Favoritest should be a word. Etc.

I’m happy to say I had a much-needed relaxing weekend. Thought I’d share with y’all some of my favorit-est parts. I wish favoritest was a word. For this, I’m making it one. I apologize ahead of time to Webster and grammar police. And that red underline thing that is trying to make me fix it right now. I rebel against you, you stupid little red line.

  • Christina’s Favoritest Parts Of The Weekend:

  • Friday
  • – I know I mention bowling more than any 21 year old girl should ever mention bowling, but I just find something new to love every single week. If you’re ever looking for some weekly great stress-relief,I definitely recommend joining a bowling league. Not only does it feel wonderful letting steam out by throwing a ball as hard and fast as you can muster, the people throwing balls with and against you are also pretty cool. All of my friends tease me about being in a bowling league, and I think that’s part of the reason I like it so much. Nobody in their twenties (or thirties….) really joins bowling leagues. I like the unique factor of it and I also love all the older people that constantly dote over the husband and I. When we left Friday night, husband commented with a big smile, “Man. They love us. Like…They really love us.” I’d have to agree. A few have accumulated cute little crushes and the other day I think I made an old man blush because I overheard his praise of me.  Adorable, he is. (Yep. I’m going all Yoda on you tonight.) But I think most of them simply love the fact that we’re happy and married and young. Husband and I also share our outgoing and spunky qualities, so I’m sure it’s a bit more lively (or at least more loud) than it was pre-us. I’d say we’re a pretty fun couple, as far as couples go. One of the oldest men excitedly told Robby “Man. I’m so glad y’all are here” this last time.  It’s a nice deal. We give them excitement and they give us praise. I’m not gonna lie, I love being doted over. I think these lovely people think of us as their grandchildren,almost. And I’m happy to have a whole bowling league full of grandparents. Even if it’s grandpas and even one grandma that sometimes like to flirt with me.
  • I can’t believe this, but I’m adding something else to my already crammed schedule. I just couldn’t resist.  I came home Friday night to a facebook email from one of my best friend’s boyfriends. He and his friends have a radio show (in a much different/higher league than my on-campus one) that went on a hiatus and is now coming back. The plan I’m getting from it is that YourUnclesLap is going to be even bigger and better. In an attempt to do this, they’ve added a ‘News girl’ position. Guess who they asked to be their news girl!? This girl!  One of their reasons for asking me was to find a chick with an ‘energetic personality’ and I laughed to myself when I read that. I think most people know that Me=Super-energy. I’m really excited and flattered that they asked me but also really nervous and kind of intimidated. I’ve heard their show and it’s pretty bad ass. Organized. Hilarious. Popular. They put a lot of time and work into and have really big plans this time around. They even have their own personalized beer mug. Still, I’m honored and excited to be their new news girl. It’s definitely a step up on the media ladder and something else that would be cool on a resume. Oh. And the email request made me giggle. It started off with a very persuading

“We need a news girl.

Consider this a job offer, though we wont actually pay anything, unless we start making huge amounts of money, and hopefully we will some day.”

& Ended with…

“If we make it big, you make it big.”

How could I resist? Being the one girl joining a bunch of perverted men on a radio show called yourunclelap?  Sounds like a recipe for fame to me! (Or it at least sounds like the recipe for most popular fm radio shows in existence today. Amy on Bobby Bones,anyone? Eh!? A girl can dream. It’s a step closer anyway.)

  • Saturday:

After my full day at the very busy Starbucks, husband and I headed over to a friend of mine’s apartment. There were three other  couples already there when we arrived (fashionably late,as usual) and we spent the night drinking and laughing over couple-matched board games. We ended up being the last to leave, at a very fashionable 3:00 am.Since school started, I’ve had to decline a lot of nights out. I’m missing a lot of people right now. I might have to start training myself on just not sleeping in order to catch up. I do love my sleep but staying up ’til 3 am playing Taboo with fellow happy couples? Trumps sleep.

  • -Sunday. Very productive and yet still relaxing day. Went like this: Homework. Watched my Tennessee Titans make their record 5-2, making them first place in their division. (My heart fills with pride.) Jogged and cooked dinner (homemade meatballs) AND dessert (coffee cake, hold the homemade, add a box.)Finished up the night watching Outsourced and Eastbound and Down with the boy. Watching my husband’s inappropriate and offensive t.v. shows made me miss MY inappropriate and offensive show. The season finale of Jersey Shore was this last Thursday and I already feel myself having withdrawals. I decided to make a tribute video in an attempt to comfort myself. PS: My husband, in response to this video, chuckled and said “Wow. You are a total dork.”   It’s true. But this is coming from the dude who has a collection of Star Wars figurines. We’re obviously perfect for eachother. Ps: I’m going to go ahead and admit I had a little too much time on my hands last night….

7 thoughts on “Favoritest should be a word. Etc.

  1. That video makes me laugh even if I can’t hear it. lol

    Excited to see you Thursday (hopefully Wednesday too!). It’ll be fun and if you get nervous bring a bottle of wine 🙂 Woooo!!

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