I suck at To-Do Lists.

Something about me that you should/probably already know: I am a mess. A total mess. I am unorganized and I ramble and I talk to myself and I can’t read my own handwriting and I never learned how to tie my tennis-shoes correctly so they constantly come undone. And when it comes to trying to get myself together? Oh. Forget it. I try to organize myself in writing but my idea of a to-do list always comes out with a few things I should do now, a few things next week, and a few to-dos to do years from now as well. Hey, might as well throw it all in there,right? Some of my to-do’s even become emotional goals that have more to do with my heart than my head. Yes.I’m a self-proclaimed awful to-do list maker. My brain doesn’t know how to condense properly. It’s better than nothing though, right? Here’s my current manic to-do list that’s been swimming around in my brain lately. (with some notes for your enjoyment, or something, added) :

Buy groceries. Remember the coffee. And half and half.

Take pictures for Un Poco de Todo. (on campus radio show. )We have a third member now,a dude friend/fellow student, and he really just completes the show perfectly. Two energetic and spastic girls and a funny boy make for one interesting online radio show. We’re starting to get more viewers and Katie,my fellow girl host, made a website for the show. The whole thing has definitely become more than I thought it ever would and now we’re starting to advertise. We wanna take some cheesy group photos and do a “Meet the Cast.” page. Silly. But oh so fun.

Start writing in journals again. And poetry. Get back into poetry.

Go to Big Brothers Big Sisters orientation. I’ve been really good about seeing my little consistently every other week since we’ve been matched, but I’ve been flakey about getting orientation in there. I have one more month before my time limit. Crap.

-Start saving money. Husband and I are for sure going to my family reunion in Colorado in July. I had my last one in Colorado when I was 18 and it was AMAZING. I’m interested to see how Robby will react to the whole entire, crazy, loud, Italian, Cirotto clan. ALSO. A few classmates/friends and I are hoping to make a trip to Europe this summer. Our Modern Fiction professor gave us details today. It’s a 16 day trip in July, counts for 3 credits, and involves a lot of touring and exploring. I’ve been to Europe once before and would love to go back. A few of us are brainstorming ideas to earn 5k each (20k total) in less than a year. We’re thinking a multitude of car washes, garage sales, and bake sales. I’m not getting my hopes up TOO high, as I feel this is a long stretch and some very expensive brownies to be selling. But getting there (or hoping to get there) is half the fun right? I see lots of yummy cookie-saling and soapy car-washing with girlfriends in my near future.

-Prepare news for podcast.Last Thursday, I started as a news girl on YourUnclesLap, a podcast starring three boys that talk about a random assortment of mostly inappropriate things. I was on top of my game last week, as I was nervous. I always over-prepare when nervous. Now that I’m comfortable and I had a lot of fun, I’m just now looking on the internet for strange/perverted news. For tomorrow.Though I have found one I’m definitely using about a cat who started a fire. By sitting on a toaster oven. Luckily, the cat-owner says she doesn’t hold a grudge on her cat. Touching story.

-Spend more time with hubby. I did get to spend time with him tonight, by catching up on the latest episode of Gossip Girl. It’s getting juicy! He also showed me something I had never seen before. Most people don’t know this, but dude used to be a bad-ass piano player. I knew that, but didn’t realize he got a little piano composer sculpture guy every-time he memorized ten pages of music. I also didn’t realize his mom had recently given him every sculpture he had ever earned in childhood. He has a kabazillion! So cute  because as he would take each one out of the box I could see his face glow a little more. It’s always fun finding old memories you’re proud of and I’m glad I got to share this moment with him tonight.

-Relearn Phonics. Sigh. One of my friends told me that I needed to go back to school for phonics today. I can’t speak English properly. And I’m not really sure how this happened. I’m educated, dangit! It’s sad. I’ll just be talking, rambling on, and someone will burst out laughing. This happens frequently. I’ll ask what they’re laughing at and it’s almost always something I said wrong. Today it was “gestures.” Wouldn’t you think you pronounced this like “Guess-ture” and not “Jess-Turr“?!? Doesn’t that make sense!? Who decides how words were going to be said anyway!? Hmph. Other words I say wrong: Isotope, Ramada (the hotel), Valaro (gas station), philosophical, graffiti (this was a one time thing, my husband will never let it go. I pronounced it “gravity.”),etc. Yeah. Maybe I do need to relearn my phonics.

There’s more on my humble and ridiculous list. Take Spanish 3 (and 4), Buy some new boots, Keep making good grades, Love on people more often, Travel and befriend the world, Graduate, Go watch a football game with my parents,  Explore Austin more, Learn as much as I possibly can about everything and everyone, Keep an open heart,Get a good job, Go see my great-grandma, Write a song that becomes a hit on the radio, Do laundry,etc,etc,etc.You know. The not so usual to-do list.

16 thoughts on “I suck at To-Do Lists.

  1. mom says:

    Yes, Yes! Go see your parents. Go see your Great Grandma! Can you please put those at the top of your “to do” list? PLEASE?

    It’s so funny how unorganized you are, because both your daddy and I are totally opposite of that! I love to make “to do” lists for myself and to carefully go down it one at a time to be sure that I completed each task.

    But, one thing you and I definitely have in common is that we both say words incorrectly! LOL! Everyone always corrects how I say words, too and it drives me CRAZY!

      • Seriously though, who is nomarl? In many ways, from what you’ve described, you’re waaay more nomarl than your friend. She doesn’t understand what being a friend really is. She doesn’t understand how lucky she is to have a selfless friend like you.No one would blame you if you felt the need to distance yourself. If you need to, start to take small steps to protect yourself. When I finally decided it was ok to do that, it helped me a great deal.(((HUGS)))

  2. Tessa says:

    haha Oh my gosh..I do the same thing. It’s ridiculous and can be so frustrating at times! I’m even bad with plain ol’ shopping lits. It turns into an entire wish list. lol

    Oh, and if you go to Europe please please PLEASE take me with you. NO JOKE! I will help you raise the money and don’t crush my dreams by telling me I have to be a student. Screw that.

    • You’re not on my friends list, I’m much too picky for that, but I do sburcsibe to the RSS feed (thru bloglines) ’cause, well, I’m a fanboy.My friends list I check to see which of my friends have new comments on their posts that I might want to read. I don’t particularly want to read the comments that end up here. I like to keep my friends list clean, since I can’t use RSS to read my friends’ locked friends-only posts.My RSS aggregator, on the other hand, actually has some organization to it, and I read a half-dozen or so of your posts whenever they build up. Skim, if you will.I first got a whiff of your rants and such over 10 years ago when I was in Ottawa and knew the illustrious Mr. Shaver (also among my RSS feeds) through the people I was working on the engsoc.org project with.You continue to be among the 50% most entertaining RSS feeders, and will therefore likely survive the next purge.You don’t want to know about my music. I have really bad taste in music. can trick you out with good music if you ask, I hereby deputize him as such.

  3. Meg says:

    lol!! yea you can’t speak but you sure can write! Maybe in a past life english wasn’t your first language. People learning english (or any language) always can write it and read it first before they can speak it. I’m trying to think what your first language was in yoru past life…pahahhaa probably some language from an indigenous tribal group in brazil or something. YOu probs walked around nude. which explains a lot as well 😉


    I noticed a fundamental mistake in your to-do list. sometimes you need sublists in your main list. You said “go grocery shopping” but you didn’t make a grocery list ahahaha this is setting yourself up for failure m’dear. =P

    I mentally list what i’m going to wear the next day, write to-do lists, write life to-do lists, grocery lists, i even list what I’m going to eat some days. Don’t you find yourself thinking “wow i really want a baked potato for lunch” then come lunch you forget that’s what you wanted, make a sandwich, find yourself dissatisfied, then remember you wanted a potato!? hate that.

    • lol well i actually don’t write grocery lists, but if i did, i totally wouldn’t post the whole list on here :P. but you’re right. i don’t. i guess you probably already know that.
      you and i are SO oppposite in so many ways. you’re planned,i’m spontaneous and sometimes stupid. you’re organized, and i’m obviously not.
      you’re dumb and i’m really smart….
      haha. the last one was a joke. 😛 obviously.
      come to texas. okay goodbye.

    • I don\’t know Cllr Sheila Griffin but I\’m sure she fully deserves the intaiitvon to the junket at number ten.Like you Bob I\’ve never been fortunate enough to have received an intaiitvon. but then I\’ve only worked for the party for the past 46 years, and I only served for 15 years as an elected councillor. I was though lucky enough in 2001 to be allowed the privilege of standing in a field during a cloudburst in Telford, and watching on CCTV as the party fat cats celebrated the party\’s centenary at a banquet in a swish London hotel

  4. I am one of those nerds who adores to-do lists…must be the teacher in me. I’ve always been huge organizational freak! I actually break my tasks into “Short Jobs”, “Longer Jobs”, and “Really Long Jobs”. Unfortunately, most of the jobs on the really long job list have been there for a year or two!

    Since finding out I was pregnant a few weeks ago, I am just starting to think about all of the things I am going to have to do/buy/learn about before the baby comes. I can’t even imagine the kinds of lists I will be making then!

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