Bowling Leagues, Downtown, & Playing the ‘Husband card.’

It’s been a busy and fun weekend. Busy=My life in a nutshell right now.  I’m definitely starting to feel the effects now. Me= Overwhelmed. My life is completely and totally full right now. I have no spare time. None. I really am not complaining, because I love it. But I’m adjusting. I’m still in the process of preparing for my speech tomorrow, so I’m going to attempt to make this a quick blog. But looking at all of my pictures and thinking back through the fun last couple of days, I don’t think I’m going to conquer this attempt. Considering I have seriously done nothing but study (and okay,I watched the Titans kick some ass. ((Hell yeah)) )  and rehearse my speech today…..I say I deserve a break!? Yeah!? By the way, Jersey Shore is having a special episode tonight. Did you know that? That means I’m going to have two breaks.Oh. And,as I speak, I’m also attempting to make meatballs while simultanesouly blogging and uploading my speech reharsal to do a critique review thing. Sigh.  I’m going to be up until at least three a.m. tonight, y’all. I hope I don’t burn the meatballs. Alright. Time for weekend talk!  (Ps: You gotta read the WHOLE blog ‘cuz Christina’s Awkward Life Episode 4 is at the end AND I have a surprise announcement. & NO I’m not pregnant. Get that out of your head right now.)


One more day of school before the weekend. I took the above picture at my beloved lunchtime. Kate, Katie and I are the usual group for lunch, give or take a couple of others. We really do nothing but giggle manically and gossip (and eat,of course) throughout the whole hour or so we sit at out table. It’s wonderful, and one of the many things I’ll be adding to the list of ‘loves’ about my new university. Yay.

Husband and I started our bowling league Friday night. Above you can see both our humble bowling team and a picture of me with our opponents. They were so sweet and encouraging, although they beat us terribly each time. One lady kept oogling over how ‘young and in love’ Robby and I were. She was amazed we were still as lovey as we were after a year. (Apparently she hadn’t had such a good first marriage.) I like older ladies swooning over the husband and me. Adorable.  I am totally smitten with this bowling thing in general. The first round I actually bowled over 100, which is a record for me. I even got two strikes! The next two games I sucked as usual. But throw some beer, pizza, a good friend and a wonderful husband in the mix? It’s all good. I’m excited for next week’s tournament. Not so much for getting my ass kicked,but the social part of it anyway. This Friday we celebrated our loss by going to ‘Weirdos’ afterward, a local Austin bar. They have volleyball games outside! Of course our group had to join in. We also lost horribly at all three rounds of volleyball. I’m telling y’all. I love losing! It’s so fun. And you get to conversate with lots of fun new people. This week it was an Australian chick and her very sweet southern belle friend. You can see the picture of my group and these lovely people below. I make everyone take pictures with me, if you can’t tell.


One of my best friends has a cousin who passed away a few years back. She would have been 21 yesterday. We celebrated ber birthday AND another friend’s brother’s 21st by going downtown for the night. I’m still getting used to downtown Austin. I’ve only been a couple of times since I turned the big 2-1. I love it. Austin’s great. So many different kinds of people and groups together to just let loose and have some fun.  Also. It’s amazing to me how blatantly obvious guys are while hitting on you and intoxicated. I love using my husband as an excuse whenever a dude hits on me.Gets rid of them pretty fast. Last night a random dude came up to me and started the usual Imma-douche-bag-please-find-me-charming conversation. Luckily, most of the conversation was stopped short and went like this:

Random dude: So are any of you girls with anybody tonight?

Me: Yeah. I’m with my husband *point to husband who is now laughing at the dude.*

Random Dude: Oh, hey!Oh, well can’t mess with that..but dude (to Robby)..I just wanna tell you. You have a hot wife. I mean, she is fiiiiiiiine.

Husband: (still laughing) Yeah, I know. Thanks, man.

Random dude: How ’bout your friend? Is she taken?

Me: Nope,she’s totally single. Go for it!

He proceeded to hit on both of my single girlfriends after that. They weren’t amused, but I sure as hell was. Hee.

After, as we were sitting on the sidewalk waiting for Robby and the newly 21 year old to come out of the bar, we got hit on once again and were offered a house with free drugs. Goodness. The ‘I’m married’ thing didn’t work so well this time.Random Dude Two responded with “Oh, well. We’re just here to have some fun.” He didn’t seem to get the picture. “Oh,well. My husband is actually here. Inside that bar.” Ha. His face was priceless. “Wait…! Like…here!?” Dude and his friend disappeared very shortly after. I love playing the husband card.


Sunday– Study.Study.Study. Okay,Okay.And. Surprise Announcement that has nothing to do with pregnancies. Ready?! Okay. I’M GOING TO VEGAS AND CALIFORNIA IN A MONTH! It’s our one year wedding thingy in October and husband and I officially bought the tickets today. I actually was set on just California but husband said it would be cheaper to stay in Vegas and take a rental car to California. He was right. He’s been to Vegas a couple of times before and kind of knows the ropes. He ended up finding us amazing deals, though we will be on a strict budget the next couple of weeks. It’s so going to be worth it. California has been on my goal list since I was 14. And I’m going to Vegas,baby! Eeeeeek! This is definitely going to get me through my speech tomorrow. Okay, just one more excited scream, I promise. EEEEEKKVEGASCALIFORNIAHEREICOMEEEEEEEEK!

And I bid you ado with Christina’s Awkward Life Episode 3…or 4. I can’t remember. Just watch it!?



9 thoughts on “Bowling Leagues, Downtown, & Playing the ‘Husband card.’

  1. Meg says:

    LOL that episode waht my favorite. I like both you and Robby’s dance moves pahaha. and that other guy’s too haha.

    so exciting about your trip for you one year!!! yayy!! can’t wait to hear about it.

  2. EEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK!!! YOU. ARE. GOING. TO VEGAS. AND. CALIFORNIA. slightly distorted shriek due to large envious bump in my…have lots of fun, can’t wait to hear about all your awkward adventures there and no way should what in Vegas stay in Vegas I wanna hear it all!!

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