A mesh of awesome.

Dear Viewers: I wrote half of this on Friday afternoon, while wired on coffee. I finished Saturday morning, just a wee bit hungover. So if this blog seems a little off, that’s simply because it is. Now then.

It’s Friday, I’m strung out on way too much coffee, I finished every paper, presentation, AND exam finally, I know I got an A on at least one and feel fairly to very confident about the others, I have a week off of school for fall break, I can actually get some sleep now and not be totally consumed by school/work, I’m excited about bowling league and after-hours tonight, The only thing I’ve had to eat today is a bagel (and tons of coffee,if that counts), I’m famished (no time to eat) , and I’M GOING TO VEGAS IN A DAY AND A HALF!!!!!! EEEEEEEEK. Did I mention I’m wired right now!? A few more notes:

 Group presentation could have been much worse. I paired up with a good friend and some fun boys. They’re the kinda dudes not only to study with, but also to have fun with. Actually,mostly just to have fun with. Wednesday night (I think. My days are a blur.) we got together at my house and spent most of the night laughing and looking at perverted youtube videos. We probably ended up studying for maybe 15 minutes. AND we still did pretty darn good on the presentation today. Score on picking a good group (and fun party buddies!)

-I got a haircut before the Vegas trip. It was desperately needed. I’ve come to the conclusion that I look much better with bangs. I have a big forehead.

– I’m smitten with my Modern Fiction class. Made a 93 on the test today solely because I retain everything I learn because I’m fascinated. I can write a damn good paper on human nature because I love to study it. It en-freakin-thralls me. So much so that I’m even starting to think I may be in the wrong major. I wish I’d make up my mind already. One thing we’ve focused on in stories lately is the human mind. The parts of ourselves that we don’t even know about or that we hide from others. Women especially fascinate me when it comes to the parts of us we don’t even know and especially that we hide.  We’re masters,dude. I really want to take a class on the woman brain just to understand better how crazy we all are. It’s interesting to me. The relationship between mother and daughter, friends,enemies, and mostly our relationship with ourselves just intrigues me to no end.  A friend showed me this movie trailer and I haven’t been so excited about a movie for a while. A psychological thriller based on women. Hm. If you think about it, each and every one of us are already pyschological thrillers. If I can’t even figure myself out much less alone any other girl, I wonder how men handle it? Poor boys. (Though if you think about it, they’ve gotta be at least 75% of the reason we’re so crazy. At least.) I bet it’ll make for a good movie though.

– I have a picture/video leftover of the husband and I for our one year that I wanna show y’all.  I didn’t show either before because I was trying to make a cute blog and Robby would have ruined the cuteness with his vulgarity/cussing.  My Little of Big Brothers Big Sisters was going through my pictures with her MOM and as they were “ooh” and “ahhh” -ing I realized what was coming up. What a good message to send. “Hello. I am trying to be a good influence on your daughter. Oh! Look at this picture of my dude humping me through my clothes!” I know we’re married, but still. Not a good message. Sigh. I was mortified and pretended I needed to show her another picture and pretty much ripped the camera out of her hands. It was a close save. My husband is a pervert. But he’s a cute pervert.

This is us trying our wedding cake after it’s been frozen for a year. It was pretty gross. But funny.

-Day change! It’s Saturday now! I had to leave to go to my oh-so-professional bowling league. We actually won, though my scores seem to be getting worse. Wanna know who has the highest handicap (extra points for those who are really bad) in the whole league!? That’s right. It’s me. I actually feel proud to be such an awful bowler!

-Last night was a lot of fun. After bowling, we came back to the house and prepared for a little shin-dig. I thought only a few people were coming over (husband worked early in the morning), but you know me (or pretend you do.)  That didn’t stay that way for too long. It did remain pretty small considering parties usually grow at an exponential rate. Like fleas and brown rats! Learned that in my science for 5th graders class last week. Be proud. I feel as if I’m straying from the topic here. Homework feels permanently engraved in my brain right now. Seriously, I feel weird not doing some right now. A little empty almost. Tear. Just kidding. I don’t miss it at all. My little shindig was kind of my version of “I’m making good grades/No homework/ Going to Vegas/California” celebration that everyone else got to join in on too. Both new friends and old friends joined and it was pretty much a mesh of awesome. A mesh of awesome. What a good blog title that would be. Hm. Alright. Picture time!

I made everyone watch the second half of Jersey Shore that I missed the night before. We were all in fist pumping mode afterward so a few of us tried for a Jersey-esque picture. I was pretty surprised we all managed to stay looking so serious. Doesn’t it make YOU want to fist pump? Eh?! No?

PS: I’m going to VEGAS in the morning. Our plane leaves at six am. Ew. We still don’t know what we’re going to do with one of our dogs. Any takers on dog-sitting? Cheers on waiting ’til the last minute!

4 thoughts on “A mesh of awesome.

  1. Meg says:

    hahahah! I laughed at “Day change! It’s saturday now!” pahaha

    That video was great. You guys are dorks. Regardless of how it tasted, it looked good! Did it taste stale?

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