If you have to, write it on receipt paper.

I feel like homework may eat me alive. Today at work when I started stressing out I had a thought. I waited ’til it slowed down enough to take a few minutes, took some receipt paper that said “Target” in huge letters at the top, and then began writing all the things I’m thankful for this week. I smiled when I realized there was no way I could fit it all on one receipt. It’s so easy to forget all of the things we have to be happy about on a day to day basis. Try it yourself! Even if you have no time, it’s worth it. If you have to, write it on a potty break on toilet paper.  Once you see it all written out I bet you can’t help but smile either. Thought I’d list a few of my thankfuls today.

Hot chocolate. This morning I woke up and realized with a lot of dismay that I was completely out of coffee. All I had was hot cocoa. I grudgingly went with what I had and made me some hot cocoa. Ooooh. It was perfect. Went with this lovely and cool(er) Texas weather pretty perfectly. I even added some marshmallows. I felt like a kid again and even helped myself to another cup. With extra marshmallows.

Friends. They’re always always always on my list of things to be thankful for. I just can’t not mention them. They keep me happy and mentally healthy and every single one is there for me in their own special way. Even my newer friends come through for me. New buddy Crystal and I are in two classes together and she offered to send me her ‘notes’ for one class I missed the other day. On Monday we studied in the library together and she sent her notes to my email. She ended up sending me not only notes for the one class, but for both. Her ‘notes’=Every single thing we’ve ever learned in class typed, graphed, and perfected. I was in awe and extremely grateful. Put my scribbled, unreadable notes to shame. Thank goodness for Asian friends. I’m just kidding. My best dude friend is Asian and he has the worst spelling I’ve ever seen and I would be willing to bet he rarely takes any notes in class. Stereotype taken back. Thank goodness for organized friends.

My Little (of Big Brothers/ Big Sisters.). We had a date on Robby and I’s one year anniversary so I planned for an early lunch so I could spend time with the boy later on. She’s a cool girl. Much cooler than me. We ended up going to Burger King (her favorite restaurant) and on the way there at a stop sign, there was a homeless man yelling violently and loudly at the guy behind me. I was okay until he started saying he was going to pull a gun out. My Little just continued to talk to me. I’m going to go ahead and admit that I probably would have totally freaked out if she was not in the car with me. I asked her (in the most even “I just want to make sure that this guy is saying he is going to shoot somebody directly behind me.” tone of voice I could muster.)  “Um. Who is he yelling at?” And she responded casually with “Oh, the guy behind us.” and continued talking. I took deep breaths and continued conversating until the light turned green. Definitely much cooler than me. We then did our Burger King thing and then by little’s suggestions went and looked around at a new grocery/superstore. (It was huge!) She convinced me into buying a Halloween costume (by telling me that my body looked similar to the the flawless/photoshopped girl on the cover. I obviously had to buy it.) We also made lists of what we’d like to do next and shopped around at a Maureens, a clothes store I had never heard of before. She tried on some boots and convinced me to try on some roughly 7 inch high heels. We really are a great match. And I look probably the same age as her, if not younger. It works.

– My room.

I haven’t had my own room since I moved out of my parents when I was nineteen. I don’t mind sharing with the boy at all and I can’t imagine sleeping without him. He’s my cuddle buddy (Though I get in trouble when I call him that.Hee.) But now that we have a house–a 3 bed 2 bath–I get my own room again! I haven’t used it much until Robby bought me a desk for our one year two nights ago. I studied in there all day today and it was so much easier to focus. Usually I’ll let myself peruse through the internet every twenty minutes or so–It’s a lot easier to stay motivated as a desk than it is a couch. I’m giddy about my office. Something to call mine and just mine. Oh! And Robby’s office and mine are right next to eachother. How cute,right?

-I bought erasers. But not just any type of eraser..CRAZERASERS! They’ve got all sorts of different items and shapes to choose from. I choose, of course, one of my favorite food groups. You got your fortune cookie, your white rice,your soy sauce, AND your take-out box just in case you can’t finish it all. I’m pretty happy about these erasers. I may even collect all eight.

-Boys at work. They entertain me. Always. Here’s Scott trying to be sexy.

Artwork. My baby brother and my Little have both drawn me some beauties this week. My four (almost five!) year old brother drew me some stick figure looking things and told me “Christina, this is all the people in the world.” That tickled me. My Little drew in those big bubbly cute letters I could never master “Christina ❤ Robby.” I think I’m going to frame both and hang them in my newly established room. Maybe above my desk.

See? How couldn’t I be happy? 

Take that you stupid essays/group presentations/ tests. Hmph.

Give yourself a little time to write out your thankful list, whenever you have just one tiny free moment. And even if all you have is receipt paper. I bet you’ll feel pretty grateful too.

10 thoughts on “If you have to, write it on receipt paper.

  1. Okay, first of all..Scott trying to look sexy…NOT WORKING..lol..he looks hungry…but maybe the hungry look will make it to the runway next fashion season so there is hope Scott!!

    Secondly, I would take any gun threat seriously…I feel your panic, I probably would have been across the street and ten miles away before I remembered I was with my little!! BTW, she is soooooooo cute, finally a pic where she looks into the camera.

    Ps: be careful not to pack your erases into your luch box, they look yummy!!

  2. Wise words – I certainly know the benefit of writing down things to make you see how lucky you are.

    This week I am mostly grateful for Night Nurse

  3. Tessa says:

    Your own office? I love it! I use to be the “babysitter” at work whenever single parents brought their kids in and they drew me tons of pics. I’d tape them to my filing cabinet. 🙂

    Good blog, sweets. The story about your little being cool made me laugh. And what is your costume?????

      • Hey John it’s Jo from Saturday night and Monday Night Primetime. Tony Z. is my sponsor I waentd to request those audio recordings and was hoping that you could bring them tonight.Vic from Pasadena Saturday night PrimetimeTony Z. Monday Night PrimetimeThanks bud. See you tonight!

  4. Meg says:

    I’m gonna try that right now. =]

    I love your little. and it’s endearing that she loves fast food so much haha i’m worried about her heart though. Never too young to take caution! YOu know me.

      • I am about to embark on my first toinrug adventure, travelling from N.J. to Central Fl starting in late July covering about 1200 miles. I feel that this could be a changing point in my life. Just for the accomplishment in itself. I’m also doing this as part of my training for my first Ironman Triathlon in November for Ironman Fl in Panama City Beach, Fl. Thinking that riding about a century or more per day the race day event will seem like a piece of cake for the bike leg of the event. I would have considered doing the Park City Utah event but had already signed up for my 1/2 Ironman in Bufflaloe Springs Lake event about 6 months prior.Keep up the good work!

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