People Make Me Pasta.

The past few weeks have been a weird whirlwind for me, full of a few high-high and low-lows. Last week my little audition was played live on one of my favorite radio show’s open casting calls. A high-high for my radio/music-obsessed self.  A day later, a close friend’s ex-husband’s was killed. A low-low. This week has been significantly better, considering the two weeks before I alternated between extreme joy and feeling the need to eat 10 pounds of candy while simultaneously sobbing into a pillow. On a high note, I’ve been keeping my husband entertained by jumping around with excitement and later crying for seemingly no reason.  Death and knowing that there are those hurting that I love without a thing I can do about it does this to my moods. Bless my dude for loving me even when he must by now be convinced I am a bipolar madwoman.

Thankfully, I have a lot of factors in my life to always keep me sane. A few of these recent factors:

  • -Mexican Martinis at Trudy’s and Bowling with my hubby for Valentines Day. Bowling is our thing. People seem to find this a mix of  adorable and hilarious. Despite the detail that we may seem like an old married couple and I haven’t even reached the humble age of  twenty-two yet, I’m still proud to say I kicked his butt.

  • -The fact that my friend Amber came to my work last night and spent my entire shift gossiping/chit-chatting with me. The girl spent hours entertaining me as I made coffee for customers and closed down shop. She then waited for me to get off work and to get changed and ready, picked me up and drove me to a nearby bar. I find it funny and slightly irritating that it’s impossible for girls to ever go out alone without getting hit on. The wedding ring, despite my obvious flaunting of it, does not seem to help. A too-friendly gentlemen in his late 30’s was the culprit last night. He creepily and continuously whispered things in my ear such as “Hey…You Look good.”….. “Hey….Real good.” He was good for one laugh,however. Upon informing him that I was married and that Amber was single,but still happy, he exclaimed:

“See, that’s why I can’t find anyone. You’re married and she’s happy!”

I recommended an online dating site.

  • -I scored a great job for this summer. I’m going to be a nanny! I’ve missed my daycare/babysitting days a lot recently,and thought I’d at least give it a shot. I posted an ad on craigslist, and after a couple of duds and scammers, was actually emailed a legit response. Saturday I went in for an “interview”, though it was more just meeting the family and having good conversation. I’ll be watching three adorable little girls, ages ranging from 10 months to almost 10. The parents are incredibly sweet (And high-school sweethearts at that. Aww!) , the girls are well-mannered, the pay is awesome, and it gets better. The hours? Monday-Thursday from 9-4. I’ll have every weekend AND night off, something I haven’t ever really experienced since my work life began.  Also, I’m going to get paid to take my favorite age range on adventures everyday this summer. Did I mention they have a large pool? The mom expressed how it all just seemed to be good to be true, and that’s the exact sentiment I feel as well. My favorite part of meeting the family must have been the conversation between Grayson (the oldest) and her mom.

Grayson: Mom! I have a secret.

Mom: We don’t tell secrets, remember? They hurt people’s feelings. Can you say it out loud?

Grayson:….It’s a secret!

Mom: Grayson, if you don’t say it out loud, someone might think you’re talking bad about them. And that’s rude. Can you say it to everybody?

Grayson:……………….HIRE HER!

My. Heart. Melted. Needless to say, I’m pretty darn excited for this summer.

  • -My husband and I have been on a pretty tight budget lately. We’ve been waiting for our W2’s in order to do taxes and all that fun stuff. Buying a house in 2010 guaranteed us an $8000 dollar rebate, which is what we’ve been banking on.  The dude finally finished our taxes last night and turns out, with everything else included, we’re getting almost $11,000. Big sigh of relief goes here. Factored in with my soon to be new job that is almost a four dollar an hour pay raise, everything is definitely looking way up for us financially. This is going to call for some serious saving,the paying off of credit cards and possibly a new pair of shoes. Or three.

  • -People make me pasta. After a wonderful happy hour last week, one of my best friends came over with grocery bags ranging from a 12 pack of beer to pasta and meatballs. She came over to my house and cooked me a fabulous dinner. And there were more noodles in my future. Two nights ago a good guy friend/coworker bought some penne pasta at my counter. We have a running joke about me eating all of his food, because I actually kind of do. He brings food from some nearby restaurant and has become pretty accustomed to making me a little plate as well. So I, of course, had to tease him about making me pasta with the noodles he was buying. Turns out, he actually did! I arrived at work yesterday to find his pasta waiting for me. Later in the night when he, as is usual, started to tease me–I gave him a playful reminder:

 “Hey. I’m important. People make me pasta.”

He smiled and replied:

“Not anymore they don’t!”

This may be true. I came home to my husband’s cooking of delicious meatball sandwiches. At least the universe seems to be sticking to the Italian theme while spoiling me with food.

6 thoughts on “People Make Me Pasta.

  1. Meg says:

    Yay!!! Congratulations on your job that’s so exciting!

    They’re lucky they picked a good person haha They must have done one of those background checks online or whatever.

  2. I’m sorry your friend’s ex committed suicide. It’s never easy dealing with death, especially when it happens so suddenly. It’s good you have a great support system though.

    On the brighter side, when do you hear news about your audition?

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