Favorite Christmas Moments.

My Christmas was pretty darn perfect. I’m smiling right now thinking about all of the family,food, laughter, and surprises I’ve encountered the last couple of days. Last year was spent with my husband’s family and though that was wonderful, it was relaxing and comforting to be back at my home for the last of 2010. Not being with them last year really made me thankful and take note of every reason my kinsfolk make my holidays so enjoyable. I can’t help but feel like an excitable little kid again when I’m around those I grew up with for the holidays. And right now I can smell the pine of my newly decorated tree and I’m drinking my morning cup of coffee; Even though it’s after Christmas now, it doesn’t feel like a regular day yet. I still have that holiday glow. This puts me in the mood to share with you all of these moments.

  • After spending a few hours on Christmas Eve with my mom’s side of the family, I spent the rest of the early evening at a nearby bar with the husband and my bartending aunt; Eating fried pickles and chatting it up with some cool old people. It’s weird growing up and breaking normal traditions; But fun and exciting to realize you may be making some of your own.
  • Having the chance to spend precious time with my great-grandma and aunt; Hearing their stories,resting my head on Granny’s shoulder, and laughing about old memories. Granny told me one favorite of how,at age two, I tricked my 4 year old aunt (Same one I visited at the bar!) into giving up the rocking horse she stingily never got off of. I said something, faux-haughtily, about how that sounded like me. Always finding a way to get what I want. Grandpa chuckled and jokingly said something like “Yes! Even back then you were conniving!” Psh. Clever, Conniving. Whatever.
  • Coming home around nine on Christmas Eve with husband to tree-decorate, hot-chocolate drink,present-wrap, Christmas-movie watch, and holiday-music jam. I love the warm feeling that accompanies spending another holiday with my favorite boy in the whole entire world.
  • Waking up early to go over to my parents and open presents from Santa on Christmas morning. I purposely arrived in my pajamas, as to make it feel just like it was when I was still living there. I was greeted with a bountiful of presents, desserts already being made, and my over excited 5 year old brother and 2 year old sister. I adore having siblings who are so much younger than me, partly for this reason. There is so much joy in the house that I feel wouldn’t be quite the same if it was just me and my 18 year old brother. Santa Claus, The anticipation, Finally ferociously attacking wrapping paper to find out what is inside, and The excitement and jumping up and down when they discover it’s something they really like; These are the memories I remember and love the most. Seeing it all again brings back every feeling and gives me the chance to act the same at 21. Or maybe it just gives me the good excuse to act like that again. I think probably that one.
  • My dad warned me when I got married that I wouldn’t get presents like I used to; I didn’t live in the house anymore and it was now my husband’s job to buy me the good stuff. This makes sense, I suppose. I wasn’t expecting much this Christmas, but when my brother received a new Iphone and I did not, I’ll admit I was a tad bit jealous. My phone is completely cracked throughout the screen and freezes at random intervals. Me and technology are not friends, and I’ve been really wanting a new try with a new cellular device. So I admit I may have been pouting a tiny little bit. I was half kind of trying to hold it in, half being a little sullen, when my dad walked away and came back with a little box. “Here you go Christina. I just like to watch you squirm.” It was an Iphone. I love my daddy. And yes, I do apparently turn into a little five year old brat when around my family. What of it?
  • In general,being around my former fellow Cirotto’s.I say former because I’m technically a Boudreaux now, and though I love this last name, the Cirotto’s will always be the last name I associate the most pride in. I love my obnoxious-constant-teasing-even-fighting-over-a game-of Taboo-family. I love jumping on my brother in order to wake him up. I love that I turn into an extreme oddball that probably no one else would like around my family. I love White Elephant gift exchange that always results in good-natured screaming and arguing. I love being so unconditionally loved for who I am, even if I take pictures where I pull my pajama pants up to my belly-button and throw out peace signs. I love having extended family to spend every holiday with. I love dancing with my two year old sister. I love buying my five year old brother his first digital camera and harmonica; I love even more his joy of using both while annoying everyone else. I love my my mom making millions of desserts and my dad fretting over the turkey being too dry. I love having my 7 year old cousin teach me how to use my new Iphone Apps. I love having a loving husband to join in on all of the fun and who goes out to buy Mexican beer on Christmas day, proclaiming “We’re having a Mexican Christmas!” I even love my uncle annoyingly mimicking things I say. I think it’s beautiful that so many have something that makes their Christmas unique and special to them. Something that takes them back to being younger and more carefree. And these things,for me, are the things Christmas Day is made of .
  • Husband and I ended the night by looking at Christmas lights for the first time all season. We came across a lot of sadly decorated houses and were about to call it a night when, like an oasis in a desert, we came across a cul-de-sac of houses that were magically and spectacularly lit. I was jumping out of my seat with excitement, as was my husband in a more calm and less literal kind of way. We stayed there for a couple of minutes, circling around and oohing and ahing, side by side and happy to have found our treasure. It was the perfect way to end an already perfect Christmas.
  •  Finally, I’d like to share with you some of my Christmas memories I captured on film the last two days. My words alone just can’t describe how happy and complete and warm and fuzzy I’ve felt lately; I think this does a pretty good job of showing it. (Song credit goes to Brantley Gilbert with “My kind of crazy.”– My favorite song right now and a great one to describe the husband and I’s relationship. He loves my insanity. Isn’t that crazy?)

9 thoughts on “Favorite Christmas Moments.

  1. Meg says:

    AWWWWW how sweeettt!! Kaylee and joshua are so adorable, as usual. joshua looks so much older! And your mom looks great!


    • i just want to take kaylee home with me. she is SUCH a perfect little angel. joshua, i have more of a bond with,but would not take home with me. lol.
      i know, doesn’t she!? she’s lost sooo much weight,i’m very proud of her.

  2. Today, while I was at work, my sister stole my iPad and tested
    to see if it can survive a twenty five foot drop, just so she can be a youtube
    sensation. My apple ipad is now destroyed and she has 83 views.
    I know this is completely off topic but I had to share it with someone!

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