Worse than Not Voting.

This is, probably, the one and only time you will ever get me talking about anything remotely involving politics. It is not my level of expertise nor is it something I aim to talk about on my blog.  I really try to stay away from anything remotely controversial. But there is something that is just making me want to punch a good amount of people in the face right now. Instead, I’ll write about it. Ahem.

I didn’t vote.

To those of you (my mom!) who kindly remind and urge you to get out there and do so, thank-you. But. To those of you who were reminding everyone every 2.2 seconds to do so or else, for those of you who are ready to get on a soap-box and tell me how bad this is, and for those of you who are huffing and puffing over how anti-American all of us non-voters are,I say this:

I don’t know what or who I believe in exactly at this time in my life. I do think voting is extremely important, if and only if  you are passionate about who you are voting for. I voted in ’08 and still regret it because I voted simply to say “I voted” and not because I really knew who to vote for or why I was voting for them. So when it came to voting for these governmental elections, and as I try to get all of my beliefs in order, I held off.

I may not be wearing an “I voted” sticker with a big American flag across it, but I will say that there are those out there who did vote who are currently acting much less American than I am.  For me, Being patriotic is loving and respecting your country. It’s also respecting (though not necessarily agreeing with) leaders and the people in your country with opposing beliefs. I, personally, do not think that Obama is a good president in the slightest. I also think it’s a given that Bush was a pretty awful president, though I do think he would make a cool grandpa. Still, I will be the first to stand up and say that I would not be doing a better job than either of them and that this country would probably be one giant Mcdonald’s if it was up to me.

It amazes me how hateful people can be when it comes to politics. Somebody actually went so far as to tell my husband today: “Everyone in Texas is a bunch of idiots.” because of the way the election turned out. That, mixed with other obvious hatred in the news and among peers,is what gave me the final push to post something I usually try to stay far away from. If you want to talk anti-American, I’ll tell you what that is. It’s bashing anyone who thinks differently than you. It’s name-calling. It’s disrespecting the man that is doing his best to keep the country going, whoever that may be at the time. It’s different parties who are so hell-bent on tearing the other apart that they refuse to remember that we are supposed to be one country. One country whether or not whoever you voted is or isn’t in office right now. One country whether everything is going your way or not. One country even if you’re a Republican and Obama is president or you’re a Democrat and Republicans have the house back. One country that is supposed to be united no matter what, not only when it is a convenience for you and your belief system. It is so sad that this is what we’ve come to. A people that are supposed to be known for their diversity and mix of beliefs are tearing one another apart for those very same reasons. It’s freaking pathetic.

So don’t get me started on how my not voting is un-American of me. If only you could see this: It is not Obama or Perry or Alan Grayson that is hurting our country or our states the most. It is ignorant and arrogant people like you. I would really like to end this by telling you to go flush your head down a toilet, but I’m attempting to be better than that. So I’ll end by saying again that no, I didn’t vote. But I support this country,as a whole. I support Obama, not because I think he’s awesome or because I even  particularly like the guy, but because he is my president and he’s running my country and we put him in that position. I support the Republicans running the house, not because I agree with everything they do, but because they are leaders and they are helping to run my country and we put them in that position. I support those who don’t agree with every belief I have, not because we’re on the same page, but because they are my fellow Americans. More than that, they are my fellow human beings.

 I hope to know where I stand when election time 2012 comes around, and I really think I will. Either way, come this time, I know where I stand about one thing. Though I may not know whether I am a Republican or a Democrat or whatever else in between, I do know that I am an American. And though I may not agree with every decision this country makes, I’m proud of that.

12 thoughts on “Worse than Not Voting.

  1. Good blog, Miss Tina. I completely agree with everything. Some gut at work last night said that most “Texas are F***ing idiots”. I almost punched him. I love you, and I’m glad you’re calling people out. (:

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  2. Courtney says:

    I totally agree. I didn’t vote either, mainly because I didn’t know anything about either candidate, or where I’m supposed to even vote. I feel like as college students were collectively young and stupid, and only people who actually know what they’re talking about should vote.

  3. mom says:

    I agree that people should respect those in authority over us, and not hate, but we don’t have to agree with them. When it comes to taxes, health care,immigration, etc. those are all huge decisions that those over us are in charge of making and it directly affects all of us living under their control/decisions. And I did encourage you to vote, but did NOT tell you who to vote for. =)

  4. When the party are in power then you have put them there to make the decisions for you – these decisions are big, too big for us to make, that is what they are for. Once you put these guys in then it’s up to you to support them, even if it wasn’t your personal choice. The majority rules at the end of the day.

    all the mud slinging and name calling is pathetic, I agree with you.

    However we only get one chance to say what WE want, or what YOU want, just one little chance to voice an opinion – you should always take that chance 🙂

  5. How funny to see that others feel the same way and don’t vote for that reason. The bashing etc that is going on over there with you – I very much understand why people are getting tired of everything. The irony of it is – if I would live in the US would go and vote and vote and vote lol.

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