bad at pool but I love playing. No boy wants to be on my team. Not even my husband! Hmph. However, Deesh is a nice boy and happily volunteered. I call us TeamDeeshChristina and make him fist pound it with me a lot.
  • Deesh and I make a bad-ass team (or rather Deesh is good at pool and I manage to make 2 in) and Bing, who always insists on playing for shots, bought us a lemon drop shot.  I sip on this shot for approximately thirty minutes.
  • I am very proud of my new outfit, my first ever romper (since the age of three anyway). Alas. I didn’t realize how awful this would be with my bladder problem. Do you realize how hard it is to pee when you’re wearing a one piece outfit with 23902 buttons?! One of the boys asked me if I was doing my ‘Pee dance.’ at one point. Yep. I sure was.
  • A couple of my dude friends from work got to see after-hours Christina for the first time. One guy didn’t even recognize me at first. I look like a ten year old boy at work,usually. My clean up ain’t too shabby. (It’s amazing what straightening your hair and putting on some lip gloss can do.) It’s always pleasant to get to know people outside of work and in a more comfortable environment. I ended up giving Mister Scott (who’s quite a cutie!) lots of girl advice and we both decided we like hanging out with the other. Yay.
  • A  couple of my girls and I had a lovely and giggly evening. The night just ain’t the same without a couple of great gal pals.
  • It was a truly splendid evening. Husband and Bing teased me a lot, but such is the norm. Hopefully it’s mostly out of love. Deesh cancelled their douche-ness out and made a lovely partner and shot-taking buddy. Bry-Bry has a little crush on my hubby,and I don’t blame him. Both new and old friends arrived and the laughter and fun times were abundant. Though I suck at pool and baby my shots, I had quite a fun time trying anyway.
  •  The above picture? I just love, though I don’t know who took it or where it came from. I seem to be having a nice conversation with my pool partner (though I can’t recall…) and Tessa is pretty.

 C. Sunday. Hangover. Hey,let’s do nothing. Okay!

  • Husband and I sleep in.
  • Husband and I cuddle.
  • Husband and I lounge.
  • Husband and I fight about tabasco sauce.
  • Husband and I make up.
  • And lounge some more.
  • We take a break from lounging and move to the bedroom for some….excercise?
  • And then lounge some more.
  • I eventually get up for two hours to go grocery shopping, jog,and make monkey bread.
  • Husband and I are ending the night by—can you guess it?!—Doing nothing and lounging some more! There’s no one else I’d rather do absolutely nothing with.

15 thoughts on “Brotherly-love,Pool halls,Monkey bread. Etc.

  1. mom says:

    What is monkey bread?

    Your father is going to be sooo mad at you for posting that picture of him! I think I’ll send him a copy of this blog just for laughs! LOL! =) What do you think?

    Your house is pretty.

    Love you! =)

    • monkey bread is the shit! you would like it. you buy biscuits and cut them into four pieces.then you dip them in cinnamon and sugar and coat it all with melted butter and brown sugar. mmmmm. delicious.
      love you too 🙂

  2. Tessa says:

    I was trying to duck out of that picture. Allen took it lol Drunken Allen and drunken Christina together are one hell of a mix. haha I love you

  3. Emily says:

    First, your dad looks just like your brother.
    Second, Your totally wearing one of those things we all wore when we were 10!!!!! and it looks cute on u!! good job =)

    • Chris trusts your repices, what can I say? The lentil ones were good, but the red bean ones had a more varied texture which I kind of liked.Thanks about the header. We took that pic almost exactly two years ago, the day we closed on the house. I think I might try to do similar ones that change with the seasons. Our trees are starting to turn green this week, so maybe I’ll take the summer’ picutre after everything is green! I think the fall and winter versions could be cool. We’ll see.

  4. Meg says:

    hahaha Your dad looks like he’s about to kill someone–his usual face. lol scary..

    I’ve tried on one or two rompers but neither looked good on me =/ I think my butt is too small.

    ❤ you!

    • Meg says:

      also, i remember that guy from your work! He’s cute. you should hook him up with one of your single friends. I would say me excepttt i’m here. so not me lol.

      • What a compliment from Chris! I love the litenl variation, as well, and am interested in trying that out on my own. BTW, I just noticed your header and your farm looks so awesome. I am quite jealous.

    • haha the lady totally flattered me into buying it. “ohh a LOT of people can’t pull that off…but you do!” obviously, i had to buy it. 😛 though i think you’d look good in them too! i worked out extra hard to look just right in that thing….it shows all! i made myself earn it lol.

      i would totally hook you up with scott…omg yall’d be adorable! ( i just made yall’d a word :P)

      • Meg says:

        lol!! @ your word yall’d. it sounds like some person with a weird russian kinda slavic accent saying yard.

      • What a compliment from Chris! I love the lneitl variation, as well, and am interested in trying that out on my own. BTW, I just noticed your header and your farm looks so awesome. I am quite jealous.

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