Alone Time. Kind of.

I skipped out on my usual Friday bowling league tonight and opted for some alone time. Alone time is rare for me these days. I live with a dude and I’m always surrounded by friends and the world, which is usually the way I like it. I’ve never been a huge fan of being alone. My homeschooled days as a teenager made me lonely and bored and I don’t like reliving that feeling. Also, I’m just a people person who is always busy and I feel life experiences are usually better with others to live them with you. But tonight, I had homework to do and I’m getting over some nasty sickness. Yesterday I left work early and today I figured it would be best to relax and recoup while also writing an essay. Well. I finished writing my rough draft early and had a couple of hours before my boy was due back. It’s been quite a while since I had a couple of hours to myself and I had no idea what to do with it. I decided to make a mental list of what I could do and then video blog it. Dude. I had a blast. I think I’m going to start setting aside alone time dates with myself every now and then. There’s something very freeing about being alone. Running around in the nude while jamming out to music, for instance. I left that part off of my video blog, if you’re wondering. But here’s the rest of my list, consisting of all of the things I do when people aren’t looking. Except I recorded it, so people could be looking. It’s embarassing and silly, so I just had to share.

Er,Well. Husband is home. ‘Tis time for ice-cream and Christmas shows with the boy.

Ps: Dear viewers, If you all documented your next alone time I would feel much better about myself. Love, Christina.

13 thoughts on “Alone Time. Kind of.

  1. Hehehe, was the filming of the making – drinks before or after you had them 😉

    Well girl, since I absolutely despise seeing myself on camera and absolutely HATE hearing my taped voice – only over my dead body will you see me in a video clip 😀

  2. Meg says:

    “3. Scribble”


    I like that. I also liked annoy dog. and white girl dance pahahaha I white girl dance all the time. Sometimes when I’m by myself and I get really excited i will do like a 3 second really spastic dance.

    I also love how you made 8 person serving of margaritas for YOURSELF during yor ALONE TIME hahaa

  3. I’m a little concerned to discover that I have done everything that you read out from your Bucket List. Does that mean I can die now?

    Margaritas and dancing sure do mix 🙂

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