Infomercial Spoof: Have you had your Un Poco De Todo today?

Did you know I have an online radio show on campus? You probably do. I used to talk about it ridiculous amounts, as I was little girl giddy about the cool microphones and being “on-air” whether or not we usually have an average of six listeners. (It started as two, so our average has tripled,actually.) My excitement has kind of settled down after a semester, and now I’m just really grateful to have something neat to add to a resume with a future Communications degree. However, lately there have been some cool contests in the radio lab department, involving gift cards and being taken out to eat. We’ve been talking about making some kind of video for our facebook page for a while, and a friend/fellow host and I decided this would be the perfect time to advertise. College students can always use free money/food,yeah? So I wrote up the cheesiest infomercial spoof I could think of, and invited my friend over to come play with me. Before I show you the embarrassment and awful editing skills (I take full credit) that is our video-ad, let me inform you of the three things I learned while making this video:

1. It’s amazing that I have friends.

2. About 0.5 percent of the population probably shares my sense of humor (if that’s what you want to call it.) Luckily, my fellow “costar” is one of them, and my husband even found the completed product pretty hilarious. Though his reasoning for laughter was because he seems to think I am such a dork. Oh well. Fortunately, I have people around who put up/join in with this.

3. I am such a dork. (In the off-chance that you need proof of that, watch below.)

9 thoughts on “Infomercial Spoof: Have you had your Un Poco De Todo today?

  1. Hahaha cute! I liked the song choice for the side effects portion, all those commercials always play the happiest music when they’re like, “This can cause you to die.”

    • This is going to be very interesting the tax celooctlr, the food service director’s sister, and the invisable man ..sure put them in there and see what happens!!!!! Corruption (O’Brien), corruption (Meloni) and more corruption (Rodriguez) .So my vote goes for the new comers on the block, Wilson, Hinnant and Williams Give them a chance to start doing what is right! VOTE FOR 1, 3 AND 4 and put them on the floor!!!!!!

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