On Family,Weddings and a Waffle House.

This weekend I attended my very first wedding as an adult, besides my own of course. My hubby’s cousin said the big “I do.”, and I was amazed at this whole event for three reasons: 1. I had my first ever experience with a Catholic church. They do things with water that is holy and stuff. 2. There was a candy bar at the reception. And by candy bar, I don’t mean a Hershey’s. I mean a whole huge table of buffet style candy. A bar of candy. 3. Cajuns knows how to throw one hell of a party. Now, I’ll admit, Robby’s extended family took some getting used to on my part at first. They’re a bit wild and quite country and not always as proper as a born and raised Austin girl is accustomed to. But they’re also loving and accepting and so very real. And family, it’s about taking the good with the bad, no? I’d say so, as my second family still took both me and my dear father-in-law back home last night after we’d both had a bit too much wine/beer at the reception. Such party animals, him and I. More favorite moments from my weekend:

  • Mini road trips.
  • Slow-dancing with my boy.
  • Slow dancing with my father-in-law as Robby slow-danced with his mommy.
  • Trying to keep up with hip-hop dancing and failing miserably. But having quite a blast laughing at myself as I failed miserably.
  • Dressing up.
  • Having the rare privilege of seeing my boy in a suit. He’s so handsome.
  • Taking pictures,prom style, with my sister-in-law and her husband.
  • Celebrating my niece’s second birthday. She’s an April Fool’s baby, and quite a cute one at that.
  • Going to my first Waffle House.
  • Catching up on my lounging and reading.
  • Being spoiled with too many presents by my always wonderful mother-in-law.
  • Being goofy with my dude. I love that my husband doubles as my best friend. And triples as good in the sack.
  • In general, being with my perfectly imperfect family. I feel so blessed to have married into the added craziness.

8 thoughts on “On Family,Weddings and a Waffle House.

  1. Meg says:

    haahaa I hope I can be as accepting of my future husband’s family as you are of robby and vice versa =]

    You look pretty in your dress.

    You shoulda worn those wedges that gave you a swollen knee and deemed you “bigclunkyshoeschick” or whatever your sn was when you were 13 =P ahahhaa good timess.

  2. I hope you were more well behaved than I was at the Catholic weddings I attended. For some reason, whenever the priest would spontaneously start singing, I would have these giggling fits because I thought it looked so ridiculous. Pretty sure I’m going to hell.

    • haha! my husband kept nudging me or giving me evil glares because my jaw may have dropped accidentally once or twice or maybe three times. it was a very very very interesting experience lol. the peace be with you, and also with you thing definitely confused me. it was such a quick mumble between the priest/ whole congregation that my brain didn’t register til seconds later what had just happened baha.

  3. christy@currybomb.com says:

    ADORE blue on you, adorable dress, just crazy about it.

    Prom-style photographs are amaze. Love the poses, you are adorable!


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