Celebrations on “Birth-Week.”

As some of you may know, I’m a little bit spoiled. It’s simultaneously crazy and awesome to me that I have all these peeps surrounding me who always seem to just go above and beyond. Instead of a  22nd birthday, I received a birth-week. This is me saying I’m thank-you for the birth-week, and that I feel a tiny bit unworthy for the following week of festivities given to me:

Celebration 1:

Early on Thursday, aka my actual 22nd birthday, I met up with two of my girlfriends for brunch. I walked into Kimber’s apartment (also my old apartment) to be greeted with Valentines day confetti thrown at me, the “Happy Birthday” song cheerfully being sang (sung?), and streamers and banners throughout the front entrance. My girls then proceeded to treat me to an all expenses paid brunch–mimosas, french toast, coffee,sausage and eggs– at Kerbey Lane. This day was especially special for us three because it’s not only my birthday but also the year mark of the day we started our friendship with an after-class happy hour.  These two were the first to take me legal drinking! I wasn’t sure if my loves would remember so I casually texted this to Kimber and didn’t mention it again. We were about to leave for lunch when Bonnie mentioned, “You know what I realized guys? Today is also sorta our one year friendship day!” Aw. I adore girlfriends. We celebrate friendship markers.

Celebration 2:

I had to work on my birthday. It was my own fault for not taking off in advance, but I was still a bit bummed. This changed pretty fast. Three coworkers, two who were off the clock, came up to me with cookies one friend decorated himself. Once again, I was graced with the happy birthday song. Soon after, my coworker/friend Bryan walked off and came back with a pretty new journal. He told me, “I know you like to write.” This is true. My fellow baristas have found receipt papers which I write blog ideas inside aprons I leave at work. They can’t read my handwriting, but I suppose it’s still enough to give them gift ideas. As if I wasn’t already glowing and happy enough at this point, my husband came to my work, hand-delivering flowers,my favorite candy bar and a card.

Celebration 3:

Ahem. If you noticed it, excuse the giant penis in the above picture. Actually,uh, let me explain. After work, husband,a good friend and I headed over to the headquarters of some of my favorite dudes. I know these boys through one of my closest friends, Tessa. They broadcast an inappropriate and funny online radio show from their apartment, and last year they asked me to be their news girl. I immediately agreed and have been finding them strange and disgusting news for the last 5 months or so. When I told one of the boys that it was my birthday on the usual podcast day he decided we would have a party afterwards. The boys surprised me with a couple of gag-gifts on air, which helped for some laughs on the show. I wasn’t expecting anything else but was a little suspicious when one of the dudes took my friend aside, whispering. When my friend told me we should go outside, I was more suspicious. When all of the lights went off inside I definitely knew something was up. I was called back inside to a cake that said “Happy Birthday“, another birthday song, and candles that read “22?” They couldn’t remember whether I was turning 22 or 23, thus the question mark; Very much a cake arranged by boys. I giggled. And felt very loved.

Celebration 4:

Okay, so the weekly bowling league isn’t exactly a celebration for my birthday. BUT, we are like one giant family, every Friday is some sort of celebration and I did get a lot of sweet happy b-day wishes and a free buttery nipple shot. Though I have to be honest about this free shot. We stayed late to play some of our favorite league friends after hours. One team was the Asian Persuasion. Tommy and I had a shot bet on who would beat who. Tommy beat me by TWO points. Two! But a lose is a lose and I bought Mr. Tran a vodka shot. I handed it to him and he asked me “Where’s your shot?”  I laughed and told him I had just bought one for him. He was absolutely baffled. I was absolutely baffled that he was baffled. I thought buying him a shot upheld my end of the bargain. He informed me that he was going to buy shots for both of us if he lost and that this is how Asians did things. I apparently have zero hospitality or Asian manners. Oops? His friend fixed this problem by buying me a buttery nipple. Hey. If this is what being a non-hospitable white girl gets me, I guess I’m okay with that?

Celebration 5:

My husband reserved a cabana at a place downtown called Lanai Rooftop Lounge. Rooftop! Lounge! Cabana! Exciting. I arrived to giddily find a sofa waiting for me with a sign that said “Happy Birthday Christina” Aw! Thanks Lanai Rooftop LoungeThough we only had reservations for six, we managed to fit a total of eight on our sofa/seats. It was a great night. We had a beautiful downtown view, and drank and laughed and danced the night away.  Though the whole evening was close to perfect, I did have a few favorite moments: 1. After friend Crystal bought a round of patron for everyone, I, as is usual, sneakily poured most of my shot into my long island iced tea. I can’t take shots. I actually got away with this one and my husband even told me he was proud of me. I hate my damn conscience. I felt guilty and informed everyone of my wrongdoing. I almost got killed, I think. 2. Later, my friend Becca arrived with both chocolate and white chocolate strawberries she made herself, just for me. (I shared.) 3. Also, Attempting dirty dancing with Becca, Tessa and Crystal was pretty fun/amusing. 4. Finally, towards the end of the night, when my girls and I went to the bathroom I unzipped the front of my shirt a bit and informed Miss Crystal of this naughtiness. I usually think of this girl as one of my more conservative friends, so when she reached for my shirt, I thought she did so to zip it back up. She unzipped it more. Did I mention yet that I adore my friends? More pictures to prove this statement:

If you’re confused by this last, random picture, I’ll explain. I met this girl in the bathroom. We chit-chatted a bit and I found out she just turned 22 too! A picture was definitely needed,obviously.

Celebration 6:

Husband is closing out my birthday week by grilling me my favorite jalapeno peppers, stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped with bacon. My mouth is watering. After that, we’re making smores. Twenty-two isn’t such a shabby year thus far. In fact, it’s looking pretty darn fabulous. Though that probably has less to do with my age and more to do with those in my life.

10 thoughts on “Celebrations on “Birth-Week.”

  1. Tessa says:

    You have Asian eyes! They go up when you smile. 🙂 Pretty Pretty.
    I had a lot of fun w/ you and the group last night. We need to go out dancing more often. I told Allen the same thing but he didn’t seem interested one bit… you’ll have to be my dancing partner. ❤

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