Paths and Training Wheels And Stuff.

My best guy friend and I have always been in the same boat on a variety of matters. We’re both very competitive,hard-headed and at times skeptical people. Because of this, we end up having the same thought processes a lot of the time. Though I myself am married, lately one popular topic covers how crazy it is that a good majority of our senior class either has a family, is married, or ir engaged to be married. Best friend smartly refuses to tie the knot until after college, and because I’m in a financially stable relationship, finds me the exception to his anti-marriage-before-college-graduation rule. However, whenever he does get married, he informed me of this via facebook: “IF i ever decide to get married in the future….YOU, would be my bestman” Ha. Awesome. Another topic we’ve discussed lately is school.  He told me the other day, “You know, we’re going to be the only ones left.” He was speaking of our highschool senior class of thirteen students that will soon be graduating from college. We’re both a tad bit behind. Though I’ve had this realization as well, it’s never really bothered me. I smiled and reminded him that, out of that thirteen, a good percentage didn’t go to college or have by now dropped out.  There’s nothing wrong with this; Everyone has their own path. Mine,though always a little bit slower, always gets me where I need to go.

Growing up, I was always a bit of a late bloomer. My grandparents thought I had an eating disorder around age seven because I was so underweight for my age, though I did nothing but eat. I didn’t take the training wheels off of my bicycle until I was about nine years old. My mom just reminded me that I played with my Barbie dolls until I was in the fifth grade. To be honest,I think it may have been sixth or seventh. As a senior in high-school, I was taking a freshman level geometry class. I had not only a 15 year old’s math skills, but also a 15 year old mental capacity and list of experiences. I was seen as the girl who would have a hard time making it in the real world, and at the time, this seemed pretty accurate. It was way into my seventeenth year by the time I got my driver’s licence and eighteen when I got my first car; I didn’t learn how to properly drive and not accidentally slam on the reverse pedal until I was nineteen. My first kiss didn’t arrive until I was eighteen. I remember, at the time, this was an awful tragedy. I did not long for a boyfriend at age eighteen. I wanted to use a boy just so he could kiss me and I could say I had been kissed. On top of all of this, I’ve never learned how to whistle.

All of these things that seemed so horrendous at the time actually did me a lot of good in the long run. I skipped my first semester of college so I could work two jobs instead. I saved up two thousand dollars in a plastic bag so that my dad would help buy me my first car. The quotes “Good things come to those who wait.” and “Slow and steady wins the race.” both became evident in my life by the time I reached adulthood. Being employed instead of going to school that semester gave me work ethic and a drive to succeed. Working my butt off for my own car instilled in me an understanding of what it means to actually earn something, and not just have everything handed to me. I found an independence and a confidence from doing things on my own, making my own money, and doing things at my own chosen pace. My awkwardness eventually turned into what boys saw as a cute disposition; Being innocent and inexperienced suddenly became attractive, and soon the flattery and dates became much more abundant. College became a scholastic and social adventure for me, because I had done it on my own time and when I felt ready. Kisses were no longer an issue (One of my personal guilty accomplishments: I kissed two boys in one of my college classes. At different times and places,of course.) and receiving them became more exciting to me than it would have had I started at fifteen. My brother (aka my confidant) jokingly crowned me “Lip Whore” because of my new-found love for kissing, though it never went much further than that until my husband came along. Oh,yes, him. That boy changed my pace up somewhat.

I was nineteen when I met my husband. I am now twenty-one. In the time between meeting and today we’ve: Been engaged, rented an apartment, tied the knot, and  just recently, bought a house. Had anyone told those I knew back in my teenage years where I would be at today, their jaw would have dropped to the floor. Hell, mine would have too. I am now both congratulated and criticized for doing so much so young. A big difference from when I was teased for not doing enough, soon enough. Anyone who met me today,doing all of these things at age twenty-one, would have a hard time believing that I was so behind my entire life.

I truly believe what I said before: Everyone has their own path. I’ve just always more enjoyed the scenic route. Though things have sped up the past couple of years, there are still a few things I go about at a more leisurely pace. School is one of these luxuries. I have this opportunity to take my time and to figure out what I really want to do with my life. I am able to take classes that are fun and interesting to me and to truly enjoy each moment that I am on campus. So many of my friends voice the need to want to be somewhere in their life that they aren’t yet, and it’s something I don’t get. What do people try to rush their life for? We are all inevitably going to be gone someday. Don’t you want to be as far away from that day as you possibly could be?  I’ve learned that when one destination is finally reached, there will always be something else to strive for next. Though goals and accomplishments are very important to me, I want to make sure I’m always enjoying at least as much as I’m aspiring. I don’t want to look back and regret all of the days I rushed and all of the fun I didn’t have. I don’t want to be sitting in my office wishing I was back in school; Metaphorically the highschool quarterback who longs to have his glory days back. I want to enjoy my glory days now so I won’t have to ever long for what I once had. I don’t want to make these days of my youth go by faster. If anything, I want to slow them down or freeze time for a little bit. Because I can’t do that, I choose to smell the roses now and to not wish for tomorrow, today. Even if this means graduating a little later, using my symbolical training wheels every now and then and still not being able to whistle.

12 thoughts on “Paths and Training Wheels And Stuff.

  1. mom says:

    Oh, and don’t forget that you loved and played with your barbie dolls and dollhouse until fifth grade! LOL. That’s okay. It’s best to enjoy your childhood and to savor it, instead of rushing through it! You have your entire life to grow up and be a boring adult. ha, ha, ha. 😉

  2. Meg says:

    This made me just want to take a semester off and travel even more than I wanted to before. I liked this blog. Slow and steady wins the race. Funny how common of an expression that is but people don’t really employ that when it comes to life. I would love to take longer in school but the thing is, it’s expensive! haha the longer you take the more money you spend =P

    • Aww you should! and hopefully i can go with you. that would be amazing. I really want to travel somewhere for school before I graduate too. I obviously can’t do a semester abroad but they have summer things where you can go for two weeks and get a credit. I would looove that.
      haha yes, it is. Expensive. That’s why i made sure to throw the word “opportunity,” in there’cuz i know not everyone has it. Silly money.

  3. I had my first kiss at 23! Not that i had a lack of opportunities, i just wanted it to be that special…and boy was it special! I ended up dating the boy aka my soulmate and we have been together a year soon and marriage is definitely on the cards. Oh…erm…i still have my barbies..lolest. I’m keeping them for when my niece is old enough to realise not to chew them and spit them out:-)

  4. OMG! This was as if I was reading about myself. Including the jump start. In my case late 19. And when people continued bugging me about not living the expected A4 life, I told them I don’t need to have everything done by 30. I want to have goals and dreams after that too. And I still stand by that. Though now at 35 there are a few things that I wish had been able to do – or had made sure of doing … Oh well can’t turn back time, right? lol

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