Gutter Balls, More cops, & He’s still alive after a year.

‘Twas a nice–but too short– weekend,This weekend. It ’twas. Okay. I’m done talking/typing all weird. Here’s things I feel you should know about my weekend, m’dears.

Our bowling league, The Handicaps, were at it again Friday night. By at it again I mean mostly losing and occasionally winning on account of our,well, handicap points. Sweet. We actually got into a little bit of trouble by the league (oops) for not having a committed fourth person on our team yet. We’ve been switching out between friends and thought that it’d be okay to just keep up with a consistent substitute. Apparently not. The bowling league leader dude gave the boys a little talking to and informed them this was a serious matter. Bowling=Serious. Did you know that? I’m sad I can’t alternate friends anymore but will be on the prowl for any serious bowlers out there this next week. I feel as if these kinds of people are few and far between. Especially when paying a good amount of money just to throw a ball down an alley is involved. (I know. Bowling Blasphemy!) It’s much easier to get people to volunteer/ come root you on for the night than it is to get them to join. Tessa and Allen were my friends/cheerleaders who came out Friday night. They were going to play but apparently we waited too long and it would mess the game up. Sigh. It’s hard for me to be professional when I still feel as if I need bumpers just to not get a gutter ball. Luckily,everyone is still patient with me and loves to give advice on how to not miss every single pin. I love the comradery and helpfulness, but I’m confused.”Follow through!” and “Shake hands with the bowling pins” are on the top 5 bits of advice. If I start shaking hands with inanimate objects, I feel I may have bigger problems than throwing gutter balls. 

Later that night we made plans to celebrate our loss by going to a bar right next to our house with a little group of friends. Unfortunately, husband decided to take a “shortcut” and we then ended up in B.F.E. (Butt F$%$$ Egypt) aka Liberty Hill, Texas. How this happened, I know not. My husband has his moments where he finds himself adventurous and hilarious and I find him tempting to murder.  We finally figured out where we were when,lo and behold, a cop pulled us over for not using a blinker. Another reason to later murder my husband. I have a ticket I haven’t payed (for parking on the wrong side of the road outside of my house?!?!?!?!I swear cops make up laws just for the hell of it and when they run out of donuts. Sorry. I’m sassy tonight and I’m tired of cops.But I’m done stereotyping them now.) Husband and I are fighting at this point because I’m pretty livid that we’re half-lost and getting pulled over by a cop in freakin’ Liberty Hill, Texas. And I lost my insurance. The cop is telling us to double check for it while he goes to look up both of our licence plates for warrants. I am yelling at Robby. Robby is annoyed and tells me I’m going to jail. I believe him and start hysterically crying. I may or may not have been saying “I want my daddy.” Though I am a bit of a daddy’s girl,I only utter these words when I am in utter despair, I have you know. This was utter despair. I was picturing myself in an orange suit sleeping on a cot next to a woman named Bertha. Obviously I’ve never been to jail and have watched too many movies, but I couldn’t help it. I’ve had enough freakin’ cop experiences for the rest of my damn life. (If you missed it, last week the cops came to my house when I was shrieking over dogs trying to eat a cat for dinner. Neighbors interpreted this as husband beating me, I guess.) I will admit to feeling pretty dumb when the very nice cop came back (I calmed myself down before then, I don’t let anyone besides Robby see me act so crazy,) gave us our ticket (and advice on how to get out of it) and sent us on our way. My husband is pretty lucky he’s alive,folks.

By the time we finally arrived at the bar,disheveled and my mascara smeared, two people had already left. Thankfully Bing and Deesh decided to hang around a while longer and we got a few games of pool in. Deesh and I came up with an official team name. “Team Quiche!”  If you combine our names it kinda sorta sounds like that. He came up with it because my suggestions weren’t as clever. I think I came up with something like “Team DeesiTina.”

Despite the cop incident, it was a good night. I love all of my/our friends. I like sharing friends with the husband. I’ve become especially close with Bing since I’ve first met him, probably because I’ve known him the longest. I remember I was nervous the first time I met the dude because he one of the first of my boyfriend’s (now husband’s) friends I met. It’s weird to think I was ever nervous around the dude. He’s practically like a sibling to me now. I told him this,tipsily and with no censor Friday night. Conversation tickled me.

Me- Bing. (As I poke him annoyingly in the foot with my pool stick thing) You’re like a big Asian brother to me.

Bing- Why’s it gotta be Asian!?!?

Me- Because you’re Asian? 

(Eventually he starts laughing at me as I decide to continue on in the tispy mode I’m in)

 And you’re big because ….You’re old…I mean not old…But like….a lot older than me.

Bing-  (dripping with sarcasm here) Oh, Thanks.

Hee. Doesn’t he totally look like my big Asian brother?!

The rest of the weekend consisted of a lunch date with a good girlfriend I hadn’t seen in a while–To a Thai restaurant filled with a bunch of creepy white people–, Lots of homework, a night of working at the good ‘ole Starbucks, Watching my Tennessee Titans kick some major ass, and more homework. Hurrah. Oh! And a wonderful friend of mine took free pictures for Robby and my one year wedding anniversary, coming up in exactly a week. So crazy. I have a blog in mind for all of this later but thought I’d leave you with a little sneak peak.

As much as he drives me crazy, I do love that boy a whole bunch. One year of marriage at 21 years old without murder or cheating involved must say something. Yeah!?

Ps: I lied. I’m not leaving you with the above picture. I’m leaving you with my favorite youtube video of all time. If you haven’t seen this yet, Oh. You’re in for a  treat.

11 thoughts on “Gutter Balls, More cops, & He’s still alive after a year.

  1. Meg says:

    pahahahhaa nice videooo.

    i really liked your last blog btw, I don’t know why I didn’t comment! or did i? i don’t remember.

    That picture is soo cuteee =]


    • you did not! haha. but thats okay. i forgive you. 😛
      and i miss you soooo much.
      ps: move to texas
      pps: i’m going to annoy you by saying this so muc that you just eventually do it. 🙂
      and you would be a wonderful teacher here. south austin needs you.

  2. Were have you been*slight crazy look* dont you know i need your constant blogs to make me laugh?

    Please don’t murder Robby yet, he makes good pictures with you..(i know, i know, not much of a reason but hey, i’m trying to help you out here robby!)

    i always cry for my dad too in really bad situations, i have no idea why either! *we should look into this, i’m sure freud would have something to say*

    your friends have the cutest names, bing and deesh?lol.

    Looking foward to your anniversary blog:-) yay!

  3. 21 Years Old? Oh No. How did I end up on the blog of a 21 year old -uh oh door bell ringing – that will be the Polizei, Damn. It was not my fault …I just found this link on Glen’s site.

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