Cops, Mentoring, & “The Handicaps.”

Weekends are good. This one was especially muy bueno. Do you wanna hear about it?! Hmmm?! Well. I’ve decided that you do.

Friday: School and Bowling Leagues. 

  • School was good. Made some plans. Talked a lot. Discussed Henry James in Modern Fiction. Had some girl time at lunch. Shaved when no one else (but Katie) was looking.  The usual. I love my school. The people, the campus, the classes, my radio show, the communications club, and all the in-betweens. I’m worn out and I’ve been working on a paper for hours but I refuse to complain. College life at the new school is living up to my expectations and then some.
  •  Bowling League! This is our second week of  being in the league. I have fallen head over heels with bowling. I get home on Friday nights usually pretty tired and stressed out from homework overload. It was a struggle getting myself prepared for bowling this week and I kind of wanted to just sleep instead. But I got my booty up and ready and I’m glad I did.  I’ve found out bowling is a stress relief. There’s four of us and a substitute on our team and we all have one hell of a time. I’ll tell you, I’ve never been too athletic. But this is my kind of sport. Drinking,laughing, and shooting the shit for 3 hours?! Well. Sign me up and call me Sporty Spice. It’s also a very encouraging sport. Both teams we’ve got paired up with, though at least 23432 times better than our team, have been super sweet and patient. After a few drinks I always seem to forget you switch lanes after every turn or that you can’t bowl when someone else is bowling right next to your lane (who knew there was bowling etiquette,right?) Everyone always calmly tells me where I need to be or what I need to do. And believe it or not, bowling is freakin’ exciting! On the very rare occasion that I get a strike there is usually so much whopping and hollering from both my team and others that you would think I won a Grammy. Same with everyone else. Whooping and hollering and excitement is abundant. Considering we suck so badly, you wouldn’t think it’d be exciting for anyone else to play us. BUT! There’s actually this thing called a ‘handicap’ where we get points added on at the end based on our average. Basically, you get a handicap because you’re an awful bowler and other people still want to have some kind of competition. We won a round based on our handicap the other night.  We also finally thought of a name for our team, with much deliberation. We were all at a loss until the end of Friday night when it dawned on me.It went something like this: “Oh..Oh..guys! I have a name for our team! ….THE HANDICAPS!” And thus, a legend begins.

Saturday: Girls night and Cops.

  • Um. The cops showed up at my house.Sigh. There was a cat in my backyard that my dogs were attacking. A little innocent kitty! I got a broom and started hitting my dogs but to no avail. My big dog was especially stubborn and kept cornering the poor kitty. Robby was in the shower and I didn’t want to leave the kitty to go get him. So I yelled at the top of my lungs (yelled as in shrieked) for about ten minutes. I did this screaming as I ran around chasing two dogs and a cat with a broom wildly waving up and down in the air. I know I looked like a complete lunatic. I also knew I was probably screwed when I saw a porch light turn on. Crap. Husband and I eventually saved the kitty and a friend of mine showed up for a little girls night. Everything was good and we were just relaxing and waiting for another friend when someone knocked on the door very forcefully. It was the cops. I’m not a stranger to cops showing up to houses but this was kind of on my goal list of things not to happen as a married woman. And we weren’t even fighting! I was flustered and stumbled through an explanation. It went something like this:

Me: Um. Hi…Um. Ha. I knew this was going to happen. Er..there was a cat…it was attacking my dogs and..

Cop: There was a cat attacking your dogs!?

Me: Oh,Ha! No..I meant..sorry….The dogs were attacking this cat and I had to save it and my husband was in the shower so I got a broom and tried to save it and I was screaming really loud because he couldn’t hear me……

Cop:Oh…Okay?! Mind if we talk to your husband real  fast?

I wouldn’t have bought my story either.  There was another cop searching our lawn/vicinities and I’m pretty sure they both thought I was getting beaten or I was insane and my husband was dead somewhere in the house. I think they finally believed me when he walked out with wet hair, fresh out of the shower and a big smile. Take that, Enyclopedia Brown! Still, I’m pretty sure our neighbors are terrified of the shrieking people’s house now. I don’t blame them.

  • Girls night! I needed a couple of my girls after the mortifying cop-filled night. You know those especially good girls nights you have? Involving lots of wine, fits of giggles,nail polish, and conversation so perfect that you’re all talking on top of the other spilling your hearts out? That was our night.

Sunday– Little and I.

  • Yesterday was my second outing with my little of Big Brothers Big Sisters. I was very excited about seeing little again but very terrified about driving on the highway. I have major highway anxiety and getting down south in one piece, though an everyday thing for some people, is a huge accomplishment for me. Yesterday I got there in one piece. I got a little turned around, but I figured it out without calling my husband crying (this has happened before.)  I’m getting there. I still feel like I’m on the verge of a car wreck everytime I merge or change lanes. But I’m proud of myself for being a big girl and learning to do grown up driving.
  • Going off of this, I am pretty thankful that my little is fifteen and not five. She knows the area and can get me back to her apartment with no problems. If she was five, I’m pretty sure we’d end up in Canada.
  • Yesterday we got little’s nails done and ate ice-cream at McDonald’s. Afterward, we walked around Wal-Mart talking about boys and life and everything we wanted to buy around the store. We ended up with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and lots of good girl talk. We both agree we’re good for other, the little and I. I think I’ll learn just as much from her as she will from me, just in different ways. Whenever our match specialist called little to ask her if she liked me she told her “Yeah, we have so much in common!” She told me again today that the match lady knew what she was doing. I think it’s nice for both of us,especially for my little, that our ages aren’t too far apart. She seemed a bit wary about the program ( “My mom made me do it!”) but now that she knows I’m young and I’ve tricked her into thinking I’m cool, it’s all good. It’s easy for both of us to relate, especially because I still feel fifteen half of the time. Luckily, I’ve accumulated a bit more wisdom than I had at that age and now I can help a girl out. That feels good.
  • I accidentally cussed in front of little while driving. And it’s only our second get together! I felt bad. I let out a “Shit.” and quickly changed this to “Shoot.” I think it sounded kind of like “ShiiiShooot.”  I’m kind of afraid I might let out a few more half curse words while driving with her.  Good thing she’s in highschool. Still, I’m going to try my best to turn off potty mouth and go into fully censored mode from now on.
  • When we got back to her apartment, we found the biggest butterfly either of us have ever seen. We both snapped to taking pictures, me on my camera and her on her phone. There was an ugly little butterfly next to it and I made a cheesy joke about how it wasn’t getting any attention. She laughed. Bless her heart.
  • Little still wouldn’t let me take any direct pictures of her face because her hair apparently still wasn’t in good condition. She told me she had started to straighten her hair ” ‘Cuz I was goin’ out with my Big today.” but she gave up and watched t.v. instead. I can relate. I have the same issues with my hair.
  • Little’s text messages to me all end with “Peaaceee Loossersss.” I was slightly offended for a second until I realized this is a mass message and goes out to everyone on all of her text messages. Then I giggled.
  • We ended the day by sitting on her staircase waiting for her mommy to get home and eating the Cheetos. She has a sweet family and a good head on her shoulders. I’m glad they decided to let me be a part of her life. I’m actually quite honored. Her mommy told me yesterday, in Spanish, that I had a pretty face. Little translated for me and I think I blushed.

Weekends are a very good thing, No? They’re my perfect time to cram in homework,cleaning, friends,bowling leagues, Big/Little time, and saying a friendly hello to the local criminal justice system.

11 thoughts on “Cops, Mentoring, & “The Handicaps.”

  1. It had to take the broom waving and screaming act for your neighbours to figure out you were crazy?lol…i had such a good laugh! The handicaps is the perfect name, makes for a good success story if by some miracle you guys ever learn to actually bowl. You are brave to have a little, im terrified of having someone looking up to me and just being responsible for someone else, im doing a crappy enough job on myself*smiles* To many more fun filled weekends!

    • Christina says:

      hahaha. yeah. true about the success story..we’ll see how that goes. lol.

      yeah i’m still learning how to be a role model but i think i’m doing a pretty okay job so far haha. maternal instincts kick in or something 😛

      haha your comments make me smile 🙂

  2. Meg says:

    lol!!! i love how it says “peaceee looseerrss”

    so cute pahah.

    *Hand to face* over the cops incident pahahhaa. At least your neighbors are good samaritans. A lot of people would just ignore your cries! but now when robby atually does beat you up it will be like the little boy who cried wolf 😉

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