Weekly Adventures+Mission Resolutions

Do you ever feel like you have too much to write about and not enough time to write it all down? I feel like that right this second. Eh, I guess I shouldn’t be complaining about having too many fun times. That’s just silly. But I do wish I could make homework shorter and days longer.

Mission Resolutions

I have a lot of resolutions set out for 2011; In an attempt to both organize and complete them, I’ve set out to keep a running record of what I’ve completed each week. Hopefully this will help keep me motivated and focused. At the very least, it should be entertaining.

Let’s begin.

-Continue seeing Little of Big Brothers Big Sisters every other Sunday; & Discover/Do at least 15 new places/things in Austin.

Little and I had our first downtown adventure together this past Thursday; With her mommy (she wanted to join in on the fun!) and one of my good friends, we decided to explore South Congress. I am absolutely and completely smitten with this area. There’s a bunch of adorable shops and eccentric people. I confessed to my friend Amber, “I feel like the people that live over here are so much cooler than me.” She laughed. But it’s true. Ever heard of the “Keep Austin Weird” slogan? Weird to me=Cool. Another cool part of SoCo is all the food trailers they have. We ate trailer food at Wurst Tex (best hot dog,ever) and soon discovered we came on the perfect day. It was “First Thursday”,meaning the trailer food park was full of live music and lots of booths selling cute little things. We ate our hot dogs as the sun set and a guy sang old country music feet away from us. Afterward, we went to an old-fashioned candy shop called Big Top Candy-Shop. Oh goodness,y’all. If you live or are ever in Texas, you have to go.  They make old-school root beer floats from tap. They have tubs of every candy ever known to man. I even had my first ever egg cream soda. There’s not actually an egg in there, if you’re wondering. Oh, and did I mention…Roast beef flavored gum? Yum?

-Make only A’s and B’s.

So far so good. Notice my handwriting? One friend jokingly said I probably scored so high because the professor didn’t feel like attempting to read it. I can’t even read my own handwriting. It’s pretty sad. Other than the penmanship issue, college life is going pretty swell. Though my initial giddiness of transferring to a four-year has worn off, I truly do love Concordia. I even love the small size;it’s actually hard not to make new friends and run into people you know daily. I love the campus. It’s beautiful and spacious and full of nature. I love the people,my grades and even school cafeteria food. They have the best chicken parmesan ever. Don’t judge.

-Improve my skills in bowling league.

I am! My average is up to the 90’s instead of 80’s now. This is still awful, but I’ll take what I can get. I’ve also been on the SHEET of high scoring bowlers lately. I guess I should admit that I’m on the sheet at the bottom of the highest handicaps, which more or less means I’m bad enough to get lots of extra  points (called a handicap), and good enough to be on the bottom of the list of bad bowlers. Still,I love bowling. This season has been even better than the last. The Asian Persuasion and The Handicappers (Us!) have definitely bonded and clicked, as we are the two youngest teams in the league. And everyone else is a lot like a second family–full of love,encouragement and adoration. Who cares if I suck at bowling!?

-Focus less on cultivating new relationships and more on maintaining the ones I already have.

I am totally failing at this. FAILING. I’m doing fine at maintaining,but doing quite awful at not cultivating. I shouldn’t have made that part a goal. I CAN’T DO IT.  Getting to know people–relationships–that’s my thing. A little example of how bad I fail at this: Yesterday at Starbucks a couple of cool girls came in and we started talking. We clicked and they invited me to chat with them after I closed. We got to talking and clicked some more. Now plans for spring break have been established and new adventures are underway. I love new friends. I love new people. I also know I can only do so much, so though this goal of mine isn’t going to work out, I do need to find balance. My second mommy tried giving me some advice laced with sweetness (just the way I like it) the other day.

“Slow down, and make sure that sweetie of yours gets some quality time each week. School and hubby and YOU should be the top 3 🙂:)But you’re so damn sociable and likeable, people gravitate to you like bees to honey….and demand face time. Yup, you definitely need a clone!”

She sent this to me after a week of being sick and still more or less going nonstop everyday. I do need a clone! But I can’t have one. Boo. I am however, forever thankful for both new and established friendships in my life. And I do think I’ve been doing a pretty dang good job of focusing on relationships and keeping plans. This weekend,for example. Last night was a party with a group of lovely folks, including a couple of long time buddies. Today was happy hour with Miss Becca, a newer friend that has ritualized a happy hour day with me basically every Sunday. We always manage to completely stuff our faces. Pictures are needed:

-Learn/Have fun in upcoming Martial Arts class.

Indeed. In order to demonstrate a couple of my new “skills”, I’ve made a video for you all!!!


11 thoughts on “Weekly Adventures+Mission Resolutions

  1. Tessa says:

    Alright, we’ve got issues. You didn’t post the full length pictures of all of us where I actually look thin-ish. Instead, you posted the one where I’m eating Saltines. What’s the deal??!!!
    But asides from me being self absorbed I loved this blog. I think it’s awesome that you’re doing so well in college! You really motivate me to get on with my education already.
    I can’t believe that you’re friends w/ the Asian Persuasion group. That’s so funny! It wasn’t that long ago that you were saying to me, “I want to be friends with them. That Asian girl is so cute”. haha
    I love you! You’re one of the best friends I’ve ever had and I always have so much fun w/ you. This weekend’s gonna be amazing :)<3

    • you ARE thin-ish. i will post that one on fb soon though. you look pretty in pictures no matter what though, so shush.
      🙂 awww i love having you as a best friend and i love all of the years and crazy times we’ve spent together. ❤
      and yes,to the weekend. and dress shopping!

  2. Anonymous says:

    pahaha! sweet pic of you and robby =-] Robby looks silly.

    I so saw your 14year old self in that video. You looked like a little puppet because you speak with your arms haha! That’s how intense you are, tina. You don’t talk with your hands, you talk with your ARMS. ❤

  3. OH GOD I LOVE SOUTH CONGRESS. I usually buy $10 worth of candy at Big Top Candy Shop. I adore all the street vendors too. There’s this one Chinese woman who sells wonderful jade jewelry for really cheap. Seriously one of my favorite parts of Austin. And yes, I agree, I always feel so uncool when I’m there, lol!

    And I went there on First Thursday too! Maybe we walked by each other and didn’t know it! 😀

      • Oh yeah. The parents off duty’ thing is about 100% worse when beer and wine are svered. Such a buzzkill to have to make sure your kid doesn’t knock the birthday boy out!

    • If you are deciding solley on video resolution, they are the same size and resolution. So it’s a tie. But the 4th generation has more features along with a higher price. Was this answer helpful?

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