Halloween Love

Happy Late Halloween! I hope you have all had a spooky/tipsy/candy-filled weekend. I like Halloween. I didn’t used to. It was fun until about age 10 when my parents  ( obviously not realizing the emotional impact that would cause me to blog about it 11 years later) left my brother and I at my grandparents for the holiday. My grandparents are extremely religious and don’t believe in celebrating the devil’s day. This is fine and dandy and I respect their opinion. However. As a ten year old, I did not find it fun when my grandparents decided to have us knock on every door of their house as they hid in each room, candy in hand.  When the door would open, we’d see the candy and instead of  “Trick or treat.” we would,as commanded, chirp out “Jesus loves me!” in order to receive our treats. They did try, bless their hearts, but since then Halloween just hasn’t been the same. But in the past couple of years I’ve found the adult-side of the holiday and it’s suited me pretty nicely. I decided to be a devil for Halloween this year.Shh. Don’t tell my grandparents. Here’s some more reasons that I’ve finally acquired a deep love affair for the spookiest day of the year:

Dressing up. I didn’t used to do this. This is actually the first year I went out and bought a costume instead of just borrowing or improvising. I think I’m hooked now. It’s the one day you can walk around dressed like a princess or a monkey and not get shunned.  Or dress up like Jason (the scary one) and not make others run away. Or wear next to nothing and not get evil stares. I feel a lot more comfortable showing some booby and wearing lots of makeup. AND. You can mix and match! I went to two parties this weekend and didn’t want to wear the same thing twice. I stayed with the devil theme but wore some lingerie and went from devil to Santa’s demon child the second party night. 

-The parties/festivities- I love the spirit and excitement of October and the months that follow. It makes me feel like a young’un again. My friend Jenn went all out at her house and deserves some sort of prize for all of the money she spent and for  having to clean up the mess. Feasts of food. Strobe lights. Contests. Spooky music everywhere, even in the bathroom. Somebody even made werewolf cupcakes! My friend Tessa also did amazing with her party. When you turned the bathroom light on, creepy sounds came from seemingly nowhere. I’m easily amused so this excited me. Also, I played beer pong dressed up as Santa’s demon lovechild. That was a first.

-Friends. Drinking out of penis designed straws. Trying to guess who is in the monkey suit.  Cooler weather (for Texas anyway.) Getting hit on by a guy dressed like a pilot wearing a tag that said “Miles High Club.” Knowing Christmas (and Thanksgiving!) is right around the corner. Impromptu hot-tubbing.  Carrying around a pitchfork and poking everybody with it. And perhaps accidentally injuring my dude’s nose in the process as well. Oops. Wearing random dudes hats. Oogling over girl-friends costumes as they oogle at mine. And finally,Scary movies and brownie/ice cream night with the boy. OH! And pictures. I have a lot more for y’all. Ahem:

Ps: I do have a moral to this blog.The moral to this blog is that your grandchild will turn into a devil (or Santas demon lovechild, which may be even worse.) if you make them say “Jesus loves me” instead of “Trick or Treat.” on Halloween. It’s true. I’m proof.

4 thoughts on “Halloween Love

  1. baha! I got to this before you even posted it on Facebook. muahaha Goes to show you how much I do at work…lol

    I had so much fun! Glad you and Katie came out!

  2. Meg says:

    ahahahaha santa’s demon child, i love it! You looked cute as could beee.

    and LOL at that story about your grandparent’s house pahaha. At least you still got candy.

    I love halloween too =]

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