Smiles. (Sometimes accompanied with giggles)

I like to smile. I bet you do too. It’s lovely, isn’t it? Here are some moments from this week that have kept me a happy, smiling girl.

  • Celebrating a good friend’s birthday party downtown. She liked the rooftop lounge I reserved for my birthday so much that she reserved an even bigger spot at the same place.  I love spreading the word on cool places. Especially cool places where I can get my white-girl-that-really-can’t-dance groove on.

  • Getting my white-girl-that-really-can’t-dance groove on in my new little purple/black dress. It almost looks like I actually know how to dance in this one. But I don’t. 

  • A friend telling me, in between our fits of giggles, “This must be why you’re so skinny….you’re always laughing!”  Apparently, I do it so much it counts as a form of exercise. Aw. It was a wonderful two-for-one compliment.
  • It’s finally almost swim-suit season! I was so excited about having a free day to lounge around in the hot sun today, that I decided I’d fill up the tiny,kiddy pool husband once used for our dogs. Unfortunately, there’s no hose in the backyard. Attempting to be innovative, I dragged the hose from the front yard through our house and into the back. I got leaking water all over our wood floors, hopefully neighbors weren’t watching the crazy girl with the water hose, and I’m glad my husband was working because I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have approved. The things I’ll do to get a tan.
  • Having visitors at work. This week, I had two of my mutual friends come visit me about an hour and a half apart, barely missing each other and without planning it this way. Their friend-senses must have been tingling.

  • Speaking of work. A couple of my dude coworkers have been getting an eensy bit sentimental on me as my last day inches closer. Last night my buddy Neil randomly and perhaps even a little bashfully came up to me and told me, “You know, before I found out you were married, I was going to ask you out.” I was especially surprised/flattered by this comment simply because I feel like I usually come to work looking like a little boy,with bangs and boobs,who has just rolled out of bed.
  • Dates with girlfriends. Talking and giggling about why boys are sometimes pretty dumb. 
  • Bowling league.

  • My usual playful and flirty phone conversations with the hubby. A bit of an excerpt from one of the most recent:

Me:Do you miss me?

Robby: Yes.

Me: No you don’t. What do you miss?

Robby: I miss your smile.

Me: Hehehe.

Robby: And your giggle.

Me: Why do you miss that? You can hear my giggle.

Robby: I miss your smile accompanied with your giggle.

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