Housewives Take on Austin & Christina Learns Assertive.

I love acting. From ages 14-17, I was convinced I would move to Hollywood, marry Ryan Seacrest,and become an actress beloved by the entire world. I see now that the chances of this every happening were highly unlikely as I’m a pretty bad actress and Ryan Seacrest may or may not be straight. Still, I was in drama club throughout high-school and I did end up getting “Most Improved Actress” my senior year.  I must confess to you now that there were probably five other girls in my private school theatre class and a couple of them got ‘Best’ or ‘Most theatrical’ Actress award. This didn’t leave my teacher with too much to choose from. Also, getting most improved only goes to tell you that I really sucked at first and maybe only slightly sucked at the end of the year. It’s not my forte, and I know and am perfectly okay with that. But I still love it and will sneak a chance to be on camera whenever I get the chance.

When I got with a group of girls in my Communications class to do a Media Fest project, I immediately suggested the movie idea. From there we came up with a parody of Real Housewives show, and incorporated the game Clue into the mix. I learned a lot from this project. I should have after writing a 6 page paper on Mass Media and a 7 page paper on Small Group/Interpersonal relationships. But I learned more than just the book stuff. I reaffirmed the fact that I am a bad actress and that I love to dress up and take pictures. I’ve learned that disagreements can lead to a much better product. I’ve learned that a group of four girls will always lead to giggles and distractions and pizza eating, and that that is perfectly okay. I’ve learned that my friend Crystal is a bad-ass editor and group leader. I’ve learned that cheesy low-budget films are a blast to make. I’ve learned that this school year has brought me great friends, more hobbies, and a new and better sense of self. Finally, I’ve learned that this semester has helped me find my voice. It’s taken me a while, but I’ve noticed two big new years resolutions accomplished in the past few months: I’ve learned to say “No.” and I’m more honest with others about how I feel.  I’ve accomplished a good amount of my 2010 resolutions and I think these are a couple that I’m most proud of. Hearing our professor and class laughing throughout our presentation was a great feeling as I knew I did play a part in this thing. They’re small steps, but steps none the less. I insisted on a certain picture I was fond of for our poster-board and I made sure to add to the soundtrack. (Ahem,one of my favorite and least mature Taylor Swift songs, ‘Better than Revenge’ fit in quite nicely) I convinced my husband to play a part in the film and I had a say in a lot of the lines we used. I disagreed when I didn’t like something. This may seem normal to all of you, but I’ve never been at all assertive until lately. I’ve always been pretty scared of controversy, and it’s nice to know that I’m over that. I think I’ve even shocked a couple of friends with my new found voice. I recently got a letter from one friend thanking me for my honesty and a strange smile and “Well. Okay then!” from another when I declined her suggestion to sit at the bar in a restaurant. I wanted a booth,dangit! I’m not sure whether me speaking up makes me more confident or more of a bitch or maybe both, but hey. This new freedom has me feeling….free? There’s never bad feelings stored up, because I just say what I think, when I think it. And It feels nice. Real nice.

Now without further ado, I give you the Real Housewives of Austin! It’s almost ten minutes long, but if anything, go to the link to watch the last three minutes for bloopers. Oh! And the cute little parts after the credits. I had no idea my lovely friend would put me in there so much…But I should have figured. I am Christina Cirotto Boudreaux after all; A bit of a camera whore whose life consists of quite a bit of bloopers.

Ps: Results are in….A’s on both papers AND  an on the group project. One of professor’s notes: “I was in love with the concept which is dangerous if what is delivered doesn’t meet the expectations. Your trailer and corresponding full-color poster, however, surpassed my expectations….A few of the jokes had me in stitches,always a good thing. I would watch this show.”  He even liked the bad sound quality, saying that it “May not have been intentional but fit the reality genre well.” Hm. Maybe my bad acting skills and the Real Housewives of Austin parody will soon be coming to a theatre near you?! Eh?!

2 thoughts on “Housewives Take on Austin & Christina Learns Assertive.

  1. Don’t feel bad about the acting, i used to be a brilliant actress back in highschool….as a man! It was an all girls boarding sku and someone had to be the I’m pretty sure you feel better now!

    Assertiveness is so damn hard, i’m really a big chatterbox and always laughing but i have a terrible time speaking up for myself and expressing my emotions but i’m trying! Funny how people say you have changed or you’re such a b*tch when you stand up for yourself. They prefer the girl who will never say no. I think people like that are not true friends and only wanna use you.

    I can’t watch the video from my phone but i can’t wait to get to my laptop and see it!

    Ps…if you ever need an extra, i can always be the postman!lol
    and very funny about ryan, i’ve always wondered! There goes my crush.
    Psss! What does &amp mean? I really need to know, google just messed me up.

  2. hahaha. that’s awesome and DID make me feel better. 😛
    i’m glad i’m not the only one who has struggled with the assertive thing. it is really damn hard. but gets easier with practice haha.
    i don’t know why my blog is addding &amp lol.
    ps: i would love for you to be the postman! 😛

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