Don’t Stop Believin’.

I try to stay away from discussing too many of my beliefs on my blog. Not because I’m shy about what I believe but because I am at a point where I do not know what I believe about a lot of things. I may say something only to change my mind about it the very next day. Religion,Politics, and Life in general are a few things that I’ve been pondering on a bunch lately. I used to think I knew exactly what I felt but a couple of years back it started to dawn on me that I just believed what I had heard the most or what had been stressed upon me the most. There’s so many opinions and beliefs out there and I want to search through them all before I decide anything on my own. So I’m taking my time and looking at every angle before I decide what exactly I believe about some of the stuff that’s an “I dunno” in my book right now. There’s a lot of ’em. For now, here are some of the things I do know that I do (and don’t) believe. (I spruced it up with some pictures of my yard/backyard after yesterday’s good rain.)

– I believe in facing your fears, because in the end it’s scarier being a coward than it is to just go for it.

I believe in procrastination. I’m doing it right now, in fact.

-I don’t believe in ‘Meant to be.’  I think that’s a cliché and unrealistic way to look at life. I also believe it’s a cop out and a way to sit around and wait for things to happen to you. I believe in getting out there and making it happen yourself. Through mistakes, and meeting new people, and just by living day to day I believe you are creating  what will happen to you without waiting for the universe to do it for you.

-I believe that every single chick, no matter how kind and sweet she usually is, has a bitch just waiting to be unleashed inside of her. I am a wonderful example of this. Occasionally someone will still be shocked when I tell them I can be a bitch. Oh, believe me, it’s real and it’s scary.

-I believe in showing the world your rough draft. When I blog, I publish the unfinished product,at times filled with poor grammar,lousy punctuation, and scrambled thoughts.  I correct it by reading through the published version, even though this means sometimes viewers can see all the imperfections before I really want them to. Every once in a while I’ll even take something out, realizing I probably shouldn’t have said it–Hopefully not too many have caught one of those.I do think  this is mostly due to my lack of patience. However, I believe in life as well you should show off your rough draft–The you that is full of imperfections,annoyances, and errors.That way you’ll know who’s really there for you in the end–through good and bad, rough drafts and finished perfections.

-I believe in second chances. Sometimes,not always but sometimes, even third chances. I believe in forgiveness. I don’t know where I’d be without all three of those and I’m thankful everyday for the people who were strong enough to hang in there while I got my shit straight.

– I believe we all have something to teach someone else,Whether this be through words or unconsciously. I believe people are beautiful,wonderful,fascinating. Sometimes you can see that right away and other times you’ve gotta dig deeper. I believe in digging deeper. This is just a pretty sounding way to say that I believe in being nosy.

-I believe in rooting for the underdog. To use a bad example, I always felt bad for Snookie when everyone hated her on season one of Jersey Shore. I was so happy when everyone was her friend finally. And now look! Everyone loves Snookie. Now I’m kind of secretly even rooting for Angelina, even if she does annoy the crap out of me sometimes.

– I believe in regressing. I believe in finding the kid in you, and then finding the kid in everyone else as well.

– I believe music is medicine for the soul, and coffee in it’s many forms is orgasms for the mouth. My mouth anyway.

-I believe marriage is hard work. I believe anyone who believes in any kind of Prince (or princess) Charming is in for a rude awakening. He/She just ain’t out there. But learning to love someone unconditionally and through the mistakes and problems that make you want to just throw in the towel–will make the relationship that much stronger and real in the long run. And it will totally kick any fairy-tale’s ass.

-I believe in God.

– I believe that there are few things more disgusting/annoying in the world than ‘Christ(or enter your religious figure here)-like’ people who do nothing but criticize and judge. I–like the Jesus you claim to know so much about–sit with ‘sinners’, drink big glasses of wine, and love gay people. Go read your Bible and stop turning everyone away from what you say you believe but act as if you know nothing about.

-I believe in the value of a good love-hate relationship. Life just isn’t as exciting without them.

– I believe too many people settle, and are aware of their settling, but do it simply because they’re terrified they’ll never find or deserve anything better. This makes me sad.

– I believe in doing stupid things. I believe in doing things you’ll regret. I believe that a broken heart is a good thing. I believe in being crazy. ‘Cuz if I would have ever done anything stupid, I wouldn’t be proud of myself for all the smart things I’m doing now. If I hadn’t done anything I regret, I would always wonder what else was out there and if it was better than what I had now. If I was never broken-hearted, I wouldn’t know to appreciate the love and kindness of the man I married. And if I wasn’t crazy, I wouldn’t be having all that much fun.

-I believe spontaneity makes the world a better place.

-I believe in always being more. Whether this be through a good book, a new friend, a spur of the moment vacation,learning a new language, or just  waking up with an open heart….It doesn’t matter. I believe the beauty of life is being more than who you are today and knowing more than you knew an hour ago.

– I believe in being a part of something bigger than yourself.

-I believe—and I don’t care who you are or how much you deny it— If you have a vagina, you have a drama bone in your body and you use it, frequently.

-I believe in not taking yourself too seriously and playing up your goofiness.  My on campus radio show with a friend of mine is by far the most awkward and unprofessional radio show that has ever existed. Things always go terribly wrong. Someone’s mic always seems to be off so it sounds as if one of us is  just talking to ourselves.  Songs don’t play when they’re supposed to. We get locked out. We always start late. I sound like a total stalker throughout the show, and 75 percent of the time I always end up talking about my on campus “crush” (Who really is just a hot boy I occasionally chit-chat with and not at all a crush. But it’s fun to annoy my husband who is a faithful listener and apparently gets turned on by hearing me on the radio. Well, there’s one fan.)  or how good the sausage is in the cafeteria. My co-host teases me that if my crush ever listened in he would be very scared of me. I agree. Good thing I can’t scare the sausage away!? We average out about 5 listeners a week and I feel I should personally apologize to every single one of them by the end of every show. Still, sad of an excuse for a radio show as it is, we have one hell of a time and it’ll be good to put on a future resume if I do go towards the communications field.  Am I making a fool of myself? Yes. Is our radio show usually an awful mess? Most definitely. Is it worth it? Oh,heck yes.

-I believe in playing games with people. But only if they’re playing them back.

– I believe making new friends is easy. People will ask me how I do it, and the truth is–I talk to everyone. I ask them to go eat lunch with me. I tell them straight up “I like you!” It seems mortifying the first time, but try it. You may be surprised how not-scary people are and how willing they are to get to know you too. Plus, the thrill of getting to know someone and their story is just unbeatable.

That’s good for now, though I might have to have a part two of this. I believe more than I thought I did. Now leave me a comment and tell me what you believe (or don’t.)!

17 thoughts on “Don’t Stop Believin’.

  1. while i don’t especially believe in “meant to be” either, i do think that everything happens for a reason…i’m not sure those aren’t the same thing though…hmm

  2. “I believe—and I don’t care who you are or how much you deny it— If you have a vagina, you have a drama bone in your body and you use it, frequently.”

    ROFLMAO gurrrll…you are NOT supposed to be spilling secretz about the feminine sekz… 😉

    There’s a fine line between “meant to be” and “for a reason”…perhaps the line is drawn when you just sit back and wait for the “meant to be” instead of getting up and going “for a reason” 😀

    You are SO well grounded Tina! You have the right idea about marriage – it is sacrifice, commitment, and hard work, compromise, and unconditional love all rolled up into one. it’s sitting back and choking a hurtful retort cos you’re pissed. But it’s also being thankful that you have a rock to stand on when you need it. You and Robby will give GREAT advice to your kids 😀

    • haha ooooops 😡 😛

      definitely a very fine line!

      and awwww thank-you 🙂 i definitely hope so,about the kids thing. right now i’m just trying to get by giving good advice to my little. it’s hard work!!! (though you’ve done a great job ‘cuz your daughters pretty cool :P)

  3. I believe the children are our future,
    Teach them well and let them lead the way,
    Show them all the beauty they possess inside…

    Well mine aren’t – they are a pair of malicious, attention seeking monsters – but apart from them, it’s probably true 🙂

  4. Christina! You’re so amazing. I agree with all of your belief points you have up there. I always feel infected with your positive vibe when I come to read your post. I like you!!

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