Happily Crammed.

I feel like I have a perma-smile on right now. Yes, school and work and life are stressful. Cooking for the husband after I was gone from about 9 am to 9pm yesterday, I realized I was completely and totally exhausted.  Trying to do homework after cooking for the husband was a battle (I pretty much lost the battle.) I am beyond tired but still, my grin feels like it’s just gonna stay there. My life, crammed and full as it may be, is crammed and full of stuff that I really don’t mind at all.(Besides my upcoming speech, that is. I hate speeches.)  Here’s some of the fun things keeping my life happily crammed right now:

-Radio Show. My friend Katie and I, as you may or may not know, have a radio show on campus. “Un Poco de Todo.”  It means a little bit of everything in Spanish, and dude. That is what it definitely is. Yesterday was the second airing. (Second airing and we’re already the main picture on the website! Lookit!) The first was a complete mess, which is hopefully normal for your first ever radio show. This one was much better. We quadrupled in viewers (From 2 to 8,baby! …Though we lost two viewers as soon as we started singing karaoke.) and managed to stay on the air and not mess up the whole computer this time. Still, I have issues staying on topic. I’ll go from cereal to Jersey Shore to how I feel like I’m molesting the microphone all within a 10 second period. Yesterday, Katie found a mullet and I could not stop talking about that mullet wig thing, though it wasn’t even on our list of things to talk about. Thank goodness for my friend being in there or I’m pretty sure my viewers (though at least entertained) would be confused and have a major headache. She is the calm and levels me out. We got our first ‘review’ on Katie’s facebook yesterday from a listener that doesn’t know me yet. I think it summed us up pretty nicely. Here’s the verdict:” Your show is very cute! Christina is nuts…so funny! You sound like the voice of reason, pulling her back in. You guys are very, very cute together!” Aw. By the way,I have diagnosed myself with ADD. (Ps: you can listen to a repeat of Un Poco De Todo tonight and see for yourself at 7pm Central Time! )

– Meeting the Little. After school, it was FINALLY time to go meet my little from Big Brothers, Big Sisters. I was so nervous. But really excited. I didn’t really know what to expect. I knew it would be the family and a translator, as my little’s mom doesn’t speak English. It took about 40 minutes to get there in moderate traffic, so I had plenty of time to get more anxious and more giddy. I arrived early and waited for the translator lady to call me and give me the go ahead to come up. When she did, I had a bad case of the butterflies. It’s like I was going on a blind date–but not with a boy–with my little! Eek! I knock on the apartment door and the dad answers and lets me in. It’s a little stuffy but cozy and everyone greets me with smiles. And then I see her! She looks a lot like what I thought she would, based on what they told me. So rarely do people look like what I imagine them to in my head that I was very happy with this fact. We both kind of nervously smiled at eachother and sat down to do the whole greeting/translating/signing papers portion.  I love the translating part–though I couldn’t understand the mom I could tell she was a sweet lady and that her and my little are very close. It also reaffirmed my want to be fluent in Spanish. Seeing the white translator speak so fluently made me a little jealous and also gave me instant respect for her and especially for my little. She has a lot of responsibility to be the main source of communicating between me and her mommy. Maybe she could even help teach me more Spanish?! I’ll have to ask. After we all started talking, I found out she had just turned 15–We’re only 6 years apart! That’s the same difference as my husband and me. I find it weird that he could have been my Big when I was fifteen. Yes. I find that very strange. But back on topic. My little (am I allowed to say her name or no?) ,somewhere in the whole process, mentions her love for Aeropastle. I tell her I too like that store (I shopped there a lot at her age.) & that I love to shop. After I said that, she pointed to me and said with a smile, “That’s my Big!”  My heart completely melted. I knew we’d be good from there. We actually got to go on a mini-outing and she choose McDonald’s. Another love we have in common. And man, for being tiny, this girl can eat! Over the next hour, we found out we actually have quite a bit in common. We both hate diet soda,love shopping and watching  episodes of Teen Mom, and both have huge cracks across our once nice phones. (but they still work!) I let her know I thought it was neat that we had so much in common and she told me “That lady (referring to whoever paired us up) did a good job!”  She also showed disdain for the program’s policy of only having a definite one year period of time with your Big/Little. I told her we could keep seeing the other after that, which BBBS does encourage. I like my little. She’s extremely outgoing and it didn’t take her much to open up at all. She likes me way more than I could have hoped for. I couldn’t have picked a better little myself, so I’d have to agree with her. That lady did a good job. We’ve already had a couple of interesting conversations that made my mouth drop just a little.  Thought I’d share what I remember.

Me: Do you like high-school?

Little: Yeah. But it’s really crammed. There’s a lot of pregnant people walking around. But there’s a daycare. They’ll get their babies and take care of them and then take them back to the daycare.

Me: Oh,yeah,well…Wait? What? Did you say a lot of pregnant people walking around?! And there’s a daycare?! In your school?!!?

(Do you find it sad on my part that my 15 year old little is way more street smart and way less naive than me?)

Little:  (calmly eating her food) Yeah. My friend had a baby in 6th grade and she drops her off there.

Me: (Gulp.) *about 5 minutes later*…..So, do you like boys?

Little: Oh,girl, yeah. That’s like my main thing.

Me: (Gulp.)

Luckily, she seems to have her head on straight and just has a few innocent crushes on the boys. I’m pretty excited to be in her life and hopefully be as positive a role model as I can be. She’s great. I’m looking forward to our get together next Sunday, in which I think we decided on manicures and ice-cream. She also promised to let me take pictures with her next week, as she wouldn’t yesterday. Her hair was ‘too messy’ and she refused. She’s going to straighten her hair next week so it’ll be okay. Yep. She’s definitely fifteen.

Communications Club. Katie and I ended the night at a communications club meeting back at the school. I like being a part of this club. I feel very involved with the school and I’ve always loved being a part of something bigger than me. Katie and I are both super involved in the communications club. She’s taking pictures and I’m writing for the school newsletter; We’re also both doing the radio show which also falls under the club’s supervision. Hurrah for communicating! I got a picture with one of the girls there who’s headband I was in love with. My words: “I love your headband! Can I get a picture of your headband?!” Yep. That’s how I make friends. Ha. It actually usually works!

See? Happily Crammed. Hopefully I can keep this going and not spontaneously combust. Oh. Spontaneously Combusting. There’s a topic for next weeks radio show….

5 thoughts on “Happily Crammed.

  1. Meg says:

    hahahahaha! Omgg I’m so happy for you and your little! she sounds adorable and so fun.

    i still need to listen to your radio show! I can’t at 11 and i have frisbee 5:30-8 haha i will one of these days!

  2. mom says:

    What kind of look are you going for with that wig?

    Your “little’s” mom let her ride with you in your car? I bet that was an experience for her! LOL! Last time I rode with you and you were driving was the last time I’ll ever do that again after having my side of the car smashed into our fencepost! After doing a complete spin and getting whiplash!

  3. Pregnant in 6th graaaade?? Are their hoohas even big enough to push a baby out at that age?? Eh, whatever, I can’t judge. I was smoking pot and drinking at 12, but still…it’s hard to imagine having a kid at 12…or even having a kid at 21! *calms down*
    ANYway…your blogs make me happy. Stress me out but definitely make me happy 😛

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