Where I say random things and you listen.

-Eggnog wine tastes kind of like liquorice. I hate liquorice. But it adds to my Christmas spirit mood and it’s trying something new, so can’t complain.

-My friend Crystal invited me on a trip to Colorado with her and her cousin this December. She offered to break me a great deal, and I’m definitely contemplating. As I’m already going to Louisiana in January with husband, I’m not sure if I can spare the change or not. But dangit, I wanna go so bad. It’s recently hit me that this whole wide world is mine to discover and explore. I’ve never been too patient and this makes me want to go everywhere right now. If only I had all the time in the world and a rich uncle. Sigh. I hate having to make grown up decisions. To regress, or not to regress…Votes anyone?

-I realized the other day, that I am extremely satisfied with the amount of grab-bag, random titles I’ve accumulated this year. Here’s the list I got so far: Wife, Student, Mentor, Employee, Bowler, Radio D.J./ News Girl, & House/Dog owner. Not too shabby,eh?

-I’m not a big spender, but I do like treating myself every now and then. My treats are always pretty small and under ten dollars. This week I bought my first Christmas ornament of the season and a 2.00 book entitled “How to be the perfect housewife.” I found it at my local convenient store in the clearance bin and the title is stupid. But it has alcoholic punch recipes inside! Bargain-shopping and buying myself little treats makes even grocery-shopping an exciting little adventure. There’s fun in everything, I swear it!

-I’ve been hoping to work at a free-standing Starbucks for quite a while now. I work at a Target Starbucks and the policies are not quite as flexible, to word it in a way that won’t get me fired. Yesterday,I went in a free-standing one less than five minutes from my house with a friend. I started chit-chatting with the employees, as I like to chit-chat with most everyone, and ended up casually asking if they were hiring. Turns out I had been talking to the manager the whole time and, as I already know the ropes, she was definitely interested and excited about hiring me. It was then that I realized I really don’t want to leave my Starbucks at all.  Walking in the doors I feel completely at home and I consider a lot of my fellow coworkers as Target family members. I know I’ll have to move on eventually, but not yet. This is life, I suppose. Weird how you can want something so much only to have it in your hands and not actually want it at all.

– I’ve always been a huge country music fan but for the past year or so I’ve been disappointed. Recent hits have been pretty crappy and all very sound-a-like and cliche. A few days ago, I was pleasantly surprised by a new artist. My current favorite song on constant repeat is Jerrod Niemann’s “What do you want.” I usually only like sad songs and the emotions they provoke in me; This particular one does a great job of breaking my heart a little and haunting me everytime. I think most of us have been through a confusing relationship that just keeps hanging on and to hear a man be so vulnerable and honest through music nearly brings me to tears with each listen. As you can probably tell, I invest a lot into my music. Also, After watching the music video, I have to admit I haven’t been so attracted to any dude since my husband. Gah.

3 thoughts on “Where I say random things and you listen.

  1. Run jerrod niemann, run! Once robby reads this blog u are dead!lol.

    I so like being the first to comment, childish bt so satisfying!

    What is it about wanting something so bad until you have it then you are like hmmm, now i want that other thing! I think we are rarely ever satisfied and the things that make us happy are the things we don’t even realise.

    Old country music is the best, they just don’t sing it like they used to! xxx

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