School, Hypnotists, and Boyfriends on the side.

I don’t even know where to start on this one because my life is so full right now. I’m not complaining; I’ve always had the mentality that I’d rather be busy than bored but I also have this tendency to way over-book  myself. I am kind of exhausted and senile (even though I’m not old yet) this week. So.I have too much to say and show and squeal ( not like a pig squeal, but more of a girly and happy one) about so I’m going to try to fit it all in here in somewhat of a compressed format.Except it’ll probably be pretty long so buckle your seatbelts.  Here goes. (Ps: Reality Show part 2 at the bottom! Hurrah!?)

Happiness-es This week:

School. Oh my goodness. I don’t even consider it school. It’s like a playground. I feel like I am a kid in a candy store. I could name off a million reasons why I am freaking in love with Concordia and I just might if I don’t stop myself. Just realize I’m going to sound ridiculously over-giddy because I’ve never attended an actual university before. I’m still in awe over the little things.

The food. I’m used to my community college and it’s little cafe. Concordia has a buffet. Is this the norm? I’ve always wondered why so many gain the freshman 15. I think it’d be kind of hard to do at Concordia though. Bringing me to…

The campus. There’s a lot of walking outside. And I love that. This is maybe the prettiest I’ve seen of nature in Texas. The trees, the creek below the bridges, the acres and acres of green and wildlife…It’s just gorgeous. I feel like I’m on a vacation everytime I set foot on my campus. It honestly takes the teachers and assignments to remind me that this is not my everyday hay-day. Though it really kind of is.

Freebies. SO many freebies. Community college didn’t have free things like this. Keychains, Tampons, School Spirit shirts ( I LOVE sporting my school spirit shirts.), BOOKS. I was given some cheesy Harlequin romance at the bookstore but yesterday I hit the jackpot. I walked into the buffet area to find a table full of the book “The Kite Runner.”  I always come across this one but can never get myself interested enough to buy it. But it’s hugely popular and a fifteen dollar book. I incredulously ask the ladies who are ringing me up for my buffet…”Are these free?!” They smile and respond with “Yep! ”  Apparently there’s a Kite Runner book club going on on campus and they’re trying to spread the word. I need to add that to my mental maybe-to-do-list but for now…DUDE. Free fifteen dollar book that’ll get me out of my usual book-reading shell. Deal.

The people. I already know a few on campus from other places, and it’s nice to have that comfort.  In the picture across are a couple of my friends who also attend Concordia. I love having them around, especially Miss Katie. We have a two hour break together and giggle the entire time. But I also love meeting new people. The  classes at Concordia are all small-ish and I’ve always liked that, even in community college. It’s easy to get to know your professor and everyone in your class when there’s 30, not 300 of you. Everyone is really friendly (one girl told me that there’s apparently a rumor no one says ‘Bless you’ when someone sneeezes at my former community college. This isn’t true, but it was apparently meant to show me that everyone says ‘Bless you’ at Concordia. Ha.) and as always, I have a mental list of those who are my  ‘friend potentials.’ (I usually become good friends with those that I put in this area.) I even have my little school-girl crush already! I can’t remember his name but we teased eachother about our (sometimes sucky) NFL football teams yesterday (Somebody I can actually impress with my football knowledge! My husband doesn’t like football and that was always on my ‘What I want in a dude’ list. ALMOST a deal breaker.) and I totally admire the back of his head in class. Ps: Don’t worry, my husband knows all about my crush and just chuckles. Husband’s also my best friend so I have to inform him of all of these things. I also have a few girl crushes. Ain’t no big deal,It’s innocent. Yup. I’m quoting Katy Perry on this one. 

Just attending a college I can call my own with pride. I didn’t know after I got married if I’d be able to ever have the real college experience. But besides commuting and not dating other dudes, I really can. I’m amazed. I’m soaking it all up and I just can’t get enough. The smell of the library and the chalkboard covered walls in the study rooms;Today I wrote my brother’s number on the chalkboard and a little note encouraging others to call him. Hee. I’m so mature. The school spirit;I love being a Concordia Tornado, even if that is kind of a weird mascot. The flyers full of events and happenings; A friend and I are even applying to have our own streaming online radio show (You all must listen to me,of course.) My Modern Fiction class that I’m already completely engrossed in; We’re reading seven books this semester and I’m ecstatic to start. The buzzing student life and comradery and knowing we’re all in on something together; Even going so far as being hypnotized. Yep. A famous hypnotist dude came to our school last night and had a…performance? He rounded up 2o volunteers and before you know it the gymnasium was filled with hysteria. Chuck Milligan, the hypnotist, could convince those hypnotized of anything. The person next to you stinks! They’d run away in disgust. It’s 150 degrees in here! They’d start fanning themselves like crazy. It’s SO cold in here! They’d all start shivering and holding eachother. You’re on a rollercoaster! They buckle their seatbelts. –One dude was freaking out because he thought he had grown huge boobies.Another guy would yell “DON’T PISS IN MY POOL!” at the audience every five minutes thinking he was a lifeguard and we were peeing in his pool.  Later he would get really mad when anyone tried to touch his duck flotation device. Another two had an argument about numbers because one was told 3 didn’t exist and the other was told 2 was said twice in a row. Through all of the madness all he had to do was say “SLEEP!” and everyone simultaneously passed out. Some ended up on the floor quite often. I would have a hard time even believing any of this if it wasn’t for the fact that these were real students I had seen walking around campus day to day. And they were completely and totally GONE.  The few students who were unfazed by the process got sent back and the dude would then bring up those who had managed to be hypnotized while in the audience. It was unreal. At the end,he took a hypnotized student’s hand and turned it around 360 degrees as she slept. Not only was it absolutely insane (The subconscious and what you can do with it is really a bizarre thing), I can’t remember a time I have ever laughed so hard in my life. I think most of the students would agree with me on this one. I’ll give you a little sneak peak of the craziness but you gotta keep reading afterward! This blog is about halfway through and I still have much more to say and show. Good thing y’all love me…?



And by after hours, I mean anytime that isn’t consumed by school now. This is my first full time semester and my first 4 year university. I’m not wasting anytime. I’m signing up for anything that interests me and taking flyers and joining activities. While on campus, I kind of forget I have any other life and though it’s only been a week I am already completely consumed with this school thing. Luckily my other life never forgets about me.

-Husband. He’s great. I can’t believe we’ve already been married almost a year. They say time goes by when you’re having fun, and it’s definitely been one hell of a year. I love coming home to this boy. He always asks me how my day was and then he’ll listen and laugh and tell me about his. He’s a very sweet boy. The other day he made a group of my friends eggs and bacon, just because no one else offered to do it. Little moments like that just make my heart happy. They tell me being married and going to school is hard work, but it can’t be too bad with this kind of support. After a long day I can always count on coming home to a good cuddle session and somebody to tell everything to. I think he’s a little worried I’m about to forget about him but I couldn’t ever do that. He’s too cute.

Friends. Oh,boy. They always keep me entertained and when my stress level is at it’s absolute highest they bring it down to zilch with giggles and fun and life-size cut outs of some dude from Twilight and dancing on top of things. Thank goodness for my friends. Some pictures and friends from so far this week:

This is my friend’s little boy. And my new boyfriend. Yep. That’s right. I have my husband, a crush, AND a boyfriend on the side. We could pass for the same age, I think.

-Big Brothers, Big Sisters- I finally have an appointment date set up to meet my little! If all goes according to plan,September 8th after school I’ll drive straight to South Austin to meet her. I’m going to make my husband go with me to practice drive to her apartment a few times. I am an awful driver and I’d rather not kill myself or anyone else while on the highway. Other than the driving nervousness, I am super giddy about  getting to meet my little. Hopefully she’s kind of excited to meet me too.

And finally I leave you with what you’ve all been waiting for (or dreading,whichever)….Christina’s Awkward Life Episode 2! YAY!? (Oh.And. When I say I’m wearing a jacket to hide my “see-through clothes” I meant “See through nightgown.” I don’t just walk around all day wearing transparent clothing. There are a few other errors but it’s much more put together than the last one. I’ll be famous soon enough. Baha.)

6 thoughts on “School, Hypnotists, and Boyfriends on the side.

  1. mom says:

    You have a very understanding, loving husband. He’s good to you. Treat him, right! =)

    Have fun at college, but more importantly learn alot, and be good!

    Love you!

  2. Tessa says:

    I thought Emily’s shirt was a dress at first…
    I can’t hear what you’re saying in your videos, but I can imagine. haha
    Your school sounds really amazing. Makes me want to go! By the time I get there (IF I get there) you’ll be a graduate though. lol Booo

    • TESSA! my long lost love, oh how i miss thee. (i’ve had one two many cups of coffee this morning, can you tell!?)
      haha you’re watching me without sound? i probably look even more awkward without a valid explanation of why i’m waving my arms around and crossing my fingers dramatically. haha.
      anyway. i’m a year behind in the whole process of graduating so we could definitely be there together.
      ps: i’m seriously having tessa withdrawals!

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