Weekends,Life and Girl Talk

Weekends lately have been great de-stressors for me. Starbucks has been kind to me and I’ve been getting more Saturdays off than I’m used to. After a week of constant classes,which is already practically a full-time job as it is, it’s nice to relax and enjoy a couple of days off now and again. I’d like to share this weekend with y’all, if you don’t mind. Okay, Well. I’ve decided you don’t mind so I’m going to go ahead and share.

Friday: After a full and fun day of classes, it was time for the weekly bowling league. One of the dudes on our league bought us fancy looking bowling shirts AND a couple of my lovely girlfriends came to drink/be my cheerleaders this week. What more does a girl need? A cool husband, good friends, drinks and…..bowling?! I’m set!

Saturday- This was a pretty productive day. Got a little homework done, cleaned the house up and went to a movie with my mom and 18 year old brother. Justin (brother) called me Friday night and is having a bit of a hard time. At bowling league, I saw that I had three missed calls and one text telling me he really needed to talk to me. I freaked out immediately. Justin doesn’t do this. Though he is one of my best friends and would drop everything for me if need be, he’s a lot like my dad in the way that he hides his feelings at all costs. When he called me upset Friday night, my husband found me outside the bowling alley, talking to brother on the phone and crying. I can’t help it. I really can feel his pain. By Saturday, he was back to his usual guarded self. It was still nice just being able to be there for him in whatever little way I can.

Later that night, some friends came over for dinner. Friend Deesh was sweet enough to ask what I wanted and then leave it at my house as well. I was left with Jolly-rancher vodka shots AND a cute text conversation. Oh, Iphone. How I love thee.

I think most everyone at least sipped and approved of the green stuff, if you’re wondering. Except for Leila. She’s a baby. She can’t have that yet.

Oh! Also! I bought a new dress! Only 11 dollars AND it makes my butt look wonderfully larger than normal. I must show you.

Doesn’t my booty look..nice?! I’m wearing stripes more often.


I organized a Happy Hour as Sushi Zushi today (This counts for a new place on my Mission Resolutions list, which I’ve been procrastinating on lately) with three of my lovely girlfriends. I’m always slightly nervous about bringing three of my chick friends together, as I’ve had some bad experiences with trying to mesh friends. Especially those born with vaginas. Luckily, this group was perfect and consisted of nothing but laughing, good conversation, champagne drinking, lots of picture-taking and even eager plans to hang out as a a group again. I feel like this is a definite bringing-new-group-together-win on my part. Though the waiter and random passerby may have though we were giggling, manic buffoons—The lunch date was a perfect way to end an already wonderful weekend.

Afterwards, Becca drove me home and we tipsily talked about taboo, political things ranging from health care to gay rights. A big difference from 3o minutes before when we were commenting on cute dresses at the local Dillards. I absolutely adore the versatility of girl-friends.

Sigh. I’m feeling pretty content. And maybe a teesny bit tipsy. Husband and I are ending the night by drinking wine/beer and playing board games. I plan on kicking his a$%, if you’re wondering.

Finally, I leave you with the award winner for tacky text message conversation of the week. Ahem:

13 thoughts on “Weekends,Life and Girl Talk

  1. Meg says:

    Pahahaha! love the text message there at the end. your butt does look j.lo worthy! holy smokes.

    Also, I hope as you were driving home tipsily talking the passenger was tipsily talking and the driver was completely sober 0:)

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