Smiles Lately.

My schedule for 2011 is even crazier than last year was for me. I upped my four classes to five and my half week at school to Monday-Friday. Time not at school consists of working an average of three days a week, and spending most of my remaining time doing extracurricular activities such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, my radio show, the podcast I’m a news girl on, and my bowling league. Any time that is left goes to the husband and friends. I’m a pretty high energy person due to my supplements (this is the best site to buy kratom – which I take for energy, if you were wondering) and I love being busy, but there are rare days that I do feel drained. Last year, it always helped me to write a blog consisting of a few of the recent reasons I’ve had to smile. I figure this year should be no exception. Here are some of my recent reasons for smiling:

  • My new Iphone makes it seem like I have virtual Tourettes. Really. It spells things for me that I don’t want it to. Example of my new found issue in a conversation with my best friend:
  •  My husband spoils the crap out of our dogs. (And me,but that’s a different story.) He decided our wiener dog Obi was getting cold in the weather and thus bought him a sweater. Yes, I know. I myself find it equal parts amusing and ridiculous, so go ahead and have a good laugh. The more ridiculous part? After putting the sweater on Obi, our other dog kept harassing him out of jealousy. She apparently wanted clothes too. My husband then decided to put one of his old shirts on said jealous dog. Below is proof that I live in a crazy house:
  • My boys at work (Yes, my boys. I love them so much that I claim ownership.) never fail to amuse me. I usually work alone on my shift but because I work in a Target Starbuck’s that is attached to deli, the deli/produce guys are always there to keep me laughing. A few days ago they labeled a doll they found somewhere (honestly, working in deli, where do they find these things!?) “Little Christina” and gave her to me. She had blond hair and blue eyes and was actually almost the exact opposite of me, but hey. I’m happy to have an anti-mini-me accompany my shift for the rest of the night. See if you can see the resemblance:
  •  Speaking of Starbucks, I sure do love taking my breaks at this place. On weekday nights in January, business is slow and the music seems extra peaceful. It’s pretty much an invitation for me to sit down, enjoy a drink of my making, and read a good book. Currently I’m reading a book on both psychology and communication, which are the same subjects I’m majoring in. I’m happy that my education and social life thus far have given me communication skills to be proud of and I’m excited to learn more and more about people’s crazy minds in psychology. What I’m saying is, I think I’ve finally picked the right major(s) for me. It’s taken me a little while, but as eager as I am to go to classes everyday, it’s worth it. 
  • My brother and I went with some friends to Ihop last weekend. I love my little brother. He loves me too. Though in the following picture, you may have a hard time believing he’s not planning my murder:
  •  My friend recently made an older picture her profile on facebook. I had forgotten all about it. It was a picture of me on my wedding day with two lovely bridesmaids getting their drink on. Despite my nervousness at the time, I managed to make a face that properly accompanied their actions. This picture reaffirms to me that I had the best wedding day and have the greatest friends a girl could ever ask for.

What are you smiling about lately?

4 thoughts on “Smiles Lately.

  1. Meg says:

    Lolll those texts cracked me up when you sent them. ha! I do the same thing with my itouch and typing. it’s so difficult! and it auto corrects so i end up using the very wrong words in certain instances.

    LOL @ obi and coney (evil) hahahahaha she is such a b****! She’s a friend of yours though so i guess she’s a friend of mine. more like a frenemy I guess. haha she is quite catty for a dog though.

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