Resolutions Then and Now.

I always like comparing my new years resolutions from the year before and current. I like keeping these not just for completing goals but also to see what’s different in my world, as the years go by. It’s fun and interesting to me to see how I’ve changed and how things important to me change over time as well. Every year I have new insights and developments that do something to totally adjust my perspectives and resolutions. As expected, my new years resolutions from 2010 to 2011 are pretty different. Thought I’d show y’all resolutions from both then and now, spiced up with some favorite pictures of 2010.

2010 Resolutions

1. Start a new blog. X

2. Gain followers and comments.  Take more time and effort on blog. X (Thanks guys!)

3. Make and maintain best friend’s blog with Meg.  (I get a half for this one. We started but failed to maintain. Boo.)

4. Look into and prepare for transferring to four year university. X (One-upped myself here!)

5. GO TO CALIFORNIA. (Sigh. No. But I’m already in the process of making plans for 2011. Hurrah!)

6. Learn to better balance friends,work,marriage, school,etc. X

7. Be more honest.  Especially with myself, in my writing, and with my friends. X

8.Average at least going/trying one new thing a week. (Hm. I don’t know. I did a lot of new things frequently but didn’t keep up, and I don’t want to lie.)

9. Travel with the husband. X

10.Be a good wife. Work on my temper. Learn to cook and clean better. Um, much better. X

11. Stay. Stay questioning, wondering,asking, hoping, believing.  Keep smiling, laughing,making friends, and making people happy. X

12. Publish something I write. (No, and I think I’m going to let this one go. I’ve discovered in 2010 that I don’t actually want to pursue a career in writing. When I feel forced to write something, I feel bored and inhibited and it comes out crappy. This is something, I’ve learned, that I do solely for fun. If something of mine ever happened to get published somehow, great. But it’s not a goal of mine anymore and that feels very relieving.)

13. Pay off credit card. Maintain good credit. Save a little money. (Er. Not exactly. Husband and I had way too much fun in 2010.  Though we aren’t at all struggling and always have our bills payed.)

14. Learn to say no. X

15.  Buy a house. X

11 1/2 Out of 15 ain’t too shabby,eh?

2011 resolutions

-Travel (I’m already off to a great start here)

-Take a yoga class

-Learn/Have fun in upcoming Martial Arts class.

-Do something absolutely spontaneously crazy. (Even more so than my usual, is what I mean by this. I need to top myself)

-Don’t break phone (This is going to be a hard one for me)

-Go on a road-trip (I’m not counting Louisiana because there were stops in between and I feel that may be cheating. )

-Decorate/Use office

-Try 5 new sushi restaurants.

-Go to at least three events (Plays, Concerts,etc) in Austin.

– Discover/Do at least 15 new places/things in Austin.

-Look into finding a better paying job. (I figure 22 will be a good age to start searching. But leaving S-bux will be such a sad day for me….)

-Organize by using calendar (I bought a giant one for a dollar at Target!), folders, writing neater,etc.

-Write in Journal at least twice a week.

-Be more financially responsible.

-Read and Finish a book, on average, every 2-3 weeks.

-Maintain and Better on-campus radio show.

-Make only A’s and B’s.

-Try more outdoor activities (basketball,hiking,etc)

-Improve my skills in bowling league.

-Help community in multiple,creative ways.

-Continue seeing Little of Big Brothers Big Sisters every other Sunday.

-Focus less on cultivating new relationships and more on maintaining the ones I already have.

-Meet a famous person. (Pretty much everyone I know has met a famous person(s). It’s not hard. There’s always somebody who is someone somewhere. Still,the closest I’ve got so far is some dude who made salsa.)

-Ride a mechanical bull (This is also on my bucket list, so it’ll be a two for one.)

 I have a lot more resolutions this year than last, but I do have faith that I can accomplish a good amount. I’ve already started on the travelling and am trying a new sushi place with a friend today. There’s too much to do and not enough time to waste. Plus, my husband kind of thinks we’re about to all turn into zombies what with all of these dead birds randomly falling out of the air. I feel this is a teensy bit of a longshot,but it gives me an excuse to get a move on.

10 thoughts on “Resolutions Then and Now.

  1. Meg says:

    we had like 2 million fish die in the bay! So i feel ya on da birds.

    Basketball? lol! More power to ya girl. I’ve always sucked at basketball.

    You should def pick up martial arts especially since you’ve work on your temper since 2010 😉

    I’m doing a dirty dancing work out right now and it’s SO FUN. Except for when the steps get too hard because then I just get frustrated/defeated haha. We would die (in a good way. laughing, exercise etc) if we did this together! in the very beginning, the most random thing happens and i thought of you when i watched it cuz if we were together we’d laugh at it. THe girl comes in carrying a watermelon and is like “I carried your watermelon for you!” (in an Australian accent) and the guy goes “thanks baby!” and she goes “I’m not baby! I’m Shandy!”

    ahahha SO FREAKING RANDOM. My mom and I laugh about it every time we see it. We’re like “WTF. still don’t get it” hahaha

  2. I like the idea of comparing your new and old New Year’s resolutions! Congrats on getting more than half accomplished 🙂 People don’t usually follow through!

    I may just drive to Santa Fe this March to see my dad and see my cousin’s band perform and you’re more than welcome to come with if it comes together. We could get a room together or even stay for free at my dad’s depending on what he wants to do.

    Props to you for martial arts class! I’m still stoked that you’re doing that. I want to try that one of these days.

    You, Emily and I should all go to one of those yoga classes she’s talked about in the past. I keep putting it off!

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