Love this City/Week/Life/Gumby.

I have a random pain right above my butt and I don’t know where it came from. But that’s okay because it’s my spring break, It’s a perfect week for spring break in Austin, Texas and life is splendid despite random butt injuries. Here’s why:

  • I think the butt culprit might be caused from kayaking for the first time on Monday. My friend Amber works at a hotel on the lake downtown, and what with SXSW going on downtown, we decided it would be a perfect day to make adventures. We started out on the rooftop of her hotel (see above) and I oohed and ahhed at the view like a five-year old as Amber put her make-up on. It doesn’t matter how long I’ve lived somewhere or how much I’ve seen something, I am still ridiculously easily amazed. We then rented a kayak from her hotel and were a hop,skip and a jump away from our lake destination. The weather was perfect–cool and breezy, the sun was shining and our only issue was avoiding the hoards of professional rowers in order to maintain our lives. We looked pretty pathetic flapping around next to everyone else, but spent most of our time giggling albeit going around in circles for way too long. Still, for the short time we were there I felt like I was in pretty-looking, perfect-feeling paradise. More pictures:

  • Afterwards, we lounged around the downtown area, enjoying the energy and crowds from all the events taking place. We ended up at Gourdoughs, a heavenly, exquisite, gourmet doughnut trailer food place. YUM. That is all I have to say. Oh. And fried fruits taste wonderful on sweet, round, fried bread. Pictures can say the rest:

  • Yesterday a new friend and I jogged/walked around a nearby lake while chit-chatting. A pretty perfect way to get to know another person, I’d say. We even found a “Labyrinth” trail, which was actually a bunch of rocks in a circle. If you find your way to the center without stepping over rock barriers, you’re supposed to find tranquility. We felt the same afterwards, but it was still fun attempting to crack the labyrinth.

  • Last night was SXSW & St. Patty’s Day. Interesting tidbit I found out last year? I’m Irish! I never knew. I found out I’m actually just as much a mix of Irish/German/Indian/etc as I am Italian. This almost makes me teary-eyed writing it down. My last name was Cirotto before I married a Cajun, dammit! Growing up I always thought I was mostly Italian. My whole life has been a LIE, people. Okay, well, anyway. Pictures of a fun night below:

Did you see who I got a picture with? GUMBY! My life feels complete now. Dear Austin/Spring Break/SXSW/Life/This Week/Gumby,

I love you. Love,Christina.

10 thoughts on “Love this City/Week/Life/Gumby.

  1. Meg says:

    Lol the one thing I couldn’t stop thinking when I was reading this was: You brought your camera on a kayak!!??

    I’m glad it survived haha!

    That sounds awesome. I would not liek kayaking but i would definitely like the beautiful weather and breeze and what not.

    DUDEE great idea

    next year I should visit you during my spring break. oh nvm you have class =/ that’s poop. Cuz my spring break is always so boring and it’s really pretty in texas during march ish time.

  2. Christina says:

    hahaha i know i thought we were going to fall over at one point and all i really cared about was my camera. but we did have a waterproof bag! which i did not use. but it made me feel better anyway 😛
    just quit school and come live as my full time maid. two dollars an hour AND free room and board. maybe even a meal now and then. EH!?!?

  3. Meg says:

    Two dollars an hour!? how long am I a maid? 24 hours? lol that’d beee 336 a week. ehhh may have to add all meals to make it a deal haha

  4. how did you stay dry while kayaking? I’ve done it twice and gotten soaked each time!

    DEVO (“whip it good”) will be in Austin next (this?) week. An interesting adventure for a youngster like you – but probably grossly expensive (I paid nearly $100, not including parking, to see them last night).

    I think I’d just hang out around music venues during SXSW to see who I could see. EVERYONE from LA/Hollywood was out there.

  5. SXSW was so awesome! Except for the traffic. Haha. I ended up parking over at Congress/Mary the whole time and my friend had to park at UT. One of my coworkers told me that people were parking over at Barton Creek Mall, HOW INSANE IS THAT?

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