Nice to meet you,2011.

Happy 2011, y’all! I’ll be heading to my in-laws and to Louisiana after work tonight. Won’t be back until late Wednesday and I’m not really sure what the internet status is over there. Just in case I can’t post and since I know y’all would miss me oh-so-much (RIGHT!?!?!), thought I’d share my highlights of  New Years with you today. It was a good one. Ahem.

Hot New Years Dress: Roughly $8.50, Including tax. (I am the ultimate bargain shopper and feel no thrill in  clothes shopping if I buy something that’s over 10 dollars. Why would I when I can get a sexy little black thing for 8.50?!)

New Years Appetizers and drinks: $30.00 and a BYOB or BYOD (Bring your own dessert) rule.

Little blowy things to ring in the new year/annoy each-other with all night: $2.00

A night spent in a little black dress, drinking and eating and laughing and blowing into little noise-making blowy things, with friends+my boy=Priceless.


A few more favorites moments:

  •  My best dude friend and I pigging out on queso and cake in the kitchen,whilst everyone else controls themselves in the dining room.
  • Having the whole group tipsily hollering and whooting when the countdown struck 0. Though there was only a total of 8 of us, it could have been about 30 as loud as we were.
  • Emily’s cherry cake. I’ve never had a cherry cake before. ‘Twas scrumptious. Don’t you like that word? Scrumptious? I like it.
  • Laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe. Friends are great for this,no?
  • Trying to play a few games, but being tipsy and innovative, making a make-shift version of our own never-have-I-ever.
  • Having girly conversations that gross the boys out.
  • Hubby making sure to find me as soon as it hit midnight, to give a long and wonderful New Year’s kiss. I had forgotten about New Year’s kisses so I’m glad he didn’t. This is the third New Year now that I’ve spent with my boy, and though they’ve all been wonderful, they seem to keep getting better. Cheers to this one being the best one yet. 

I hope y’all had a lovely start to your 2011 as well. New Years resolutions and a picture review of my year are soon to come. For now, I need to go pack for a road-trip to Lousiana with my dude. Eek! 2011, it’s very nice to meet you. We are going to be good friends, I can feel it. Do excuse me if I take full advantage of you, please. Love, Christina.

10 thoughts on “Nice to meet you,2011.

  1. mom says:

    Great bargain on the cute & very short black dress! Maybe, the discount was because they didn’t have to use much fabric! LOL. JK! 😉

    Girl, you definitely get your love for a good bargain & your love for dessert from ME! It started with Granny Polly & it worked it’s way down through the generations. Ha, ha.

    Have a great & safe trip. Love you!

    Come see your family when ya’ll get back! I’ll make some yummy desserts!

  2. What a wonderful new year’s! I am drooling at the thought of cherry cake (cherry is my absolute favorite). And, I hope you don’t mind, but I may steal this from you, “2011, we are going to be good friends. Do excuse me if I take full advantage of you, please.” A bit condensed, but this is a fabulous outlook on the new year!

  3. I was married a couple weeks short of my 19th birthday, not something I advised my daughters to do, but this year we will be married 34 years. The important thing is to keep growing together and as individuals. Don’t stay still, grab the world and enjoy.

    Best wishes for a great 2011!

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