Hookah,Trophy husband,& Warm Fuzzies.

Wednesday night was perfect. A few of my beautiful girlfriends,myself and the husband went out to a hookah place right by my house. It was fabulous and much needed stress-relief. Being surrounded by some of my favorite girls and my favorite boy of all time– I just felt not only giddy and relaxed, but content. Warm and fuzzy inside. I love that feeling.  Warm fuzzies mixed with laughter,bubbles, hookah, beer, and lovely people makes for a great night. My husband is wonderful and put up with lots and lots (and lots) of girl talk. Sometimes he’ll even join in. It’s nice. I love taking my boy places because all of my friends LOVE him. He’s like my trophy husband, which I teasingly tell him all of the time. (He always tells me I just see him as a piece of meat. It’s half true. Kidding.) I mean, he kind of is (a trophy, not meat) . Not only does everyone love him, he has a special place in his heart for anybody in my life as well.He gets along with everyone and is quite the charmer. He’s also a cutie.If  I so much as show a picture of him off (which I tend to do a lot.I’m like one of those grandmas who pulls out a wallet full of pictures of her 10 grandbabies. But it’s my husband.) I usually get something like “Ooooh. He’s hot.”  in response. He’s always been cute but has lost a lot of weight recently and I’ve learned to assert my grooming opinions when he needs it. Hee. Today I went out to lunch with a couple of new friends from school and I let them know Robby would be attending on-campus lunch with me on Monday. One told the other “Oh. Her husband’s cute.”  And I promise you, He becomes even more cute once you get to know the boy. My best  friend even told her mom that she hopes she finds “Her Robby” someday. That makes my heart melt. I don’t want to say he’s perfect,because he’s not, but he is pretty ideal. Inside and out. I’m a lucky girl. Alright. I’m done swooning now. Sunday is our one year wedding anniversary so I’m giving mysellf a little lee-way to oogle over him extra this week.  Now then. Pictures from hookah AND  a video for you at the end.

Bubbles have the effect of making me a kid again. If you can’t tell.

I’m a happy girl.

So. Do y’all remember my “reality show”? “Christina’s Awkward Life” ? No? Well, I’ve been slacking. I’ve only managed to get about 2 videos a week and I finally accumulated enough to make the next one. But then I decided I wanted to try something new. I, as you may or may not know, have a radio show on campus called “Un Poco de Todo.” Going off of that, I decided to make some videos (with a little help from friends) of the top 5 songs you should listen to/download. I over-analyze every song I listen to and will find some meaning to relate it back to me…So this was a lot of fun for me. I may make it a regular thing. So here is Christina’s Awkward Life Episode 5/ 5 songs you should listen to. My husband even joined in, the poor boy. I made him make a video at 2 in the morning after we had done an activity that always makes boys very sleepy. Hee.

4 thoughts on “Hookah,Trophy husband,& Warm Fuzzies.

  1. Meg says:

    Lol at robby’s comment

    ONe of my favorite parts of that video is when you said “shwa-zee” at first instead of “shway-zee” pahahhaaha

    ❤ you're cute!

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