Smiling and Seizing Days.

Tomorrow starts off a new semester of school. This is now my second semester at Concordia and I’m excited to start it. I’ve been kind of dreading getting up early but can now feel the anticipation of starting something new. But this time around, I’m going in with some familiars and things to look forward to. The coffee shop and lounge area where I can plop down with a good book, The friends and close aquaintances I’ve made,The comfort of knowing where I’m going and knowing my campus. I’m eager to start. Still, this Christmas break has been one of my most memorable and favorites. I’ve been able to catch up on relaxation, reading, shopping, blogging, and most importantly my family and friends. In an attempt to be more organized this year, I’ve bought new notebooks, folders, and even some sticky notes I found on sale. They were Christina-style sticky notes, having check mark boxes for things such as “Seize the day”, “Call Him/Her” and “Smile”; All wonderful reminders that I always try my best to focus in on. And still, some of the ones easiest to forget. It’s so simple to get caught up in the “Do homework” or “Call boss” or “Make appointment” that some of the best things in life don’t make it to the agenda that day,month, or year. I think the smiling and the seizing of life definitely deserve a check box on all of our sticky notes and planners. Here’s just some of the ways I’ve tryed to seize the day and the reasons I’ve smiled in the past couple of weeks:

Spending time with my best friends; Trudy’s with Kimber and Emily. New Years with a small variety of my favorite people. A twenty-first birthday of a lovely girlfriend. Cheddars with a group of lovely girlfriends.The best dude friend and me laughing over high-school memories. Sushi with Crystal at a cute little joint called Haiku; I voiced to her that I suck at using chopsticks so she asked the waiter to bring me some trainer chopsticks. They were the cutest ones I’ve ever seen what with a little umbrella and rubber band attached to the top. Who cares that it’s pretty embarrassing that I have to use trainer chopsticks?! I got to keep it!

Time with my the 15 year old I mentor; Buying fast food and eating it in the park. Taking unattractive pictures on my Iphone and going to the Family Dollar to buy crayons and a pony coloring book. Feeling for a moment that I am fifteen again. Okay, maybe not fifteen. Maybe five.

My boy and I and all of our little moments. Walking by the water in Lake Charles, on vacation, hand-in-hand. Our bodies intertwining as we fall asleep at night. His head on my chest while I play with his hair. Our silly arguments and fun conversations. Today, after one of the silly arguments, I asked him one of my ever-present random questions.



“If reincarnation were real and we lived another life after this, do you think we could still be together? Do you think you would get tired of me after forever?”

“No,Christina. You always manage to change things up.”

Good answer. And, though it may not always be a good thing, very true answer.

Don’t forget to smile and seize your day today!

7 thoughts on “Smiling and Seizing Days.

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