Little Indulgences.

The next two weeks are going to be extremely crammed and stressful for me. I have a lot of obligations and little time to do that all. A couple of wise people told me this would happen as I had completely overbooked myself. But did I listen? Of course not. So. I have a big test tomorrow that I’m sort of ready for, Bowling League on Friday, A meeting with my little (Big Brothers Big Sisters) on Sunday, Two more tests on Monday, A group presentation on Wednesday,ANOTHER test on Friday, Work in between all of this, Packing (and working) Saturday, and then heading to Vegas bright and early Sunday morning. It couldn’t have come any sooner and if I can get through all of this without exploding, I will say it will be much deserved. I. Need. A. Break.  Needless to say, I’m indulging in a huge glass of wine right now. I’m surviving on a lot of little indulgences right now. Thought I’d list a few of them.

-New friends, Old friends, and Lunch dates.

Monday,Katie and I went to lunch with Miss Crystal,a new lovely friend at Concordia. I love getting to know people over food. It’s great. Even if Katie has quite a big mouth and our new friend perhaps got to know too much about me a little too soon. But it’s not like y’all don’t get my TMI a few times a week, and some of you don’t even know me. That’s comforting,I guess. I have another lunch date planned with a couple of other new buddies on Friday. Hopefully Katie doesn’t tell anyone else how I humped my husband when we first started dating. Er. It’s a long story. Let’s just say I was a pretty sheltered 19 year old who didn’t know what the hell she was doing. I hope you appreciate that I’m letting you in on this. New friend laughed her ass off and promised to never let me live it down. Yay.

-My age.

I’m 21. Who doesn’t want to be 21?! It’s pretty much the ideal age. My age kicks ass. I’m going to continue bragging about it for the next six months. I love youth and it’s something I won’t be able to get back again. It’s started to scare me how fast time goes by. This last year especially. So I’m savoring and enjoying every moment.

-Spicy goodness.

I know it kind of looks like a little piece of poop, but it’s actually a little piece of heaven.  My husband, as I did homework last night, cooked me his stuffed jalapeno peppers. I grew up on these things and they just never get old. Jalapeno pepper, stuffed with cream cheese, and wrapped in a delicious and huge piece of bacon. You got your dairy, your meat, and your veggies all in one orgasmic piece of food. My mouth is watering thinking about them. I think this is mostly a Texas thing, so if you haven’t tried them, promise me you will. You’ll thank me later. Though I recommend taking out most (or all,depending on your pepper tolerance) of the seeds. They’ll make you cry.

-Good marks.

I was worried about transferring to a university after ACC. Turns out that so far it’s actually somewhat easier. (I loved ACC, but anyone who thinks that community college is very easy is very wrong.They definitely prepared me.) Or at least more encouraging. I got really nice remarks written all over my two page analysis in my Modern Fiction class. I was worried I didn’t know what I was doing or that the professor would kick me out of her class. It’s an upper-classmen level course with a ton of writing and everyone knows what they’re doing in the English department to get this far. It was a good feeling to realize that I was in the right place and no one was going to kick me out.

-Work entertainment

-When I came to work today, I was happy to hear that my friend Bry-Bry would be working with me for a couple of hours. Usually I work by myself all night, so this was a treat. I miss him. I miss a lot of my friends. I don’t get to see a lot of them half as much I would like to now that I’m completely consumed. I actually had a friend come in to Starbucks just to talk to me today because “You never answer your phone!” Ha. I love that my friends have to resort to showing up to my job to talk to me now.

-Little’s Texts.

I was texting my little (of Big Brothers, Big Sisters) today back and forth. We got on the topic of what we were going to do on Sunday and I suggested eating out at a restaurant. I was thinking something relatively cheap–perhaps Chilis’ or Applebees. The rest of our conversation made me giggle :

Little: …So what restaurant do you like?

Me: Ummm well I like everything. What’s close to your place?

Little:McDonald’s, Burger King, Ohhh we should to go Burger Kingggg :D…That’s my favorite what do you think?”

Well heck. That sounds just lovely. I couldn’t help but think that my husband would be over-joyed if my definition of a restaurant was the same as my little’s. She’s adorable. And she helps me remember that the little indulgences in life are some of the biggest joys there are out there. I told my friend and he said it reminded him of that clip from the documentary/movie Paper Hearts. Have you seen it? I posted it above in case you haven’t. In a child’s eyes a perfect date= Applebees and chicken wings. I wanna strive to be as easily satisfied as those younger than me. It’s pretty admirable.

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