I seem to have the most thoughts when I don’t have time to think. To put that in terms that make more sense–I become most inspired when I’m at my busiest. I guess that makes sense. The more you see and do, The more to inspire you. Hey-o! I rhymed. I always feel the need to write something down or make some sort of mental note lately. Unfortunately, my mind is neither in organized or clear-thinking mode right now. It’s in “Hello-I’m-Christina-And-My-Head-Is-Spinning-From-Having-No-Time-Oh-Hey-Remember-To-Eat-Sleep-Breathe” mode right now. Yes. That is the mode I am in. I decided to save all my mental notes for right now. So y’all are going to get to hear all of my scatter-brained thoughts from the week thus far. Cool? Cool.

Christina’s Scatterbrained Thoughts of The Week

-I’m really bad with names. I meet and introduce myself to so many new people on campus, it’s hard to keep up with anyone, much less their title. I’ve made plans with some girls to go out to eat and I don’t even remember their names right now. There’s also two boys a friend and I are doing a group project with in the class we have together. I constantly have to ask her what their names are and I think she wants to understandably slap me after the 2342242 time. They probably do too. After a while, I start coming up with my own names for people. These two boys have now become Scooter (his transportation device of choice from class to class.) and Beatle. (He told me today I could call him whatever I wanted to,that he didn’t care anymore. I usually go with Jake because I think his name is John or Zach or something. But Beatle sounds cooler?)

Blatantly obnoxious know-it-alls frustrate me. There’s this dude in my Environmental Science (aka science for people who really don’t like studying science) class who I would like to yell at. A group gave a presentation on Human Population Wednesday and  his hand must have gone up ten times. His questions were always rude and condescending. He had that “I’m better than you” attitude that made me want to vomit and raise my hand to say “Please shut-up, you balding jerk-off.” But I controlled myself. Still, It made me embarrassed for the group and you could tell they were getting flustered. They had to carry their speech over to today (probably because asswipe wouldn’t be quiet.) and he, once again, was obnoxious. Friend and I saw one of the girls in the group before class today and gave her some words of encouragement. (In which we mostly stated that the dude was just a dick.) We’ve also decided that we’re going to tie balding meany up and throw him into the nearest closet when it’s time for our group to perform.

-We have a new espresso machine at Starbucks that I’m pretty excited about. It smells like a new car and has a little knob you can pull down like a slot machine to make the milk steam. (So the espresso machine is my substitution for my crappy car and the real deal slot machines I’ll see in Vegas next month.) It’s nice to see things finally running kind of smoothly at work. Lately,it’s been a mess. Because my Starbucks is a part of Target and Target managers don’t have any idea how to handle Starbucks(or really care to know), we’re pretty much on our own. Meaning if we can’t fix it, tough shit. Problems lately include: Our credit card machine not reading credit cards. Our scanner not running barcodes. Typing in all of those numbers manually was a bitch. Our computer freezing at random spurts throughout the day, making it impossible to ring people up for their drinks. Best of all,our old espresso machine would randomly decide to just stop working for hours on end. That doesn’t go over so well with customers. Even though it’s not our fault, I understand their frustration. ” Hi. Welcome to Starbucks, the most famous coffee shop in the world. What would you like today? Oh, coffee? Sorry, I can’t make you that.” Sigh. Thank goodness for new car-smelling,slot-machine looking espresso machines.

-I’ve noticed lately,especially in my writings, that I contradict myself a lot. I dunno why. I don’t lie and I don’t think I’m a schizo. Maybe we all have so many different layers as humans that it’s impossible not to contradict yourself every now and then? One layer will always have conflict with a different layer? Or maybe I am just insane. Your call.

Katie and I went to the library at school after lunch with the usual group today. She did homework and I was trying to take a nap. Alas, the floor was too hard and it was too cold. I opted for shaving my legs. I noticed I had missed a few spots and I finally had some free and somewhat private time. So why not? I think this kind of goes well with what a friend said to Katie after hearing our on campus radio show the other day (where I was talking pretty openly about what a creeper I can be.) ” Ha! Christina has no shame.” Whether that’s a good or bad thing, I’ll let you decide.

– Study room was more than just studying and shaving today. We also decided to write naughty and weird things in Spanish on the board. My Spanish is pretty rusty but I tried my best to think of ridiculous things such as “My husband and I were in bed. Later,we ate a cat.”  My friends and I even make quiet study room times inappropriate and strange. It’s great.  By the way, my husband and I don’t really eat cats. Don’t fear.

-It’s raining. I love the rain. I love storms. It puts me in the best mood, every single time. I wish it rained more than it was sunny,actually. When I tell people this I always seem to get a strange look. I’m not sure why I am this way but it might have something to do with my dad. He’s not at all a very excitable person and thunderstorms and football are probably two of the only things I ever see him get pretty giddy about. He likes to go outside and just sit and watch the really scary looking storms, something that I think made rain and ‘ugly’ weather especially beautiful and exciting in my eyes.

-Just about 30 minutes ago, I got a voicemail from a friend I haven’t seen in a while. She cracks me up. It said “Hey…I think we need to hang out sometime. But you’re always busy. Waxing your vagina..or working…or something crazy like that….” She went on but I think you get the jist of it. I need to take time to smell the roses, stop waxing myself, and go see my friend!

– I do try my best to be a crazy person. Crazy in the spontaneous, fun sense of the word. I think I’m kinda known for being this way. This keeps me on the up and up of any interesting plans or ideas going through friend’s heads. They already know I’ll be all for it. Another crazy friend tagged me and yet another crazy friend in this video (below) on facebook, saying that we needed to head to the nearest mall and do it now. Country dancing in the middle of the food court?! Hell. I am so in.

-A really mature dude friend/coworker wrote this on one of my cups the other day. He wanted me to make a drink in it and hand it off to a customer but I refused and threw it away. He made “Careful. The beverage you’re about to enjoy is very hot.” into “Careful. The mom you’re about to enjoy is very hot.” I’m going to go ahead and admit that I could not stop laughing. And I’m still giggling right this moment. Yes. My sense of humor is that of a perverted males. Don’t judge me.

9 thoughts on “Sincerely,Scatterbrained.

  1. The part you wrote about your dad’s love of storms reminds me a lot of of my dad. When I was a kid/teen he would always let me know when a big storm was coming in. He’d ask if I wanted to sit on the porch with him and watch it.

    It was probably not the safest place to be (and it would really freak my mother out!) Still, I have many nice memories of watching big, ugly clouds and lightning flashes with my dad!

  2. Meg says:

    I’m so good with names! hahaha I’ve been meeting SOO many new people lately and it’s hard not to get frustrated when they don’t remember my name cuz i like, never forget people’s names haha. idk’s also annoying when I’m liek “hey i’m meg” and they’re like “megan! so nice to meet you” i’m like NO. hahaha

    I thinkkk you may sometimes contradict yourself when you write because as you’re writing, you discover something. Idk if that makes sense but i do it all the time in my diary! Cuz writing out mythoughts helps me think and make more sense of them and stuf so as i’m writing i’ll think one way, but hten everything will seem so much clearer half way through because i’m writing it down and i’ll realize something else!

    • Christina says:

      haha well i’m glad i already know you or you would prolly be very annoyed with me. i hate when people do that ‘meagan’ thing though. that’s like people calling me ‘christine’ NO. hate that name.

      yes, good theory! yeah i was noticing how i said i loved to say i’m married and then the next day i blogged about not being able to say no and tell someone i’m married. i think it just depends on the situation.

      i can’t say situation without thinking of jersey shore. sigh.

  3. The only Spanish I know came from Dora the Explorer so I can’t help with the rude phrases – the only Spanish I can say is … ‘delicioso’ and ‘Swiper no Swiping’ and I’m not even sure if that last one is is real Spanish

      • Killer Spanish Rhythms, I immediately thgohut of the Menendez Brothers on bongos and cowbell ..that’s not what you were referring to though, so I was mistaken.What does having a mindset of the world mean to you? God’s Gospel and your purpose in its story is a global thing that will reach and last far beyond are 50 measly states (including the ones with crosshairs on em! Unintentional death threat from Palin FTW! / Topical! / Poor taste! / My thgohuts and prayers go out to all those affected by that terrible tragedy!) And look, I get it (I GET it), it’s hard out here for middle-class, college student whitey to get a whole heaping of legitimate daily diverity being smack dab center in the third loop of the buckle of the Bible belt, but what do you think you can do to change that? What are some practical steps you’d like to take to be better informed and be a better missionary for not just your own culture but the ones you might not experience on a daily basis?Porter OUT

    • oh man, I agree dairy and fat and salt would be too hard to give up all together! not sure if i could totlaly give up sugar permanently though. i might be able to limit it to maple syrup and honey ..

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