I would like to start this off by saying that I am a dumbass. Yes. I said it. Good. Now that that’s out of the way, I will continue. Yesterday was my orientation at the new university. My friend Katie also just transferred to Concordia so we went together. We’re both pretty excited and enjoyed the cheesy welcome speech maybe a little too much. As I’ve been at a community college thus far and in highschool I was mostly homeschooled, I’ve never before had such an overwhelming sense of school pride–and I haven’t even started yet.  There’s something comforting about Concordia to me. I’m not too religious of a person right now, and I was kind of scared that since it is a Lutheran based school, I’d have to sit uncomfortably through an orientation of praise and worship. Instead,we were briefly informed of the religious background and told that everyone is welcome no matter their belief system. And that was that. Chapel is there, but not required. (It’s required at a lot of religion centered schools,which pisses me off.) I liked that everything I’ve come to know throughout my life was there but not forced on me. I think because I was raised in a religious household, the idea of religion being around without being overbearing is a comfort to me. The little cross unassumingly hanging on the wall during orientation made me feel safe. At home. Still, I don’t think I’ll be attending chapel anytime soon. But it is nice to know it’s there. Alright. Back to me being a dumbass. A dumbass who doesn’t listen and never thinks things through, at that. Sigh. The picture at the beginning is me showing you that I fixed my hair. Fixed? “Why did you need to fix your hair Christina?”, You may ask. Well. Um. I kind of dyed my hair orange. ORANGE!!! And red. And lots of other colors in between! I wanted a change and asked Miss Katie to highlight my hair after orientation. My natural hair color is a red-blondish color. I hate it. I always dye it, and everyone who has known me long enough always tells me “But Christina, your natural hair is sooooo pretty. “ Bleh. No. Usually I do brown but this time I decided to try bleach. Yeah, I know. Better left to the professionals, perhaps? I like to figure things out for myself a little too much,eh? Too stubborn for my own good,maybe? Tell me,will I EVER learn my lesson?! Probably not. Below you can watch the process and outcome in my video and I’ll let you decide for yourself. (Though I’m sure most of you are reading this without much surprise and shaking your heads saying “Oh,Tina…..”) The process was so much fun, full of girl time and wine and laughter, that I almost don’t regret the outcome. Almost.

11 thoughts on “Hair+Me+Bleach=Bad.

  1. I’m sorry your hair didn’t turn out so great, but i had a lot of fun! and can’t wait till school starts. its gonna be an amazing semester! I love you!

      • Diana — Thank you so much for the reassurance. I’m going to get right over to your blog and read that post right away. I’ve ralley been looking forward to visiting Vietnam for a long time and I don’t want the fact that I’m going solo to stop me from taking full advantage of the time I have there. I might bug you a little later for more details, as the time grows closer and I get more antsy. By the way, I hope you are recovering well. Your last month or so has sounded awful. It sounds like you’re getting well back up on your feet, though.

  2. Meg says:

    I just died watching that video pahahah so funnnny. “Katie! Katie!” “christina..” “I will cut you!”

    and your talent was great.

    i agree with your mommy you should try something lighter, just for a change. I like your hair brown though. =]

    • yes i agree with both of you. but. sigh. i can’t. haha. the place i go to that’s cheap enough won’t do it and i obviously can’t either paha ;). i think i’m actually gonna try growing it out. and then i’ll um..go from there.. and IT’LL BE GREAT! ha i miss doing that with you 😛

  3. Omg! Christina you’re freakin hilarious. I just dyed my hair too! Mine is Golden Sand, and definitely, not Rainbow-ish Orangey. No!! That’s just bad color – Orange! My virgin hair color is the blackes black, now it’s brown-ish, and I like it!!

    And what kind of a beauty salon was that. How could they..leave you to your own, drunken devices. =p

    Loved this post!

    My Advice: If you want your hair to lose the thickness, get it layered, choppy and funky.
    And the best color for you, IMHO is………………this color: check out the link:

    Nice eh? heeheee!

    • “And what kind of a beauty salon was that. How could they..leave you to your own, drunken devices. =p”
      hahahaha. that’s exactly what i’m sayin’! glad you understand lol.
      oooh i bet your hair is super perty.
      i think i may go get it layered today, actually.
      and that is EXACTLY my natural color hahaha

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