Girls as Boyfriends.

Yesterday after a night before of girl-talk and a day of eating,shopping,enjoying the nice weather (finally), and kite-buying, my friend Emily and I headed home after a perfect,adventure filled afternoon. As we were driving home Em suddenly commented, “I wish I could have a boyfriend like you.” This was an unusually sweet comment coming from this girl, as she usually hates hugs and practically anything pertaining to emotion whatsoever. But I understood the sentiment perfectly. We like to do the same things, we have fun together without complaining, and we go on adventurous,fun-filled dates pretty often. We are constantly cracking up laughing and doing stupid things when we’re around the other. I’m lucky enough to have a good amount of wonderful girlfriends in my life. I love my husband;He’s great for love,friendship,laughter,and sex. Still, I can’t imagine life without all of the girls in my life that help feel the void that a man just can’t. Emily’s comment immediately reminded me of one of my favorite Sex and The City quotes:

“Maybe our girlfriends are our soul mates and guys are just people to have fun with.”

I love this quote because girlfriend romances are something I strongly love and would have a hard time living without. They take up a big,tingly part of my heart and everytime I think of all the wonderful chicks in my life I get all giddy,warm and fuzzy. I have to hold in a disgusted sigh when I hear girls saying that they, ‘Just don’t get along with other girls. Like, I think they’re like jealous of me,because I’m really pretty but like, we just don’t get along because of all the like,drama and I like really soooo hate drama.’, Or something of that same nature.

Yes, all of us girls have been hurt by another girl. Yes, girls are catty and gossipy and sometimes conniving,crazy, over-hormonal bitches. These are prerequisites to being born with a vagina, you know. But,despite our flaws, we are also a lot of things that boys just can’t be to us. There are days my husband just wants to veg out next to the computer, and yet there is never a day I can’t call up a girlfriend to go on a date with me. And every date reminds me of something again and again. Girls? We are awesome. We are great platonic hand-holders and cuddlers. We talk about that time of the month and can ask for make-up and feminine hygiene products that the other sex (hopefully) doesn’t have. Our phone conversations and text messages take on a life of their own that no one else could possibly understand. We write long high-school style notes past the age of twenty, laugh until we almost pee our pants, and have fun cooking, cleaning and making messes together. We giggle and gasp and watch cheesy teenage soap-operas for hours at a time. There are things that just go without explaining or questioning; We cry about silly things, binge on food that is bad for us, and understand that we are usually lying through our teeth when we say we don’t stalk pretty much everyone we’ve ever known or have heard of. Talking about boys and their cuteness,confusion and stupidity never really gets old; Though if it does we have no problem moving onto other girls and their cuteness, confusion and stupidity. We develop parasocial relationships with fictional characters together. We can dance all night long without ever wanting to get into each-others pants. We turn going to the bathroom into a gossiping,fun-filled counseling session. We have sleepovers that never consist of actually sleeping with someone and rarely consist of sleeping.  We understand that pj’s, a bottle of wine, and a night of Gossip Girl is a recipe for perfection. We loudly and obnoxiously sing cheesy Taylor Swift songs together. We over-analyze every little detail in a way dudes just can’t. We ooh and ahh over shiny things. We know how to listen without trying to always fix. We know that ‘lunch’ actually means hours of conversation accompanied by thirty minutes of food. We don’t have to explain why something is a big deal, or why it matters; We’re already programmed to just understand why stupid things are important enough to talk about for hours on end. We whisper secrets that our male counterparts aren’t allowed to hear, though this may seem like we’re in the fifth grade. We find a ridiculous amount of pleasure in buying something new together; Possibly even a matching something new. Finally,We are there for each-other when the guy that promised to always be there for us isn’t anymore.

Yes, boys are great. They are, at times, simple and stress-free in a way that chicks can’t be. They’re good for nuzzling up to late into the night and even for marrying when you find a really good one. But girls are there for the things that (straight) boys just can’t be. For the shoe shopping,the late-night gossiping, The ‘Oh girl, no she didn’ts”, The boy-complaining, The nail-painting, The hair-dying,The bathroom-going, The wine-drinking, The soap-opera watching, The late into the night consoling and chit-chatting,The sleepovers without sleeping, and the kite-buying; In these ways and many more, Girls are better boyfriends than a boy could ever be. And so to all of my girls and girls around the world who will make great boy relationship partners in another life, I say thank-you. You are all my soul-mates in the ways that a man just can’t be. Now if only we could figure out how to clone the other into cute male version.

18 thoughts on “Girls as Boyfriends.

  1. you need your mates – always. You need someone who gets your side of things and no matter how camp your gay friend may or may not be – he still ain’t no girl.

    it’s the same for us blokes – girls are great for playing with but they just are no good at talking to in bars about women.

    • “camp”: The essence of Camp is its love of the unnatural: of artifice and exaggeration. Also: Effeminate way of being Gay.

      In my time, “High Camp” was best typified by a comedy troupe called The Campers… they were all big men with mustaches, who performed as women (lip syncing Dinah Ross & Cher, etc), without the slightest attempt to actually look like anything other then men playing dress up.

      • I am new to your blog in the last few months and ralely love seeing all of your creative and unique ideas. i have my Valentine’s Subway art hanging in my office at work and have gotten lots of compliments and have sent all of them to your blog to check it out.As for ideas. I wouldn’t mind a book of the month reccommendation. I guess it was a month ago when you were looking for a new book to read and you got so many great suggestions. I actually read a couple of books that were mentioned in the comments and would love to hear about more. I think because we all have similar interests (your blog), we might also like a lot of the same types of books.Great job ladies!Julie

    • My favorite posts are the ones with cheap, easy cartfs. I especially like the ones I can do with my kids. It doesn’t matter to me whether they’re your original ideas or ones you’ve collected and linked, but I do really like it when you make something from somewhere else, link it and show how you used it. I really appreciate the fact that you start posting about each holiday with enough time for me to still get it done before the actual day. My least favorites are the book review posts.

  2. Well, I don’t tend to get along with girls but it’s mainly because they’re girlie, I’m not, and (like men) I just don’t understand “girlie” behavior.

    But I wish I could find a boyfriend as good as some of the gay men who’ve been part of my life!

    I’m glad you have girlfriends and it works for you.

    • ah, yes, it’s kind of harder if you’re a girl who just isn’t that girly. it makes singing taylor swift songs not as fun for you, i’m sure 😛
      “But I wish I could find a boyfriend as good as some of the gay men who’ve been part of my life!”

      loved that!

      and yes, yay kites! 😛
      ps: thanks for all the lovely comments!

    • I LOVE LOVE YOUR BLOG AND HAVE TO CHECK IN DAILY IF POSSIBLE!! I HAVE TWO SISTERS AND WISH WE COULD HAVE THIS KIND OF FUN TOGETHER. ALL YOUR IDEAS ON CRAFTS/SUBWAY/KIDS/FOOD IS AWESOME JUST KEEP THEM COMING.THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO AND BEING SO SWEET. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO ALL OF YOU. P.S. I know what was fun, the taking a photo at the same time on Thursday’s and would love to know how you guys oragnize all your crafts. Like what do with it all when you take it down?? Thanks again.

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