Back in my day….

I would like to state that technology is beyond me these days. At 21, I honestly feel old. After receiving an Iphone for Christmas, I feel I should now officially be able to say “Back In my day….” My day, of course, being when I was about five. I think I should start this story off by bragging about my folks a little bit. My dad has worked at Dell for twenty-two years. Before I was born! He was one of the first employees and he is part of the percentage that actually knows Michael Dell. He started as the dude who drove things around on a tractor or something, I always get the story confused, but he started out quite low. I remember being at my little brother’s Little League practice when my dad excitedly told my mom he had become a manager, and since then he’s made his way up even higher. I told this story to a random customer/Dell employee at Starbucks last week, and she voiced that it was amazing for anyone to work at Dell for twenty-two years. I’m getting sidetracked, but as you can see, I’m proud of my daddy. Him and my mom (who has recently lost 50 pounds and will soon be skinnier than me, knowing her.) both instilled a ridiculously determined/stubborn drive in me, which can be both awful and amazing, depending on the situation. Still, I am ever so thankful for it. I’d say it’s gotten me to a pretty good place in life, thus far.

 However, That’s not all that was passed onto me. Back in my day, before I realized all of this about my parents and working and having traits passed down, I was just a wee little child. My dad has always been on the up and up of technological advances, working at a huge-ass computer company and all.  I remember the day I was introduced to computer technology. It was one of the prominent days of my childhood when my dad brought home a “Tortoise and the Hare” storybook that went on the computer. On the computer! Even to my little child brain this was incredible. It was, I believe, when CD-ROM’s first came out. I think dad was probably just as excited to use it as I was. He patiently took me through the process on how to read through it, and this instantly started my love affair with technology. Since the Tortoise and The Hare, I’ve been smitten with (and in this order) Barbie on CD-ROM, Roller Coaster Tycoon, StickerWorld, Nancy Drew message boards, Neopets, Online journals and diaries, Social Networking sites, and finally, Blogging. At age fourteen I taught myself HTML and made websites, though now I can’t remember any of that for the life of me. Still,my dad passed on his love for computers to me and I am, admittedly, somewhat of a nerd. So this new Iphone of mine has become my new favorite toy and fascination. It’s like a little mini computer, plus a television, plus books, plus Scrabble, plus a radio,plus… okay you get it. I’m like a kid in a candy store and it makes me wonder what it must have been like for those first introduced to the telephone, radio or television. It’s like magic, you know? Thought I’d share with you some of my new magical Iphone favorites:

Below is me attempting to adjust to the new predictive text. Isn’t working in my benefit so far.

And below is another conversation, this time my brother and I having one of our,as always, loving and wholesome conversations.

And here is me kicking some butt in Words with Friends, an extremely popular Scrabble-esque game for Iphone. I’ve been playing random people in order to play some of my expert real-life buddies, such as Crystal and Deesh. Hopefully I’m ready for this next big step.

Some of my free books from Kindle. It’s very strange for me reading a book on a phone, and I don’t know if I’d ever buy one or not. However,classics are free! I don’t really buy classics,but I’ve always been interested in reading them, so it’s nice to be able to read them for no money. I started off with Cinderella and have moved onto Emma. Next, a favorite childhood classic, Little Women. I’m interested to see how different the big-kid version will be. I also wish I could tell my little kid self that one day I’d be reading it on a phone. Reading on a phone. Ponder on how that would have sounded to a person in the early 90’s. It will blow your mind. 

Finally, A Wanted poster of husband and I. We’d make cool criminals, eh!?

As cool as all of this stuff is, I’m still always thankful for the old-fashioned gifts. Some things just can’t compare virtually. Books from my mom,which I can actually hold in my hand and have the satisfaction and comfort of turning the page and smelling the new-book smell. Bubble bath soap from a friend. Can’t get all soapy and warm and make lots of bubbles online, now can you? An actual board game to play with people in person. A fancy watch from my daddy, that allows me to see time on my hand instead of on my phone. I had kind of forgotten about watches, to be honest. Gift cards to restaurants from both brother and a best girlfriend to enjoy yummy food with the husband.  As far as I know, there isn’t an app that makes you a cheeseburger quite yet. As much as I love all of this technology stuff and as thankful as I am for being introduced to it via Tortoise and the Hare, Sometimes it’s nice getting back to basics. However, if they do ever come out with a virtual cheeseburger eating app, you better believe I’ll be the first to try it.

14 thoughts on “Back in my day….

  1. I can’t predictive text either – hate it when my phone tries to be too clever…really irritates me!
    Oh and your bro sounds just like mine (sigh…home sick now 🙂
    Thanks for coming by to visit me today…I’m starting up some fitness motivation for everyone’s new years resolutions if you’re interested!!

      • hi,i really like all your cnratioes,they all looks amazing and cute. i always love felt crafting but since i’m not so good (really not good) in sewing that’s why i choose making card. if i had a chance to learn how to sew i might try sewing some felts like you =)nice works and have a nice day! =)

  2. I love actual boardgames (seem so archaic nowadays, don’t they?) We are having a party for our closest buddies tomorrow night where we will do nothing but eat cookies and play boardgames. Love the wanted poster of you two…super cute!

    • the white stuff in the urine is uric acid it is normal for all teioorsts to eliminate the uric acid in this way but if there is uric acid in the stool (poo) then you need to go to a veti hope that the majority of your teioorsts diet consists of grass hay that is the natural diet of the african spurred tortoise over feeding fruits and veggies can cause the production of excess uric acid

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