Friends, Reuniting, and Black-Ballness

I have great friends. This is an understatement. I have fabulous,amazing, wonderful, stupendous friends. I’m blessed to have lots of friends and more importantly,  lots of friends who are truly good to me. Who spoil me and love on me and try new things with me and forgive me and giggle with me and in general make me happy. I have quality and quantity and thick and thin. This Thanksgiving, I’m feeling warm. And fuzzy. I like feeling warm and fuzzy. I actually have three days to do whatever I want, no school and no work, and I’m taking full advantage of this. Over the week, I’m seeing a couple of friends from out of town and even some in town that I haven’t got a chance to see lately. A mix of this and the holiday spirit has me feeling giddy and like a kid again. This has been one of those months where I can practically see memories being made. Thought I’d share just a few of these future memories.

-I made plans with my friend Kimber a few days ago and she mentioned our friend Bonnie may come along. I met these girlies at my last semester of community college and while that semester lasted we were practically inseparable. We became almost famous at a local Mexican restaurant as we went there for happy hour so much. Needless to say, the last day of community college was much more bittersweet than I expected it to be. I changed schools and Bonnie recently moved to a city about an hour and a half away. For now, I’m lucky enough to have most of my closest friends a thirty minute or less drive away from me,so this makes me pout like a big baby. Our lives and schedules are totally different now and having lunch/drinking with them today made my mellow-dramatic heart emotional and really joyful. Reuniting felt so nice. I miss our happy-hour groups and I don’t like when people move away, even if it isn’t even far at all. It’s more symbolic of growing up for me. Growing up is scary. You have to accept things like change and not having happy hour with two special girlfriends at a Mexican restaurant every single week. Poop. But not just poop. Happiness too. I loved seeing them and we already have plans to watch Friends (I’ve never really seen it and they want to educate me) and drink wine over Christmas break. Excited.

After my lunch date with the two lovely girls, I also reunited with my best dude friend for bubble tea.  I haven’t seen Bryant since the summer-time. I’ve missed him tremendously. He goes to school a couple hours away from me, and we’ve been playing phone tag for quite a while. Still, the moment we see each other we start making fun of the other and talking perverted-ly as if not a minute has gone by. Maybe crap-talking and inappropriate lingo after not seeing the other for months is the definition of a true best-friendship? I should talk to the dictionary makers on this one. I think I’m on to something. Dude even payed for my bubble tea. He always says he’s not paying and almost every time ends up paying anyway. Definitely my best friend. Maybe next time I’ll even offer to pay. Maybe.

Speaking of the tapioca-ball filled goodness that is bubble tea, my friend Katie and I have an ongoing love affair with this drink. Miss Katie is someone I talk about a lot; She goes to school with me and we even share a class. We spend the whole class writing each other notes. Okay, I admit it. I spend most of the class writing things like “Poop” and “Penis” and drawing things that no one should see on her piece of paper. I’m a very mature and intellectual individual,really. The other day I was really bad and told Katie to think of everything the professor said as if he was talking about sex. (I think we were talking about the biosphere or something.) It worked. Before the class was over, she ended up laughing so hard that she had to leave the class to “go to the bathroom.”  Professor gave us both a strange look. I’m lucky she still loves me so much. A little over a week ago she came to class and plopped down a folded piece of paper and told me “I wrote you a note!” Notes,especially middle-school style notes, are my absolute favorite. They,to me, show that someone loves you enough to take time out of their day to think of you and only you. This one was pretty cute. Thought I’d share with you my favorite and most appropriate part.

“I’d like to continue this letter by moving to the topic of how much I love you. You are such a wonderful friend, and you always make me laugh. For that, I thank-you. Also, thank-you for always being honest with me. I can always count on you to kick my ass when I need it. Now, I’d like to discuss bubble tea. It’s delicious. You are a lot like bubble tea, my dear. You are fun and unique and pleasant, yet you are also surprising much like all the black balls in bubble tea. Don’t even forget how much like black balls you are. Don’t ever lose your blackball-ness”

So a few more things I’m thankful for before I pig out with my family tomorrow. I’m thankful and honored and tickled to be compared to the drink that has bonded so many memories between Katie and I. I’m thankful that my black-ballness is made obvious to the world. I’m thankful for all of my wonderful friends,near and far. I’m thankful to be so loved. I’m thankful to love so many.I’m thankful for my family and for my dude. I’m thankful for bubble tea and the leaves changing colors and the wind in my face when I jog. I’m thankful for pie. I could go on all night. But if I had to say one thing I’m thankful for, if I had to sum it all up….I’d say I’m thankful for people. All of you. All of the other little things I love would be pretty boring without y’all. So thank-you for being alive today, guys.

Ps: Here’s a video of my best friend and I acting in our usual, loving way towards each other. Warning: We both curse at the other. This is our usual,loving way.

6 thoughts on “Friends, Reuniting, and Black-Ballness

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