A couple of nights ago my husband and I were fighting over something, as always, silly. I actually can’t even remember what it was now, so obviously it was pretty trivial. At the time though, I found this argument of utmost importance. It was one in the morning when he used the word “Selfish”,explaining that I was keeping him up arguing when he had to get up early. I, being mature, stormed out of the room pouting and crying. I was still crying on my couch in the office when I heard my door creak open. This is what I heard in between sniffles:

“Baby? Come to bed.”

Dramatic cry from yours truly.

“I’m sorry,….”

Cry, Sniffle,Cry.

“Please come to bed?”


“Baby,I can’t sleep without you.”


At this point he was just being too cute and I continued my sniffling by standing up and slowly walking up to him. He held me in the doorway of my office for a few minutes and just let me cry.  Sometimes I’m irrational and silly and girly and dangit, I just need to cry. What amazes me is that he gets that. We went to bed after that, and I suppose I continued being selfish because he still didn’t get any sleep for a while. But he wasn’t complaining and we definitely weren’t fighting anymore.

13 thoughts on “Sniffle.

      • Yes! Your persistence at this has pmropted me to blog more often, if only to say Yeah, I’m still here, just trying not to drown! Thanks for that. Keep going! Pick a new project if you need a framework to build upon. And I am currently laughing at Carol’s comment, because I can’t help but picture that little crab avatar saying plz don’t stop blogging, Kate! in a high pitched little voice. The crab guy even looks alarmed at the idea!

  1. “Can’t even remember what it was about” translates as you know perfectly well what it was about and know that it was entirely you in the wrong…. I’ve never met a woman yet who ‘forgets’ when her husband was in the wrong about something! 🙂

    • Christina says:

      Haha…SHUTUP glen. i actually didn’t remember at the time, probably because i blocked it out because i knew i was wrong :P. so….shutup! 😉

      • Congratulations on your blogging cheagns and adding forums. I got an email this morning from the Fat Rights Coalition, saying that they will be taking over Big Fat Blog for/from Paul, so it looks like BFB isn’t going to disappear after all. Which is good news, but I think having another place with forums like BFB is a good idea too. More resources for ideas and commentary is always good, especially with so many differing points of view. The more the merrier, I say.

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