Mission Resolution: Week Two.

I have a lot of resolutions set out for 2011; In an attempt to both organize and complete them, I’ve set out to keep a running record of what I’ve completed each week. Hopefully this will help keep me motivated and focused. At the very least, it should be entertaining.

Mission Resolution: Week Two

-Try more outdoor activities (basketball,hiking,etc)

My friend Emily and I made good use of this one throughout the week. On Monday,we took Em’s dog to a local park,walked, and threw Riley (the dog) her slobbery ball. Besides the slobber, it was rather pleasant. Saturday morning we headed out to Zilker Park with our mutual friend Brooke, and flew our newly bought kites. I must note that I’m not a morning person and that I looked very similar to a five year old boy with uneven pant legs and boobs. We got some pretty strange looks as we ran around like little maniac children screaming and giggling hysterically about our kites, but we did eventually get them to fly. It was worth probably scaring some people away from Zilker for the rest of their lives.

-Go to at least three events (Plays, Concerts,etc) in Austin.

1. Texas Stars Hockey Game

That night after kite-flying,the three of us girls headed out to a Texas Stars hockey game. We figured we could just buy the tickets at the door but this was not the case. All group tickets were sold out and the place was close to full. We didn’t want to sit apart from each other and the tickets that were left were out of the price-range we were hoping for anyway. We went outside, slightly bummed but not ready to give up. Brooke deserves a gold star for being brave and crazy enough to go up to random people and eventually score us three tickets for under five dollars. Sure, they were from different people and one was on the opposite side from the other two, but no matter. Once inside the stadium, we took some random unassigned seats and somehow never got yelled at or asked to move. After getting over my initial paranoia of someone yelling for security to kick us out of their assigned seats, I calmed down and enjoyed my first ever hockey game. The Texas Stars ended up winning in a shoot-out and we ended up with money leftover for ice cream and seats that didn’t even belong to us. Awesome.

-Improve my skills in bowling league.

So I’m technically still in the process of improving my skills. Meaning it hasn’t exactly happened yet and I am still the worst person in my entire league. BUT. My team is number one!  So even though I still suck, we are improving overall. My best friend has also joined the league and has already made it even more fun than it already was before. Also, this season we have a little more diversity. Last season, we were definitely the minority being by far the youngest team in the league, probably by about 20 years or more. This year we have another team helping us mix things up a bit– The Asian Persuasion! That name is just so cute I had to mention it. With the Handicappers (that’s me!) and the Asian Persuasion, where can a bowling league go but up?

-Continue seeing Little of Big Brothers Big Sisters every other Sunday.

So far so good! After pigging out on McDonald’s today we came back to her house, drew each other pictures, and read her teenage Bop and Twist magazines. Is it sad that I find news about Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez highly entertaining? Don’t answer that.

-Focus less on cultivating new relationships and more on maintaining the ones I already have.

So I don’t know how well I will do on not making new relationships this year. I love people and I love the feel of finding someone new to bond with. I may give myself a little leeway there. Still, I have been trying my best lately to really maintain and focus in on the wonderful relationships I already have. I saw my friend Emily three times in one week! Three times! I’m so used to spreading myself thin among so many different people, that letting myself focus in on a few relationships in a one week period feels nice.  It hasn’t gone unnoticed. Two of my friends noted how amazing it was that I call back, haven’t been flaky and that I do what I say I’m going to do as of recently. Em quoted it as being, “Weird. But good.” In the past few months, I’ve become more of the friend I want to be. This resolution is just keeping me in check. I think my mentoring program has really helped me to keep my commitments and promises, as I know I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I wasn’t able to follow that through. Being committed to this has made me see what else I need to be committed to as well. This means seeing more of my friends and family and realizing how much they truly do deserve this.

  I leave you with a video of my little sister and I bonding tonight. She’s possibly the cutest little child I have ever known. And I’m not just saying this because she looks exactly like I did when I was two years old. Though this may have a little something to do with it.


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