Verbs I live by.

Verbs I live by:

(with pictures from a lovely weekend)


Everywhere. At home when you’re alone and in your underwear. In public and even if you’re bad at it. Especially if you’re bad at it.


It’ll make you feel better and look prettier, I promise. And it spreads! Who knows, you may soon have the whole world feeling better and looking prettier.


Celebrate everything. There is no day more important than right now. Be silly. Be stupid. Let people think you’re crazy. Be crazy. Surround yourself with friends who’ll be crazy with you. Never ever ever stop having fun. Make every moment an adventure. Take lots of pictures. And eat fried pickles.


I remember my first and only ex told me something when I first became more serious with my new boyfriend (now husband) than I ever had with him. He told me Robby and I wouldn’t last long, that I still had a lot of experiencing and dating left to do. In his own way, the dude did really care about me, so I did half take this to heart. Still, in the back of my head I had started to see Robby as somebody I could be with for a really long time,possibly even forever. I just couldn’t shake this innocent,school-girl daydream of mine. Seriously,who marries their first anyway? My friends and family were at first just as doubtful as my ex. Three years, some more skeptics, and an “I do” later–Here I am. Cuddling with my husband on the couch over coffee and a movie. We’re ridiculously happy and whether believing in our love was naive or not, I’m so thankful every day I took that chance. Still, because I’m so used to the boy and living with him, I’m sometimes shocked by the constant sweet comments we receive. We don’t ever try to be “cute.” It’s funny that others see us this way. I’ve even been told we’re cute when we’re fighting, which I definitely don’t agree with. Yesterday, my friend Crystal said something that especially surprised me. “I was really jealous of you and Robby last night.” I couldn’t understand why. We were at a friend’s place for the Superbowl and, as I like to talk to everyone, I thought I had barely spoken to him all night. I made a perplexed face and asked her why. She told me every time we walked by each-other, we’d give the other a look and Robby would playfully touch my arm. I didn’t even notice this, but apparently she did. “It was really cute.” Crystal is by far my most skeptical friend and so I was more than amazed to hear her voice this to me. But it also really warmed my heart. I’d like to think that maybe my husband and I can give even the most disbelieving of people a little hope, even if this is only by the smallest of glances and the most casual of touches.


Go everywhere. Travel the world. Explore your city. Take a walk through your neighborhood. Make play-dates to coffee shops,happy hours,and bowling alleys. Read a book,eat sushi, take a drive just to see where you’ll end up, climb a tree. Never let your eyes get bored or your days become mundane. Whether two minutes or two thousand miles away,Go somewhere new today.


 For snow days in Texas. For fairytale kind of loves. For things others will tell you not to get your hopes up for. For things you want one day,but not quite yet. This past weekend, I got a major case of baby fever. We were at our Superbowl party and friends brought their two month old baby along. It was simultaneously crazy and amazing to me. They got married on the same day Robby and I did. I remember when Nisreen first told me she was pregnant. We were tubing the river and she had just recently found out. Now…they have a baby. A real baby. That they made themselves! A little Nino-Nisreen. It’s insane to me that Robby and I could make a little Robby-Christina. After holding Miss Leila for about five minutes, all night I had to remind myself that I wasn’t ready for this next step yet. My friends didn’t really help either.

Deesh:You know,Robby would be a great dad. And you would be a great mom. And I….would be a great uncle?

Crystal: I could be the godmother!!!!

Okay, I’m not wishing for kids that soon. But it’s nice to know that I’ll have a good support system when we do make a little Robby-Christina.


So yeah,symbolically and in real life, it’s embarrassing and hurts sometimes. But it teaches you to watch your step next time and shows you who’s there to help pick you up again.

Your turn! What verbs do you live by?

19 thoughts on “Verbs I live by.

  1. Meg says:

    I can see your bra in all those pics! ❤

    I liked those verbs. Especially dance. i cannot tell you how much FUN I HAVE DANCING. I do not know why dancing is so fun. Ya know why singing is so fun? (my roommate told me) cuz when you sing or hum it lets out endorphines in your brain! so that's one'a my verbs.


      • Bill: You have a lot off ill and hostility. God tehaecs how to fellowship and that your HOP failed in that specific issue and certainly failed in a lot more with basic fundamentals, common sense and leadership. As far as the Catholics, they are are not above God. But, I don’t disown them. They are my brother and sisters.I remember how excited your new choir minister was with We Walk by faith Perhaps, people truly interfered and then disowned me. I am not ashamed of who I Am but your HOP was or at least acting stupid with me. Its over.Perhaps, you and others need to re-think.

  2. Nis says:

    Jump!….for joy that you can’t see the dog hair on my shirt in that pic! 🙂 I’d love to see the rest of the pics you took on Sunday!

      • I’ve been on Facebook for quite a few years now. In addition to being a great way to stay in touch with far-flung frdneis, it is my go-to place for events. Of course, it’s also perfect for letting my frdneis know about my upcoming author events. Here is the page for my most recent

  3. That’s a pretty difficult question to answer 🙂 I think your verbs are great! I think I would choose three things, because I like the number three, and say: Live, Love, Learn :)and Love haha!

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