Take that, Monday.

Yesterday was definitely a Monday. Signs of this: I started out at school feeling sick on top of it already being that time of the month. I struggled through the rest of the day and was excited to leave only to find I had lost my keys. I eventually found them in my friend’s car (I’m all over the place) , after walking back and forth all over campus in shoes that were too small. Luckily, another friend entertained me and kept me from bursting out into tears. I got home, in tact, only to find I was even more miserably sick than before. But I have this obsession with endorphins and jogging and I was going to force myself to go run outside anyway. Husband had just left to go to the auto-parts store and I couldn’t find my ipod anywhere. Seriously. Sigh. I have papers to write, I feel like poop, and I have boo-boo’s on my feet from walking too much in shoes that don’t fit. Plus, I’m just a baby when I’m pms-ing. The ipod thing was pretty much the last straw and I called husband,after already calling to ask where my musical device was once, and sobbed like a five year old. The conversation went like this:

Me: I (sob) still can’t (sob) find (sob) it.

Husband: Did you look under the bed?

Me: Yes. I looked (sob) everywhere. And everything is going (sob) wrong today. And I just want to go on a (sob) run.

Husband: What’s going wrong,baby?

Me: Everything.

Husband:  (chuckle) Do you want me to come home and find it?

Me: Yes. (sob)

The fact that he even puts up with me is amazing. Everything else he does for me and his unconditional love is just jaw-dropping. He rushed home and quickly found my ipod. (which is actually his old knock-off version of an ipod because mine broke long ago. Technology and I hate eachother.) He then left to go to the store, and came home with a full Italian meal, wine, and pretty yellow flowers. Italian is the food I crave and yellow is a favorite color of mine. Wine is just a necessity after today. I sometimes can’t believe I got this lucky. He turns even the worst Mondays into perfect ones.

 You thought I’d end there with that corny line,eh?  No. Enough of the mushy stuff. Here’s a few weekend things that carried over that kept me from pulling all of my hair out and throwing my shoes at random passing cars:

  • Friday night my friend invited me over and informed she was going to cook me dinner. Husband came along too as we thought her boy/my best dude friend was coming, but the terd didn’t show. Ergo, Robby ended up being our photographer and participated in our girl’s date night. He was a good sport. We played a game called “Cursed” which involved cards,pins, and little fake vodoo dolls. Husband decided it was a “F$%^&# up version of Uno.” Dude sure knows how to word things. First person to get ten pins in their opponent wins. I had fun with this game. Does this make me evil? I don’t really want to vodoo anyone. Promise. But sticking pins in the little doll was awfully fun…Muahahaha.
  • -Sunday I went to Chuck-E-Cheese with my Little and her little brother. I would like to state,for the 3294023 time, that I love my mentoring program. I also love running around a pizza/arcade place playing games,trying to win lots of tickets, and spending way too many tokens in a photo booth that shoots out cheesy fake id’s. I swapped a couple with my Little to keep the princess id, and it is now in my wallet right next to my real id. I don’t think I’ll ever grow up entirely and places like this remind me of how great it is to be a kid. It also helps that I look like I’m twelve. Oh! Little and I even got matching bracelets! It’s my new favorite accessory.
  • Sunday night some girlfriends from school came over to work on a group project. We ended up doing more drinking and eating (to our advantage food and alchohol were used as props…)  and giggling than working. I’m still prettty excited about the outcome, though we have lots of work left to do. I don’t want to give anything away quite yet, but I will say this is going to be the best group project that ever existed. Ever. Below is a little sneak peak/rough draft photo….
  • Yeah. Take that, Monday.


  •  Okay, okay.Enough about me. What turns your crappy days to sunshine?

13 thoughts on “Take that, Monday.

  1. Colour thief! Yellow is my favourite colour too, it makes me feel happy and bright. I sooo know about pms drama, i get really low and will cry about anything..like..who(sob) took (sob) my…spoon!
    Erm. Well, something like that.lol
    walking to a nearby mall with my friends and trying on stuff we can’t afford, a huge bear hug from my boy, a long call from home and hearing my 3year old niece giggle with excitement kicks my crappy days to the curb!

  2. Okay, unless you come up with at least 2 or 3 quirks about hubby, I am soon going to ask for some DNA to make a clone 😉
    Am glad your day improved. What’s the famous song called? ‘I don’t like Mondays’ Oh so true.

    • haha. oh, boy. i have a book of quirks.
      1. he takes longer than i do to get ready/blow drys his hair.
      2. he treats our dogs like children. seriously.
      3.he likes to sing obnoxiously when i’m doing homework and repeats the same line over and and AND OVER again.

      i could go on. none of his quirks are TOO bad though, so he is totally cloneable. 😛

  3. Meg says:

    wtf Robby is so nice!!!! but ya know, when he’s bad he’s very bad but when he’s good he’s really reall good it seems haha. Like that one time he printed out fake divorce papers…bad…ahahaha but this, unbelievable!! =]

    • christina says:

      Hahahaha the divorce papers is so classic. All of my friends laugh bout that one. That dumbass.whom I loooooove. I guess it’d be boring without the excitement that fake divorce brings…..

    • Fionce: this is brown color also la.. u din wear it anymore? gimme la..stewie: Yes, just like evyreone also buy proton.jason: Will u rob for me? I so so so wanted to BUY SHOESSSSS i almost cant tahan the itchy-ness liaooooo i want to buy shoessss

  4. christina says:

    Haha I’m guessing were talking about the pms part? Its one of the many joys of a dude rreader eading a mostly girl readers blog 😉

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