R.I.P. Summer 2010.

I officially start school tomorrow (I say officially because I’ve been really confused about the actual start day.) I thought I’d say goodbye with some closing thoughts and pictures of my last few days of summer. Sigh. (This is a sigh of sadness,giddiness,and nervousness all in one. Since I know you were totally over-analyzing my sigh, right!?)

Christina’s Closing Summer Thoughts:

-I tried my first frog leg on Sunday. You can probably tell in the very unattractive face I’m making that I’m faking happiness? I’ll try anything once. I probably wouldn’t try it again. It tasted like chicken. But dried up, stringy,and overcooked chicken. Then again, I tried it at a Chinese buffet….maybe I’ll give it one more chance?

-I had a dream last night that I spotted The Situation and Paulie D from Jersey Shore in a parking lot. I ran up and hugged them and asked for an autograph. I remember I couldn’t wait to get home and blog about it. Then I woke up and realized how sad it is that I’m dreaming about blogging and reality shows in my sleep.

-Husband has taken to calling me by his–er–our (still getting used to that one)….last name. “Hey, Boudreaux!” or “What’s up Boudreaux?” In highschool one of my nicknames was ‘Cirotto’ so I’m used to being called some sort of last name. It took some getting used to with the new one, but as admiringly and boyish as he says it everytime, I kinda can’t help but grow accustomed to this new last name calling.

– It’s funny and weird to me that the grass really is always greener on the other side. Until you realize that. Then you learn to mostly be thankful for the grass (aka money,body,friends,family–life) you got. My grass is lookin’ pretty dang good right now. I am now mentally picturing myself as Daisy the cow in a field with super green eateries. Yum.

-I spent hours the other day in my bikini. A friend, my husband, and I started out at the pool…and then ended up back at her apartment. I decided since it was just a close friend and my boy, what the hell, I am going to enjoy one of my last days of summer. I lounged and bounced around with mostly nothing but skin for the next few hours, as we made fried pickles and just goofed around. I love when the three of us hang out. Em,Robby, and I have a really cute relationship. We went to the beach at the beginning of the summer and ever since it’s been a close and comfortable little thing. Emily has no problem putting my husband in his place and I think she curses at him more than I do. It’s really lovely and kind of sexy to see another woman tell my husband whats up. Is that weird? Ha.

-I’ve taken a strange liking to brussel sprouts recently.

-My husband can be SO cheesy. He says things that make me smile while I know others would be gagging. Last night we watched an old scary movie called “The Others” Hopefully I’m not spoiling it for you, but turns out the main characters you think are being haunted the whole time are actually the dead ones and they are haunting others while in purgatory (confusing,yes?). When the movie ended I asked him “Babe, what if we’re really dead? And we’re in purgatory right now?” He responded with “It’d be heaven.” We both laughed afterward because we both knew how corny that sounded. As sweet as the boy is,he can also be really embarrassing and inappropriate. A friend was joking around with me the other day and told me her favorite rapper said he’d take a million ‘freaks’ over one innocent virgin chick any day. Do you know what that mother f&*^#@ husband of mine responded with (and very proudly at that)? “Oh, Well. I got both.” BLUSH. I’m actually blushing  just sharing it with you. He’s lucky I love him.

– Looking at that above picture, it reminds me of my heart/key tattoo. It has meaning and it’s special to me. I like my tattoo. My parents do not. My mom continues to tell me I’ll regret it (“Wait ’til you get pregnant and that key stretches out and looks really stupid, Christina!”) and my dad is still in denial. My family did an okay job of keeping it a secret because I did NOT want him to know until I moved out. My at the time two year old brother knew and I figured that was okay. That is until he started saying the words “Tina….Tattoo!” Yup. My toddler bro ratted me out. My dad was extremely angry and refused to speak with me for a while. Then a strange thing happened. You know how they say when you’re traumatized by something you can block it out of your memory all together? My dad did that. He saw a picture the other day and semi-calmly asked me “So…I saw a picture…you have a tattoo?” Yes, daddy. You knew this. He still claims he had no idea. Poor daddy.

-It’s amazing to me to me that two people can make a baby. That I–me and my husband–can make a little RobbyChristina. It’s just insane and it blows my mind that I can create something like that. I was voicing this to a friend the other day and I told her I wanted to see if  I could make a baby without actually having a baby. I know. Not too possible. She laughed at me and told me I could babysit her little one  for a while and see what I think about any of that plan later. Don’t worry, guys. I promise not to pop one out anytime soon. I’m so used to raising puppies and I feel like I might teach the kid to fetch or something. Kidding. But really. No babies.

-I wish there was a nice honk button for the car. My dad has awful road rage and it’s one of the few things I didn’t pick up from him. I hate honking at people and usually only do it when I’m scared they’re going to hit me or something. I don’t want them to be mad or sad at me for honking, even if they are dumbasses.  I think I might invent something that sings a happy little song as a honk. You know to say “Hey,I’m not mad, but please don’t hit me!!” For all of us nice drivers out there? Yeah?

-I meandered around my new school campus with a friend doing this and that to get prepared yesterday. I am going to go ahead and brag a little bit—my campus is GORGEOUS. It lies on 250 acres of beautiful nature preserves. There are trails and bridges and more trees than you usually see in Texas. My friend and I both have the same two hour break and I’m excited to go explore with her. (Though I can’t go past the fences or I was told I’d get arrested or caught in a hog trap. No fun there.)

-I took this picture at happy hour yesterday with a friend. I came into the restaurant after school stuff with my Concordia folder (Husband wrote ‘Christina Concordia stuff’ on there to keep me more organized)still in tow. I think the photo describes perfectly where I’m at in my life right now. Ready for these new adventures, but still hanging onto the fun of summer and my ever present youth. Time to take a few deep breaths and totally prepare myself for all the new coming my way. I think I’m ready. Sigh. (That’s the same sad/giddy/nervous sigh from the beginning,if you’re wondering.)

14 thoughts on “R.I.P. Summer 2010.

  1. Hahaha.you totally spoilt the movie for anyone who hasn’t seen it, the whole point is not knowing those guys were dead.i loved it. I like suprises in a movie. See “orphan” for some scary suprises too if you haven’t. Goodluck at the new school, uni is like starting another life, fun and stressful but i can tell you have all the right people to see you through:-)

    • christina says:

      haha i know i was hoping no one would want to see it since it’s old now…oops. 😛
      i LOVED the orphan. i love scary movies that totally throw me off.
      and yes, i think i do. 🙂 thanks for the encouragement!

    • christina says:

      haha i’m sorry! i was totally wrong in assuming everyone had already watched it haha.

      no, not completely lost. i’m carrying it over into fall with me. 🙂
      thanks for the comment glen!

  2. Tessa says:

    Good blog! I’m sad I’m not in it! This past week has been so busy I haven’t had time to hang with anyone. I miss you! Don’t forget me once you start school, k? 🙂

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  3. Meg says:

    you didn’t even say if the frog leg was good!? haha

    i liked this blog it was honest and natural. =]

    you would hang around in your bikini all day =P you’d fit right in at Hippie Hollow.

    • christina says:

      does stringy,overcooked, and dry taste good to you!? DOES IT MEG!?!? haha. i love you.
      i really do wanna go to hippie hollow….
      YO. i’m about to call you. i gotz stuff to yell ya.

      • Meg says:

        wait…so did you like it? 😉 pahahha wow i’m dumb i don’t know why i thought you didn’t saywhat it tasted like. maybe i skipped over that part. I’m putting that on my bucket list! maybe. kinda grosses me out.

        and okay! lol you didn’t call though but that’s okay take yo timee. I have things to tell you too.

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