Less Stress Fest: Coffee,Bantering and Swallowing.

This week is “Less Stress Fest” week at my university. It’s a good time for this, in my opinion. Finals are coming up, my work load is a bit heavier and husband and I are leaving tomorrow on a weekend trip for his cousin’s wedding. I leave my job of a year and a half in a few weeks, and start a new, better-paying nanny job the beginning of May. Excited as I am about all this life stuff, there’s a lot going on in the next month. So, on Wednesday, I was more than happy to attend a school presentation by Dr. Richard Grant entitled, “Relieving Stress.”

(Kayla,Emma and I on campus. I told them we were making face that said we weren’t stressed, in recognition of Less Stress Fest, of course!)

I liked Dr. Richard Grant. He’s an expert on personality types and ergo, I learned I have an ENFJ personality type. It’s weird to see the accuracy of these things. From my strong suits (Genuinely and warmly interested in people;Good people skills) to flaws (Extremely sensitive to criticism), this test was right on. I even learned my temperament (NF) is only shared with 15 percent of other people. Dr. Richard Grant also reminded that, despite the stress, I have a lot of neat stress-busters all around. Examples this week:

  •  Coffee. And wine. Anything soothing that I can drink and hold. I think I actually find more joy in holding it than drinking it.

 Bantering. Husband and I have this silly relationship that seems to get stronger as the years go by. It’s like a constant mind-playground at our house. The other day he was making his “serious face.” It’s hard for him to do this. Husband is always smiling. Always. I looked him straight in the eyes and said “I bet I can make you smile.” I continued staring at him for maybe four more seconds when he burst out into that huge grin of his. I win.

Martial Arts. Lately,it’s been such a surprisingly chill class. As the semester winds down, our professor has started asking for requests on which moves/exercises we’d like to do that day. Tuesday we played Simon Says at the end of class. It’s tricky! You get so excited about doing the move that it’s easy to disregard whether Simon wants you to do it or not. Today we convinced our instructor to let us all sit in circle time and show him,via youtube, Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” Such an educational day. 

Swallow. Uh. Let me elaborate. Dr. Richard Grant explained that you absolutely have to have relaxed muscles to swallow. You know comfort eating? It’s not all about the food. We eat to soothe ourselves because swallowing is a calming process. Interesting, huh? I’ve been doing a lot more swallowing the past couple of days. Saliva, that is.

Make funny faces. How can you not relax when you’re making funny faces, especially with a good friend? A best friend of mine helped me make some pretty goofy ones tonight, and we sat on the couch giggling like third graders as we reviewed ourselves. It’s what all the cool kids are doing.

Presents. I’m still receiving a present here and there after my birthday last Thursday. Yesterday, my lovely friend Crystal delivered my present to my classroom before I even got there. I was greeted with a small bag filled with a couple of goodies from a place I’m too cheap to splurge on myself.  It was the beginning of the day and I happily carried my little bag around, glancing at it and smiling every time a stressful thought dared to enter my brain.

Cuddling.  It’s hard to go wrong with a cuddle session. Unless you bring a cactus or something.

Reading by…seashells? My husband recently came home from thrift shopping with two big glass lamps filled with seashells. They kind of look like they belong in a cheap,Hawaiian motel, and we’re planning on eventually emptying them out and filling them with something less …tropical? But for now, I’m enjoying reading my books by lamplight and getting a vacation-like vibe as I do so. 

Professional Photographers (Make for good laughs). Last weekend at a rooftop lounge, a professional photographer came across our group and took lots of fun pictures for the Austin based site, Unreal360.com. The pictures are up, and I’ve been lounging and laughing while looking at them for the past few minutes. There’s one where it looks like I’m face-molesting my husband, and another where a friend is making out with a beer bottle. It was a good night. A few of my favorites:

I feel like my life would be a lot less stressful if I had a professional photographer take all pictures for me all of the time. Any takers? It’d be a hard job. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I take a crap ton of pictures. I’ll pay you in candy and you can take my spare bedroom. Eh?!

Ps: Tell me how y’all combat your stress!

7 thoughts on “Less Stress Fest: Coffee,Bantering and Swallowing.

  1. Meg says:

    wowww that swallowing thing is crazy! haha When i’m stressed, all I want to eat is peanut butter. Like, peanut butter on everything. haha and that’s hard to swallow!!

    To relieve my stress, I turn on my sleepy playlist, turn off the lights, light my lavender candle, hop in bed and write in my diary. I did that yesterday for like two hours. Just lying there. It helped!

    That rooftop looks awesome!

  2. the swallowing one is interesting. since having the lap band procedure, and not being able to eat the same, I’ve noticed that my drinking has increased. then i realized it was to de-stress… apparently my old method was to eat & eat & eat. I know say, I’m carrying about 100 lbs of excess stress. I knew I had anxiety disorder but didn’t realize how much I was self medicating.

    So… long story longer, I’ll give that swallowing thing a try.

    And OMG, I just connected that to a particular sex act for which I am known to be Expert skill level and have excessive enthusiasm. So maybe that’s a link too. And maybe I should be looking for BoyToys instead of booze!!

      • I’m glad I’ve written about more crap that you find enentraiting than just Kombucha! I’m 20 weeks preg right now and am about to be late if I don’t do my weekly picture tonight (Thursday means 21 weeks). I’ve still been brewing even though I haven’t written posts about it in a while. I mostly add Knudsen’s juice to the brew but my friend does more fancy infusions. Strawberry sounds yummy. Mango is my go-to. I say if it’s too tart, add more juice. And don’t let them sit as long before or after you add the juice. Be sure and get rid of the SCOBY babies, too. Keep me posted! And you must be awesome, too if you can so easily recognize awesomeness

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