Notes on Life, The Weekend and Confused Spammers.

Life is good, the weekend was wonderful and it’s officially my spring break. I think that about covers everything, but you know me,I like to ramble. Further notes:

  • I was lucky enough to have my three favorite boys together at one hookah lounge Friday night. My hubby, my brother and my best dude friend under one roof is always a good recipe for a constant smile on my face. Each one of these guys has been through so much of life’s stepping stones and turning points with me. I remember, about five years ago now, when the best dude friend and I first started chatting. I was awkward and nervous around the opposite sex back then; Coming from years of home-schooling, I was pretty ecstatic to have any guy talk to me. One day after classes, best friend was going to football practice and I was working in after-school care. He started walking up to me and I thought I’d attempt to impress him by spinning the kids around in the air. This worked well for about two seconds until I knocked one kid over with the other kid I was twirling around. Best friend started cracking up laughing and I’m pretty sure I turned an unusually bright color of red. Luckily, the little ones escaped the accident without injury. Since that little incident, we’ve been through heartaches and break-ups, London and Paris, late night laughs and tears and five years worth of more memories than I could ever begin to count. I love my boys. And considering Bryant and Robby used to have their differences and my brother thought Robby was weird when they first met, It’s nice knowing they’re all so chummy now.
  • My Little (of Big Brothers Big Sisters) and I enjoyed desserts and chatting at Starbucks this weekend. I was, at first, nervous about having a Little so close to my age. (She’ll be 20 when I’m 26! That’s crazy to me.) but it’s turned out to be really great. She can navigate me around an area of Austin I’m not well acquainted with, and I can help navigate her through her highschool years. We just hit our 6 month mark and our conversations have started becoming much more deep and comfortable lately. And I’m not even gulping or having a heart-attack!
  • This adorable, older man in overalls walked right up to me with a bag of compliments on Friday night. He then requested we take a picture and apologized by saying, “I’m sorry, I’m just a redneck.” I told him “It’s okay, so is my husband.”, which really didn’t faze him. He introduced me to his two friends, one who was less adorable than overall man and much more creepy. Dude crowned me “Miss Turquoise” and informed me he had eyed me up and down when I walked in. Men seem to lose their shame after a certain age. Though overall man did later apologize to my dude, who smiled and said “That’s okay, I know who she comes home to.” Then overall man showed my husband a picture of a deer he had recently killed. I don’t live in Texas or anything.
  • Overall (get it!?!), it was a wonderful night.

  • This picture makes me laugh

  • I love my bowling league.

  • I received my new favorite spam comment on my blog a few days ago. It read, “Simply awesome! I absolutely love korean folks, they truly are the sexiest mankind in existence. I could eat them up in cases where I had the option. I really want to date a korean dude. Thanks a bunch for showing and I need to check out way more very hot korean gents!” To give the spammer a little bit of credit, there was an Asian friend in that particular blog, but he was definitely Vietnamese.
  • More fun this weekend included a happy hour with work friends, sleeping in and cuddling with the husband TWO days in a row, more bowling and a huge ice cream sundae shared with a girlfriend. Like I said, life is good.

4 thoughts on “Notes on Life, The Weekend and Confused Spammers.

  1. Meg says:

    lol! Overalls man how cute. I feel like that kinda stuff either only happens in Texas or only happens to you. Older men have always been oddly drawn to you. You must have an old soul. Or great legs. or both. hahaha But remember at o’leander all the old guys would hit on you then too!

    I laughed out loud at the story of you round house kicking a child with another child lol. I remember you telling me that story I think!

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