All sorts of sorta gifts.

It’s almost Christmas! This has brought a lot of cheer, friends, and even some early presents to me in the past few days. I like to think, around this time of year, of everything as a little gift just for me.  Moments,inanimate objects,a phrase that made me laugh; all presents from the gift gods to me. It’s silly but keeps my festivity level high and doesn’t cost a thing. Here are some of my ‘presents‘ I’ve received as of lately:

Having the chance to be a lazy bum for the past four days. I’m not used to having time to myself. I’m not used to even having time to think or breathe. But I’m out of school now and my work load is light this week. I’ve convinced myself I deserve this and have been doing a lot of lounging around. A lot. I have the opportunity to do whatever I want to do. I forgot this concept even existed and I am now taking full advantage. Catching up on my reading, laundry, friends, movies and cuddling with the husband, and staying in my pajamas ’til noon or later. Sleeping until 10:30 every morning and staying up past 2 am every night. This won’t last long and so I’m savoring it. I call it my Christmas present to myself.

Being able to wear a tank-top outside in late December,yet knowing it will still be relatively cold come Christmas Day. You gotta love Texas weather.

Fitting into a skirt I wore when I was seventeen. It’s so short that a dude friend even mentioned I was wearing a children sized mini-skirt; But still I must say…. Oh, thank-you gift gods and jogging. Thank-you.

Friends. Always the friends. Last night friend Priscilla came over and we had a little girls night. Upon arrival she reached into her purse and told me “Close your eyes.” I did so and opened to find some yummy smelling lotion and body soap from Bath and Body Works. Eeek! I love being surprised. Rest of the night consisted of wine, “He’s just not that into you.” on Cinemax, and baking pumpkin bread. I found myself really empathizing with Scarlett Johansson’s character on previously stated movie, for a couple of reasons. One of the main reasons being that she wins a mini-cooler from the grocery store and jumps up and down in excitement, screaming “This is the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to me!” That’s definitely me. As you may know, I’m pretty easily excited.

Peppermint mochas and jamming out to holiday tunes while on the clock. I love working at a coffee shop this time of year.

My mom doing her Christmas rounds as Santa’s little elf and bringing me chocolate things and even some cute little cookie cutters. Thanks,madre!

Listening to a voicemail from my hubby. He called me a butt. His accent is too cute though, I smile every time I listen.

Hubby’s Voicemail

Christmas planning. Husband and I both tend to procrastinate so we are going to have one big bundle of Christmas fun the next two nights. Wrapping presents, decorating the tree, going to look at lights, downtown browsing through all of the cute little shops….These are,whether my husband knows it or not, our many plans for the next two days before the big day. My friend bought me a gift-card to my favorite Italian restaurant, so yummy food will even be included.  The great thing about waiting to the last minute is that you get the full effect of whatever it is you’re doing,all at once. Well. I guess that could be a really bad thing. If, for instance, you hadn’t been to the dentist in 20 years and they had to remove all of your teeth at once, a bad thing. But in the case of Christmas spirit? A wonderful thing!

– Couples nights. Last night Fernanda and David, my favorite engaged couple, came over for a little while. I haven’t seen either of them in forever, and they were at the top of my mental ‘missing you’ list. Fer and I ended up forcing our boys to take pictures around the Christmas tree,and though they grumbled and complained, they eventually obliged. This is something I love about fellow couple friends. David’s engaged and Robby’s married. They’ve learned that there is no saying no to us girls. Would it be wrong to say we’ve trained them quite nicely?

Compliments. I’m not going to lie, I love me some flattery. One of my favorite gifts from the gift gods. I love being called pretty and smart and fun and all of that good stuff. However, the best compliment you could ever give me is none of those things. If you really want to make me blush ,notice the way I try to live my life. If I am getting that across, I feel I’m doing a good job. So two of the most recent compliments have had me especially glowing. My friend Katie told me over facebook “I love you, and I envy the way you seize life, and I am lucky you are my friend!” and my blog buddy My Reverie dedicated a blog on facing her fears to me. My heart swelled! Really, it did. At the end of the post she commented “I dedicate this post to Christina – the lovely author of the blog called Christina’s Little World Two, and I would like to thank her for enthusiastic writings about fun and adventure that have partly influenced me to just be spontaneous and adventurous. Thank you love!”  AWWWWW! Heart. Freaking. Swells.

See? Surprises,Compliments,Slothfulness,Chocolate in my tummy from my mommy…All wonderful presents that didn’t cost much if anything at all. And I bet you anything I remember all of this more than all of the lovely objects I receive on Christmas day. Unless, of course, my daddy buys me a Porsche or something. That may be more prominent.

 What are some of your gifts today?

2 thoughts on “All sorts of sorta gifts.

  1. awww !! Ehehe, this blog buddy of yours is smiling really big! You’re too sweet, you know that. I can’t believe I’m this addicted to your blog. You’re amazing!!! 😀

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