Capturing Happy.

The next week of my life is looking pretty stressful. It is dreaded finals time and work closes at 11 instead of the usual 9 until Christmas time. In retrospect I should have probably taken time off for finals, as I’ll be getting home around midnight and taking finals early the next morning, but when have any of you known me to think things through? Luckily, focusing on both the little and big pleasures of life always seems to get me through just fine. When I’m at my most overwhelmed, I just have to think about all the joys I have. Here are some of the happy moments I’ve captured in my mind or on camera this past week:

  •  Having a rare mutual day off of work with the boy. And the cheesy dialogue that exists between us. We have a date planned to a new little New York style restaurant right by our house today. I came home from my first final this morning, and he was already completely ready to go. I asked him what time he got up and he told me, “Around ten. I have this hot date planned today.” I ask him “Oh yeah?” & he responds with “Yeah. She’s even smart.” I giggle. “What’s her name?” He then gives me goosebumps by smiling and slowly responding with that southern drawl, “Christina.” See? Cheesy. But I love it.
  • Night out at a good friend’s house consisting of drinking games, a scary movie, and lots of giggles.
  • Double date to Burger King with a best friend,the cool fifteen year old I mentor, and her best friend. Talking about boys and life. Girl time, no matter the age difference, is always a pleasure.
  • The way my husband smells. I love to just sniff him, because he has this scent that is just so unmistakably Robby. It smells like being warm and safe under the covers feels and like hot cocoa with marshmallows tastes. I kind of wish I could bottle his smell up and take it out whenever life gets sad, just because sniffing him makes everything right in the world. And yes,I do realize I sound like an obsessive stalker at this moment. It’s okay, we’re married. I swear I don’t walk up to random strangers with my nostrils flared.
  • All the crazy little moments I encounter at Friday night bowling league. There’s never a dull moment and those who are old enough to be my grandparents are some of the biggest party animals I know.  There’s nowhere I’d rather be on a Friday night. This past week was Christmas potluck, lots of margaritas, my favorite old man asking for a kick in the ass (I happily obliged), and our group staying after-hours to play some cheap glow in the dark bowling. I am usually awful and actually beat the best and most boastful dude on our team. I reminded him next time he got too cocky to remember the worst person in the entire league beat him. Husband replied with “Oooooh shiiiiiiiit. She’s right!”  I suppose the good thing about being really bad at something is it can only get better.
  • Having lots of things to look forward to. Knowing that in just a couple of weeks I’ll be eating turkey, surrounded by loved ones, and opening presents. And then right after that I’ll be taking a road-trip to Louisiana with my man. This really motivates me to kick some final’s ass.
  • My family. They put a lot of warm feelings into my heart. Both the in-laws and those I was born with. Husband’s parents came down this week and took us out to eat. They’re so good to us, and his mom never comes down without bringing us treats. I haven’t been able to see my family in a few weeks, but my mom put a picture on her facebook that had me giggling out loud. My baby sister apparently likes to steal my brother’s food. Hee. She’s so much like her big sister already. I once ate all of the icing off of this same brother’s leftover birthday cake when we were younger. He still hasn’t forgiven me. Psh. I left the cake!
  • I started this annoying thing with the husband where I rub up against him and tell him that I’m ‘nuzzling’ him. For some reason, he finds it cute and we’ve now both started randomly rubbing up against each other while saying “Nuzzle,Nuzzle.” This reaffirms to me that he’s pretty perfect for me. I feel like rubbing up against someone like a cat while repeatedly saying a weird word may be less endearing and more awkward to anyone else in this world.
  • Laughter. Working at a coffee shop that plays lots of holiday music and makes lots of people happy and warm this time of year. Christmas lights. Cold weather. Chocolate chip cookies. How all of these things have the ability to make me feel like a kid waiting for Santa Claus again.
  •  Getting all dolled up for a night out on the town. Saturday night I went downtown with the boy with the intent to meet up with a friend for her 21st birthday. As it was her 21st birthday, things got pretty crazy and most of the group had left by the time we arrived. One of my best friends was still there,however, and this of course means the party goes on. This is the first time that I’ve stayed relatively sober since turning 21 and being in downtown Austin. I think it was just as fun being sober watching the extremely intoxicated throughout the night.Tessa was especially adorable and upon seeing me her greeting went something like this: “You look so pretty. I like peanut butter. Girl, you are so hot.” I think she’s beautiful and I like peanut butter as well. We started out at a club called Pure, dancing to our hearts content. We ended up at Coyote Ugly, and Tessa jumped right to dancing on the bar. Husband told me to help her get down, and this of course, ended up with me dancing up there with her. I saw a life experience in the making that I just couldn’t pass up. So I danced on top of the bar at Coyote Ugly with one of my best girlfriends Saturday night. Though I was pretty sober, I still managed to spill my drink all over some poor dude below. I figure I just wouldn’t be me if this didn’t happen. Still, I’d say it was the perfect way to push finals to the back of my mind for a little while longer AND to bring my already adventure filled 2010 to a perfect closing. Gah, I love being alive. And living.

Don’t forget to capture your happy today!

12 thoughts on “Capturing Happy.

  1. Tessa says:

    Peanut butter? Really?? haha Oh my.
    No regrets about that night I just sure as hell don’t want to get that stupid again. 🙂

    P.S. You look pretty in yellow!!

    • Awww Congratulations! Being in love with your best friend is the key to a happy live! You mesasge reminded me of Be Mine by REM. Love!Be Mine by REM I never thought of this as funnyIt speaks another world to meI want to be your Easter bunnyI want to be your Christmas tree.I’ll strip the world that you must live inof all its godforsaken greed.I’ll ply the tar out of your feathers.I’ll pluck the thorns out of your and and me.and if I choose your sanctuaryI want to wash you with my hair.I want to drink of sacred fountainsand find the riches hidden there.I’ll eat the lotus and peyote.I want to hear the caged bird sing.I want the secrets of the Temple.I want the finger with the and and will see.that if you make me your religionI’ll give you all the room you need.I’ll be the drawing of your breath.I’ll be the cup if you should bleed.I’ll be the sky above the GangesI’ll be the vast and stormy sea.I’ll be the lights that guide you inward.I’ll be the visions you will see.the visions you will will will and and and me.

  2. Hehehe, good to see that there are still people out there who are able to see the little things and be positive about them. Instead of only focusing on the negative.

    I don’t miss being in my twenties, but after your little tale I miss the year I was 21. It was chock full of new experiences. Good and bad, but mostly good.

  3. Meg says:

    LOLL kaylee so cuteee! she is just like you. remember when you were in noelle’s pantry eating her m&ms? she didn’t appreciate that.

    LIES. you don’t like peanut butter very much! I had to buy some when I came to visit hahaha WHO DOESN’T OWN PEANUT BUTTER?

    I love your jacket btw!

    i think that nuzzling thing is really funny hahahaha

    • i LOVE peanut butter. just not enough to buy it 😛 and not by itself. in brownies and cookies and stuff.

      HAHA. her closet was always so full of good things that mine was not. I see now that I kind of used her for her food sometimes. such a bad little child….

  4. Great post – I love the way blogging makes us a little more self-aware (but in a good way) and also more aware of others…yes – always assume ‘someone’ is reading. I give the same advice to my daughters when they think it’s okay to say something mean about someone (‘but I didn’t say it TO them…’)
    have a great weekend – you sound sooo ready for 2011!

      • Alamak Sweetie, you missed it! It’s Singapore’s 1st ice cream fisaevtl by ben n jerry held at fort canning on 6 dec. I dun meant that it’s for bloggers, but some bloggers are invited to go there eat ice cream and write for the event. hehenext time got interesting event i let u know ok?

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