I’ve realized a repetitive pattern in my recent blogs. My life has become a giant (but happy) blob called: WorkSchoolHomeworkBowlingLeagueMentoringRadioShowPodcastEtc.  I do love all of these things quite a lot but I don’t like the dangers of falling into routine or living life too robotically. There is so much out there I know I’d miss if I ever let myself do that.Therefore, I’ve decided to devote a whole entire blog where I am not mentioning any of the previous mentioned things. Out of the kabazillion things I have to be happy about right now, I’d like to just mention a few from the past few days. So here is my weekend, plus Monday blog, not mentioning the blob. At all. Not once. Here goes.

Christina’s weekend blog where she promises not to mention WorkSchoolHomeworkBowlingLeagueMentoringRadioShowPodcastEtc:

  • -Friday night, after the league I am not speaking of, husband and I went out with a new friend of mine. I met Crystal at the learning place I will not speak of, and she’s since become one of my closest friends at said learning place. We just really click. Clicking is a beautiful thing.  Because I befriend the world, there are many good friends I’ve had to cultivate a ‘click’ with. It’s fun getting to know someone’s pieces slowly, but when someone can practically read your mind and vice-versa, you know you’ve stumbled on something neat and lovely. On this particular evening, we ended up at Trudy’s, a local Austin bar/restaurant, drinking and clicking and laughing the night away. Our brain waves ended up being so much in tune that I think we said “That’s just what I was thinking!” and high-fived almost a handful of times. This sprung from long conversations about life in general and also about stupid boys (the two boys joining us helped in trying to prove us wrong here) and a good amount of us both teasing my husband. At one point Robby tried arguing with my pre-med friend about science. I think she was about ready to kill the boy, but I think it’s safe to say they both clicked in their own little way as well. Robby is annoying and stubborn,but charming.  On top of all this clicking, our humble group of four also clicked our glasses to a toast of something I can’t even remember. The point is, there was a lot of clicking going on.
  • – Saturday I went to the local soup kitchen for the second time. I went a few months back and when my aunt (who is more like a friend/cousin as she is 23) needed someone to join her I was more than happy to oblige. It makes me both happy and sad to help out at Angel House. Sad to see so many down and out but happy to help out and see so many so genuinely thankful. Happy to be amongst so many people with good hearts and smiling faces. Happy to feel at one with my community. Happy to get the best soup I’ve ever tasted for free and heaps of leftover fried chicken brought home to my hubby. Sad not to be able to do more. Happy and inspiring to hear cheesy jokes from a guy who used to be homeless but now helps the homeless everyday at the soup kitchen. It’s a bittersweet experience, volunteering. But definitely more sweet than bitter.
  • – I went to my parent’s to watch the Titan’s football game on Sunday. Though my team lost and our  quarterback likes to throw temper-tantrums and get benched for the rest of the season, it was wonderful to see my family.My baby brother and sister are getting so big. Having siblings, especially those a good amount younger than you, is an incredible thing that I’m constantly grateful for. The good thing is, I adore them with all of my heart and there is nothing like hearing my baby brother tell me “Christina, I love you soooo much” on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The bad thing is,I feel ancient at a young age. I was sixteen when Joshua was born and nineteen when Kaylee showed up. Now I’m twenty-one,Joshua is five, and Kaylee is almost two. My other little brother isn’t little anymore as he will be nineteen in a few short months. Nineteen is the year I met my future husband. I am starting to develop a complex. I don’t even feel like a full year has passed since I kissed the stranger that would soon become my permanent man. WHERE does all of this time go!? Makes me really want to invest a little more time in my family, before I’m 60 and Kaylee is telling everyone how her sister wears Depends.
  • -Sunday night husband and I planned a date night. We’re pretty easily satisfied as far as food goes so we both opted for the new Golden Corral, which I believe is now the biggest buffet joint in Austin. Older younger brother and his girlfriend also joined, which was a pleasure. I rarely see the kid anymore as he is crazy and works shifts from 9pm-6am throughout the week. I went over to my parents about a month ago and planned on jumping on brother’s bed to wake him up. Alas, my dad yelled at me to leave him alone and let him get some sleep. Hmph. I missed calling him a dumbass. I even kind of missed him calling me a dumbass. Luckily, he immediately jumped on the opportunity to eat at a buffet. The Cirotto’s are a family that love their food, and lots of it. Leading me to my favorite part of this new Golden Corral. They have a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN. A public chocolate fountain! You’d think it’d be reserved for the gods or the rich or corporate…but no. You and I are worthy of this fountain of goodness. This became apparent to me when the crowd around the goodness consisted of children and their parents telling them it was time to go right now. I waited for this crowd to die down and then filled a whole plate, and mind you this is after my three other plates of food, with chocolate covered marshmallows, fudge, and other morsels. It is astonishing,even to myself, that I am not yet eligible to be on a TLC documentary regarding the dangers of obesity. Knock on wood.
  • -Yesterday was spent at the learning place I cannot speak of and later with a good friend, some bubble tea, and sushi. It is now officially my Thanksgiving break. Among millions of other things, I am pretty excited and thankful to spend time with friends I don’t see enough these days, and to eat lots of turkey and pie.  Also, seeing that my hard work is paying off at the learning place is a pretty nice feeling. And last night? I’m thankful for movie night with my dude and to add “Stranger than Fiction.” to my top five movie list. It’s a pretty underestimated film and is fitting for me and this blog as it too addresses the dangers of routine. The end especially touched me. It’s all the little moments, you know? A big hug from a little brother, a date with a friend and tapioca balls, a kiss on the hand from the husband, seeing someone smile big because you’re lending them a helping hand, dipping things in chocolate, a new friend that you instantly connect with. There’s so much out there to ever let anything become too mundane or routine. I refuse to let it happen. Let me be a little more poetic about this statement: I freaking refuse. Life’s short and there’s too much joy in each and every word to ever see anything as WorkSchoolHomeworkBowlingLeagueMentoringRadioShowPodcastEtc.

10 thoughts on “Anti-Blob.

  1. I am impressed – helping out at the soup kitchen really stands you out from the rest. Well done you, that’s a pretty brilliant thing you did there

  2. Meg says:

    loved this! made me feel bad for not meeting up with my friends tonight when we’re all home for once because it was after 10 oclock and I’m pms and lazy. ahahaha

    “Makes me really want to invest a little more time in my family, before I’m 60 and Kaylee is telling everyone how her sister wears Depends.”

    AHAHAH! Kalee is SO CUTE btw. omg so adorable.

    ALSOO i remember when Stranger than Fiction was in theaters I wanted to see it so baddd!

    Maybe I’ll rent it soon =]

    Love you.

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